Supporters of Victim of Weberman to Protest Satmar Rebbe Speech on Tuesday, Dec 4, pm

On Saturday night, Dec 1 the Satmar Rebee, Aron Teitelbaum of Kiryas Joel (KJ) delivered a speech to raise money for his organizations. As part of the speech he disparaged the alleged victim of Nechemya Weberman as a whore. This has infuriated the supporters of the victim and they are going to protest outside a speech he is giving tonight, Tuesday, Dec 4 8 pm in Williamsburg (355 Marcy Avenue 11206.

Here is a link to the speech MP3 in Yiddish and below is a translation

I was in the city (Williamsburg) for Shabbos, and spirits are very broken. If you keep up with the news of what’s happening in the city‑it is terrifying! A Jewish daughter has descended so low, terrible! … (Quoting the parsha:) ‘Is our sister to be like a whore?’ Terrible! Terrible! (Quoting the Talmud:) When they go down, they go down to the ground.

“I think there hasn’t been such a disgusting saga in [the history of] Charedi Jewry…. Yes! Nebech! The Samech-Mem (Satan/the Devil) has succeeded… She too is a daughter of our forefather Jacob, it’s a great shame, oy! And nebech, she isn’t the only one. A whole group, nebech! It is terrible! It is terrible!
“I tell you. I was in the city for Shabbos, it is very broken. They [who are causing this trouble] come from Chasidish parents, with shtreimels and bekitches… We must keep watch on the chinuch of our children with seven eyes, may God protect every Jew and every Jewish home….

13 thoughts on “Supporters of Victim of Weberman to Protest Satmar Rebbe Speech on Tuesday, Dec 4, pm

  1. This story makes me sick! How is someone supposed to respect and look up to our “rabbanim” when they are blind and make idiotic statements like this? I so sorry that so many people look up to these leaders.

  2. What a bunch of moronic goons. Given his high profile and public stature, he should be charged with witness intimidation, contempt, and harrassment. How the hell would/could anyone from that community even contemplate opening their mouths in support of ANY victim after their leader spouts this type of venom?

  3. whats the reason that you are entitle to take a side and to be sure that weberman abused her, and the satmar rabbi isn’t entitled to take a side

    • Because the Aron knows that Weberman is menuval and forced him out of KJ for similar acts about 4 years ago. Because Aron T is a talmid chacham who made himself into an am haaretz by his gekvetched teitch of “hakazonah…” Pshat is Dina was raped and Shimon and Levi would not compromise with the rapist but instead killed him and explained why they messed up local relations by defending Dina and saying “Will our sister be turned into a whore.” Aron made believe that the problem started with the girl herself and other boys and girls. If she was turned into a whore the pimps and johns were UTA and Weberman who had the chutzpah to charge the parents to have her abused. either Aron should have thrown the reproach “Hakazoonah at Weberman or he should have quoted Eliyahu Hanavi “Haratzachtah V’gam Yarashta for the chutzpah of charging the parents to “fix her” and instead damaing her heart and soul with his perversions.

      • Precisely what I was thinking – Dina was RAPED. Yet another example in this case of reality turned on its head.

        And what poetic irony that he invokes the “samech mem” concept – something posing as kedusha which in reality is its opposite!

  4. Baas hayana, how many times have you been told that this PIG is raping the underage helpless students, huh? You have the gall to accuse the minors for raping a 50 year adult ungefressena ausgepasheta menuvel. It was with your consent, and split the ESNAN ZONAH with this NOEF forced upon the parents. Eich hachay makchish et hachay, ulmachar kreisa bein shineha? And what have you done to your hasidms patronizing znus clubs on Friday nights dancing with rachmune litzlon shcoirois kuairev till the wee hours of the night, or do they have the hechsher from the vaad hznuyes doubly stamped busser buser kusher kusher. Don’t they also have a craig’s list club. Yeah leider leider, so low so low, how low can you get. And as you said, there are so many of them. Of course, as long as the money comes in, just stick your head in the sand. As the gemara says, kesef metaher…

  5. mr lopin,
    i have 2 questions,

    1) How do you know weberman is guilty to discribe the word against word as hes a pig etc etc.?
    2) whatever the case is im not a satmere i wouldnt hate being one since aron tietelbaum is right, there is no excuse of going to court jew against jew, no matter what were yiden unless beth din hands permission, i understand u will say beth din is curupted u are simply right but still not allowed according to the torah.

    also why does it sound to everyone that the so called aleged victim supporters are all fallen out orthodox ppl isnt it intresting?

    My last wonder was that ive heard from several and wred online, that court told mother of victim not to come back without attorney, is that right?
    also that detective bruno who 1st made the arrest testified today that the girl testimony was completley different then she said on stand is that right?

    if yes why havent you spoke about it 2day?

