Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) Statement on Weberman Conviction Affirms Use of Courts

Dec 10, 2012 — The Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), the world’s largest organization of Orthodox rabbis is encouraged by the process that led to the conviction of Nechemyah Weberman, an Orthodox Jew who acted as an unlicensed counselor and was today found guilty for the sexual molestation of an adolescent girl. For many years the RCA has condemned the efforts of many parts of the Jewish community to cover up or ignore allegations of abuse, viewing these efforts as against Jewish law, illegal, and irresponsible to the welfare of victims and the greater community. The RCA strongly advocates, as a matter of Jewish law, the reporting of reasonable suspicions of child abuse to the civil authorities and full cooperation with the criminal justice system. The RCA decries any invocation of Jewish law or communal interests as tools in silencing victims or witnesses from reporting abuse or from receiving therapeutic and communal support and strongly condemn those members of the Jewish community who used such tactics in this case.

In light of the issues raised in this trial the RCA commits itself to increasing the training of its members who serve in all areas of the rabbinate, including pulpits, education, chaplaincy, and communal service, to know how to recognize, prevent, and respond appropriately to issues of child abuse. In addition, the RCA will help its members develop policies regarding prevention and response to issues of child abuse in their individual congregations and schools, as well as in their larger communities, and, where nonexistent, to support the creation of response teams that include mental health practitioners, law-enforcement personnel, and specially trained rabbis to respond to allegations of abuse and molestation.
Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, president of the RCA, stated, “Weberman’s conviction is validation of our commitment to work with law enforcement to protect the innocent victims of our community and to hold their perpetrators accountable.” Rabbi Mark Dratch, Executive Vice President of the RCA and founder of JSafe: The Jewish Institute Supporting an Abuse Free Environment, added, “We, like other religious communities, have come a long way in recent years in recognizing and addressing issues of child abuse in our communities. We increasingly understand that our religious texts, traditions, and values must serve as resources of strength and support for members of our faith communities, not as roadblocks to their safety and security.”


6 thoughts on “Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) Statement on Weberman Conviction Affirms Use of Courts

