My Rant to Joel Who Gives the Benefit of the Doubt to Weberman Over His Alleged Victim

The post below first appeared in Frum Follies back in March 2011 not long after Weberman was arrested. Joel the Troll invaded my comments section. He endlessly invoked mesirah and lashon horah in ways that obscured the reasons some rabbis support reporting sex abusers to the civil authorities. I thought of him this week when Weberman supporters trolled Twitter ad nauseam. Yossi Gestetner really got on my nerves until I realized that his goal is to distract us form the issues that matter to us. One Tweeter, GenealogyTeen (‏@geneteen) even compiled a long list of impersonators and trolls. But back then, the action was in m’s y blog comments section. I finally had it with reasonable responses and I let him have it in a rant with insults especially pointed for a Satmar Hasid. Below is an edited version of  my rant.


You are like a reform rabbi. You have taken the Sefer Chofetz Chaim, torn it right through the binding and thrown some important parts in the shaimos box.  Or maybe they just don’t teach those parts any more, like some yeshivas never teach kodshim. Go back and read it all. Then try and tell me, “a Yid is not allowed to believe loshon horah, period” If you need some guidance, look in the Williamsburg shaimos box for the sections about toeles (a purpose such as protecting someone from harm).

While you are trying to cure your ignorance on this issue, also read the piskei halachah about reporting molesting to the police by Rav Moshe Halberstam, zatzal and Rav Moshe Sternbuch of the Eidah. While you are at it you can read the Aruch Hashulchan about mesirah b’zman hazeh. If this is beyond your abilities in spite of how knowledgable you make yourself seem I can direct you to summaries and videos. Or better yet, buy Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn’s seforim.

Yoeli, You are a Shabsele (Sabatian) hidden Tziyoni (Zionist) with an Italian Mafia mentality. The Vaad has taken the place of a state, and your omerta version of lashon horah has taken the place of “lo saamod al dam reyachah.”  If you are such an advocate for relying only on beit din, don’t argue with me, go picket one or both Satmar Rebbes about arcaos. And while you are at it go to Bobov, Vishnitz, etc. Again, like reform rabbis, everyone screams arcaos and mesirah and goes right ahead and does it when it suits them. If poskim in Willi approached kashrus like rebbishe yosrshim handle arcaos and mesirah you would have Gottliebs on Roebling St. serving bacon cheeseburgers on pesach.


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