11 thoughts on “Weberman trial breaks for lunch at 1:00; Mother’s testimony continues after lunch

  1. Yerachmiel-

    There has been considerable discussion that there are other victims of Weberman. How credible is this accusation, and are you aware of any that may come forward at some point?

    • I am very confident that there are many more victims. As for which if any will appear at trial, that is something the DA decides (depending on who is willing to testify). the DA also decides when to put that information out to the public (subject to laws about obligatory sharing of information with defense). Thus to the extent that I have the kind of information you are talking about, I do not disclose it unless I can be sure it will not hurt the prosecution effort.

      • So why did various news media reports say the parents were supporting Mr. Weberman?

        Was there a change of position on the parents part at some point in the past year?

        • Sam, from the moment the parents knew of the abuse, around time of arrest, they supported her. They were anxious about the repercussions of testifying. You and your kind should appreciate that since that is the aim of your efforts. But Mom would not have agreed to testify for prosecution unless she supported her daughter. I believe but am not sure that father will testify.

  2. I hope that whatever Teshuva he has done will be of benefit to his daughter. I cannot imagine growing up in such a disfunctional environment.

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