  1. די וועבערמאן עדות היינט און די אנדערע עדות. היינט האט ר׳ נחמי אויפגעטרעטן און זיין אייגענע דיפענס און ב״ה געמאכט א פאזעטיווען איינדרוק. פארדעם האט אויפגעטרעטן איין ווייבל און איין מיידל וואס זענען בקרב חסדים וואס ר׳ נחמי האט געטון פאר יעדעם איינעם אויך געטאן א חסד פאר זיי און זיי אריינגענומען וואוינען ביי זיך אינדערהיים פאר אומזיסט (בחנם אין כסף פאר די אלע וואס האבן געשריגן אז ער איז געלט גייציג) ביידע האבן בפה אחד ארויסגעברענגט ווי איידל און שיין ר׳ נחמי האט זיך צו זיי באנומען אבער און די זעלבע צייט פעסט אנגעהאלטן די הלכות צניעות מיט זיי, איין מיידל וואס איך מיז מקדים זיין אז זי איז ״נישט״ קיין היימיש מיידל ״האנט צוטאגס״ האט געזאגט אז זי האט געוואוינט ביי ר׳ נחמי צוויי גאנצע יאר און עס איז ״קיינמאל״ נישט פארגעקומען אפילו איין אינצידענט וואס קען א טראפעלע ווייסן אויף אימצניעות. דערנאך איז ארויסגעקומען א ״באמבע״ רעוועלעשאן… הערט און שטוינט און פאר די וואס זענען self heating jews. הערט און ״קראכט״ די מעין ראי וואס די פראסעקיוטער האט געהאט אונטערגעשטיצט ביי קרויסטע איז אז ר׳ נחמי׳ס אפיס (קינדס שלאף צימער בלע״ז) איז געווען פארמאכט מיט “דריי שלעסער” ממילה האט קיינער נישט געקענט אריינקומען און ער איז געווען פריי צו טאן מה שלובו חפץ. הערט וואס די עדות האט געזאגט היינט (געדענקט מען רעדט דא פון א נישט היימיש מיידל וואס האט געוואוינט ביי ר׳ נחמי צוויי גאנצע יאר) שלאס נומבער איינס וואס דאס איז די הענטל פון די טיר האט בכלל נישט געהאט קיין שלאס. שלאס נומבער צוויי איז נישט געווען אליינד מיטן ריגל און מען האט דאס קיינמאל נישט געקענט פארמאכן אפילו מען זאל ווען וועלן. שלאס נומבער דריי איז געווען די איינציגסטע שלאס וואס האט געארבייט און דאס איז געווען א נומבער שלאס, וואס די גאנצע וועבערמאן משפחה האט געקענט די נומבער. ווארט צו… און מען האט רעפרעזענטעט די קארט מיט בילדער פון די שלעסער און כשמה כן הוא. קודם כל האט מען געכאפט די קרויסטע מיט א אפענע און גראבן ליגענט וואס די פראסעקיוטער האט זיך געמיזט פארמאכן דאס פיסק און איינעמען א וויסטן שטיל שווייגעניש. דערנאך צו אלע דא וואס גלייבן אזוי די קרויסטע! אויב איז די מעשה אזוי אמת דאן פארוואס דארף דאס מיידל זאגן אזעלעכע גראבע ליגענטס? דערנאך איז געווען א ברעיק און ר׳ נחמי אליין איז אויפגעטרויטן. קודם איז מען אסאך איבערגעגאנגען סתם דעיטס פון די קעיס. דערנאך האט די לאיער געגעבן פאר ר׳ נחמי א געלעגענהייט דורך שאלה׳ת צו ערקלערן וואס זיין זשאב איז געווען און וואס זיין ציל איז געווען מיט די מיידלעך. און קורץ די ענפער! צו ראטעווען זייער לעבן. דערנאך איז די פראסעקיוטער ארויףגעקומען און געפרעגט ר׳ נחמי צו האט ער אמאל גענימען דאס מיידל מיט די קעגענערשאפט פון די מאמע אויף מאנסי. און קורצן די ענפער די מאמע האט טאקע נישט געוואלט אבער די טאטע האט אים דירעקט אינסטראקטעט איר יא צונעמען! דערנאך האט דער פראסעקיטער געפרעגט נחמי וואס ער האט געזאגט פאר די מאמע נאך איר קעגענרשאפט וואס אויף דעם האט אים די מאמע געשיקט א בריוו אים איבערצובעטן! הערט און שטוינט! ער האט געזאגט פאר די מאמע אז אויב וויל זי אים נישט לאזן דילען מיט דאס מיידל אויף די וועג וואס ער האלט איז נויטיג דאן איז דא נאך גוטע טעראפיסטן און די מאמע קען שיקן צו זיי! (אה און ער איז ממש געווען פארליבט און דאס מיידל אבער ער האט אליינס אנגעטראגן און נאך מער געשטיפט אז די מאמע זאל איר אוועקשיקן צו אן אנדערע טעראפיסט) די פראסעקיושן האט ווייטער זיך פארמאכט דאס מויל נאך מער איז מען געוואר געווארן אז דאס מיידלס טאטע האט געגעבן פאר ר׳ נחמי ״זיין״ אייגענע קאר איר צו טראגן. נאך די אלע דורכפעלער האט די פראסעקיוטער מער נישט געוואלט רעדן פון די קעיס נאר ער האט אנגעפאנגען צו רעדן פון געלט זאכן וואס איז געגאנגען אהער און אהין (נישט פון די געלט וואס ער האט באקומען פון קרויס) אבער מער נישט קיין ווארט פון דעם קעיס. יוסי גישטעטנער

    • Zelig, how can you defend that loathesome monster in any language? Don’t you have even a spark of compassion for the Yiddishe maidelach whose lives he has destroyed? What if he molested your daughter?

  2. I was born and raised in the Hassidic community and have totally left that world. I am, what you would consider, “Off the Derech”, or to some a “goyita”.