    • 1. Information comes in from too many different victims. Reads postings on my blog
      2.Actually, many poskim have ruled that when there is definite abuse you can go to police. A molester is a rodef who endangers the lives of others since abuse has caused many suicides, overdoses and mental illness. An abuser cannot stop himself. I don’t know if the victim in this case has a psak. Often rabbonim give a psak to report but are spineless and dont give the victim permission to name the person who gave the psak. But rabbonim who have paskened allowing going to police but requiring psak only apply that when there is a safek (a doubt) about an allegation. When you yourself are the victim there is no doubt. among those poskim allowing reporting are prominent rabbonim of the eidah charedis, a beis din accepted by satmar including their av beis din, Rav Moshe Sternbuch. The problem is that Satmar is violating halachah allowing reporting. These are serious matters of violating lo saamod, lifnei iver, and din rodef.
      3. Actually most of those in court were heimish. Many are other victims of Weberman or their family and close friends. They wish they had her courage but we all know how those who dare to complain have shiduchim ruined and kids thrown out of school.
      4. Actually, in court the mother took the 5th on one question. The detective who I suspect is corrupt and incompetent was wiped all over the floor by the DA during cross examination. His answers were so silly that the entire courtroom including the jury were laughing. the judge admonished the audience to calm down but even he had a smile on his face. Try and tell a very long and complicated story exactly the same now and in 19 months. Even if you are utterly truthful both times it will not be identical. The defense tried to make a mountain out of a molehill. They failed. Experienced court observers tell me it looks real bad for Nechemya. I think he has seen his last shabbos in Williamsburg. Boruch hashem, a lot of his victims will probably sleep better after the trial is over.

  6. basicly things are curupet and u and allot ppl know of more victims and in court room it looked like nechemye last shabbos……

    its intresting to read how you will deney and answer facts with a unknown and unprooven knowledge which noone can believe or admit , you keep on saying more victims….. when u started the whole weberman blog back a few months you mentioned there is allot more victims coming forward on stand and when trial arrives you have a bogous answer they are scared, they got scarde inbetween?

    at the end fact stays fact you choose to write what u believe without proof which showes thta no matter if any person proven NOT guilty and you denie the fact you will find a way to say its either currupt or they are scared to testify which shows me and a reader from outside that you are not areaders news blog its a one track sided blog,

    proove me wrong pls

    • I do know other victims. By your poor English I am guessing you got a typical chasidish secular education. If so you know perfectly well what happens to a married woman who admits being molested and goes to court. she is a moser and shiddichim are denied to her family and her kids get kicked out of school. Tell me that is not true.

      If a younger woman or older girl comes forward, the same but she herself won’t find a shidduch or the only guy available will be really bad news. Tell me that is not true.

      I know many other victims. The courtroom had a number of victims of his watching him and that unnerved Nechemya. The truth was coming back at him. I repeated a news account that said other victims were going to come forward. I know of a few individuals who were this close to agreeing to testify but backed out, for the reasons mentioned above.

      Believe it or not, most victims do not testify for revenge. They testify because they feel guilty about younger victims who will suffer because the older victim was silent. the silent victims admire and thank the complainant in this case for going forward. They figure that this case alone will put Weberman in jail for life and that will be enough to protect other kids. But a few have said, if he escapes conviction in this case they will go forward. So, while it is 99% likely Nechemya will be found guilty, if he is acquitted, dont celebrate for too long. he will be rearrested on another charge.

      • I am disappointed at the victims refusing to testify, I am disappointed that they go to court, see the procedings, but let the one victim who spoke up fend for herself.

        If i was the accuser, I would really, really suffer from this kind of attitude coming from my peers: they will whisper in secret: you are a hero, you did great, but when they could help, they do not do so…

        Anyway: what are shidduchim in a sect like this worth?

  7. Not the lead detective, the arresting detective. Corrupt, maybe. Incompetent, definitely. He clearly has stayed at a lower rank that most other detectives for good reason. the diffferences were trivial, the main facts were all the same. When you are in shock being abused with a big guy and a big respsected chosid pushing his shvants in your mouth, you are gagging, it is hard to concentrate on all the small details well enough to satisfy you. When this happens every week, even in between you are numb and in shock. So you remember very well the fact that he forced you into oral sex but dont remember all the details. As victims of abuse go, or witnesses in general, she was very consistent. Weberman is trying to make a mountain out of molehill in order to hide his monstrous crimes. The detective did a lousy job of collecting evidence at the arrest. He didn’t sieze the computer, for example, which would probably have provided evidence of the porn the victim was forced to reenact. So the prosecution did not want to use him as a witness. The defense figured that out and figured out that the lousy detective would want to protect his reputation as competent. Once subpoenaed he had to appear. The defense examined him on the stand first and they only asked him questions to make weberman look good. But when kevin O’Donnell, prosecutor cross examined him he exposed him as incompetent to extraordinary levels. Everyone was laughing at him, including most importantly, the jury. He was a joke and the discrepencies were trivial.

    Sam E, are you Satmar or just a buddy of Weberman or heilige yidden like him.

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