    When I decided to leave about 6 years ago, it wasn’t that common (at least for a girl), to leave the community. Today, the amount of women who run away from the Hassidic cult is reaching numbers no-one ever dreamed of, and although those within the cult call us a “nebech”, the fact is the only nebech’s are those that are mentally and physically enslaved by this rotten, mind and life destroying cult.

    Many of my friends today where raised in modern homes, the kinda jews my former community would make fun of, in Yiddish they would be described as “zei zennin mamesh goyim” (they are literally gentiles) or “zee geit ungetien vee ah shicksa” (she dresses like a non jewish female), mind you we where commenting on women, that by all standards where dressed more modest than 99.9% of the planet.

    But what I found is that girls from modern homes are not all that rebellious, they keep shabbos, they keep kosher (no, they do not panic over how long the rabbis beard was, who gave the hechsher), they date jewish men only. But, I and the others who came from the extreme background, we keep nothing.

    The Hassidic cult becomes more and more extreme as time goes by, more rules, more madness and more hypocritical.

    It’s a sign how far jews have fallen when you think that you can live in the United States and have something like a vaad, NO vaad is good, NONE, only someone who has been hypnotized by living to long is this Boro Park/Williamsburg world can even suggest, taht a vaad is something that is a good thing.

    The problem is you are slow learners, the nasty truth will start showing up more and more, people will associate a hassidc jew with pedophilia, patronizing prostitutes, and grand larceny. You will realize that the more you dictate to others what to do, the more it will backfire.

    It is already backfiring, you are losing many many kids, when we leave we go all the way, and guess what, when I walk in a mall and I see a group of chassidishe girls, and I start talking Yiddish their eyes light up, they feel like the “mashiach” arrived, if their mom or some older hassidic dominatrix isn’t around them, they start talking to me, and never do they ask me “why I left” all they say is “I wish I can do the same thing”, many take my number, many end up calling and many end of leaving.

    And for those of you who think we are a nebech, and “oh my god, she must have such an emty life” get a grip on reality please. In short it’s called freedom, I celebrate and do things as I wish, I went to school, a normal school, and started my own business.

    While, the rest of America made sure to give women equal rights, the hassidic community turns a woman into a slave, a dirty thing, something that is used to make kids and chulent.

    The boys who left and went off the derech, almost all that I know of do very well, they are smart, motivated and most importantly happy, only someone in the hassidic cult thinks, that the rest of the world is sad.

    A while ago Saturday night (motzai shabbos), myself and several friends where shopping at a mall, two girls walk by, obviously Hassidic girls, and I proceed to tell them “A gitta voch”, they smile and proceed to come over and talk to me.

    They were both 21 years old (alte meidlach/old girls by hassidic standards), and I could relate to their pain, the real pain, they do not want to get married yet but the family is pressuring, their parents had no clue they were in the mall, they needed to lie, they wanted to go out to the city, so they asked me if I can go with them, I said yes, the problem is they must be home at a certain time or their mom will call the shomrim, the hatzallah, a rabbi and a kabbalist in Israel.

    They said that in a week or so they have a wedding to go to of a classmate; it’s a real chasidishe wedding, so it ends like 3am or later, that night is a great night for them to go to the city.

    They call me using a prepaid cell phone (something commonly used by criminals), and I pick them up from the wedding hall about 11o’clock.

    They get into the car and they ask if I can make a stop at some office building, I say, hey what’s going on? Well, one of the girls has access to the office and she keeps some pants and shorter skirts there, clothing not allowed in her house. They go in, change, and they emerge as normal looking girls, and not girls from the 1950’s. We had a great time at this beautiful lounge in NYC, they spoke to men while shaking in their boots, worrying if lighting will strike them, but nothing struck them, just reality!

    I ended up taking them back to this office, they changed back into the cultish clothing, and I dropped them off to their homes. One already left her family B’H (yes, I just said that), she’s a great girl, she will remain Jewish as she respects and loves, shabbos, and will without a doubt marry a Jew, but she wants nothing to do with this radical Hassidic movement, a movement that started 300 or so years ago, but really radicalized itself the past 100 years. Wait, so Jews until then where not really Jews as god intended them to be?

    So what is the point of this whole megilah I just wrote?

    Well, it’s designed to serve a few proposes.

    a) To educate those who do not understand the mindset, of those who leave the cult, and to reassure you that we are far from nebachs and if anyone is a nebach it’s those within the cult.

    b) To tell those considering leaving, that there is real hope out there, there is a life to be had after the pain and differing you endured, some mental pain only, while some physical pain, as some parents still think this is the 1800’s and forgot you will get thrown in jail for hitting a person, you child or someone else’s, (will anyone ever expose the physical abuse still going on in yeshiva’s or is that ok because it’s a rabbi that’s administering the spanking?).

    c) To give the yentas something to do, you can now get on your phones, make a three way call so you can have 2 other yentas on the line, then try to review all weddings of the past few months, and narrow down what girls left early, maybe it’s Ruchie, no maybe it’s Sheindy nah it can’t be, no It must be Malkie no but she always reads the Tzena Rena and wears extra thick shtrimp etc.

    d) To give the vaad more work, now that they read this story, they can, ban women from going to malls, ban women from having keys to a office, and force people to end weddings early or force girls to bring their mom to all weddings, all the while wondering “I wish she would of posted the name of this lounge she went too, I’d love to hook up with some nice girls”.

    Have a Happy Chanukah everyone, the main thing is, be happy, living in misery so someone else is happy, is borderline psychotic.

    If you need someone to talk to, email me at nirvanafashion5@yahoo.com (the arm-chair detectives can now start googling the email in an attempt to find out, who this shicksa/vashti is).

  3. Since the RCA is investigating issues they should investigate what was done to a group of Rabbis including myself who received Smicha from YU, were placed in United Synagogue congregations by YU and were members of the RCA. We were either thrown out after 15 years or forced to resign. The revisionist version is that Rav Soleveichik of Blessed Memory gave Heterim for us to be place in non mechitzah shuls for two years to try to make them Orthodox.The truth is I and others I know were never given a heter by the Rav , but YU placed us and said it was ok and our instructions were to raise money for YU which I did to tune of over 1.5 million dollars. Why not investigate Rabbis who are members of the RCA who committed adultery and financial crimes in addition to molestation. Many talented Rabbis were forced to enter other fields because they were blacklisted in the Orthodox community because they served in non Mechitzah shuls. I was told by a past placement director of YU that I could not get a Mechitzah shul after serving in a conservative shul (at YU’s behest) and should drive a cab. My wife and I were told by a past president of the RCA that we should “burn in hell” for being in a non Mechitzah shul. In addition the shidduchim of my children would be destroyed. I went public (see YU Commentator articles). Three of my four children are already married and have frum households.
    Regarding the current YU situation, face up to it, hire a private investigator and make it public. In addition, it doesnt matter how old the alleged molestors are, if the charges are proven, throw them out of the RCA and put them in jail where they belong. If the RCA could ruin the lives of many Orthodox ordained Rabbis whose only crime was to spread Torah in non Orthodox synagogues, then the RCA must investigate and act on these latest charges and the other questionnable actions of members of the RCA.
    P.S. let us not forget wife beaters. I have been in the Rabbinate for almost 40 years and assure you what I have said is true. I am one of the few Rabbis who is not afraid to speak out. As many know,in addition to being a pulpit Rabbi and professor I write for a number of syndicated newspapers. If there is information you would like to share feel free to contact me.

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  4. To DiEmes and FmrHassidicGirl:

    Weberman was convicted in complete absence of evidence. The extreme willingness of Jewish women – both religious and secular – to ride roughshod over the human rights of males – with the collusion of the secular courts – has ensured that ths Jewish male will never marry and never contribute to the survival of our people.

    • This Jewish male is a rapist, extortionist, crook and thug. The future of the Jewish male is enhanced by taking him of the civilian pool. His demise was not the act of radical feminists, but the direct result of his own acts. He got a fair chance to defend himself against the charges, but his claims were convoluted and demonstrably false.

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