Guest Post by “Another Weberman Victim”

This was sent to me a little before the Weberman verdict was announced but got lost in my email. So here it is now. These are the kinds of stories many rabbonim and dayonim in Satmar hear from Weberman’s victims. Yet they have the chutzpah to declare him innocent, betraying both the truth and their responsibility to protect their flock. Shame on them. Kol Hakavod to this victim for sharing her painful story, even if only anonymously. 

Guest Post by “Another Weberman Victim”

While this is truly difficult for me to share, I feel that it’s my duty and obligation to shed some light on this very controversial case. When I was a young adolescent I had the unfortunate “PRIVILEGE” of getting to know Nechemya Weberman over a period of 2+ years.

During my “COUNSELING” sessions with him, I got to know the real monster behind his beard and peyes. Without going in to all the “Dirty” details, I will say this much. The constant barrage of emotional, psychological, and physical and most of all sexual abuse was to say at the very least devastating and severely damaging.

I still shudder at the memories of those awful visits with him.

I would like to share some insight on this case as a Survivor from Weberman’s Abuse. Firstly, I am grateful every day that there is no permanent damage/scaring which can be used as evidence of the abuse. For those of you saying there is no physical evidence, you are right. But ask yourselves this, what kind of physical evidence can anyone really expect to see? It’s not like he is stupid enough to allow an audience while he held down his victims with the full weight of his body and forced himself on them.

Secondly, I know for a fact that one of weberman’s character witnesses were physically intimate with him, whether it was consensual or forced I can’t attest to, but she was certainly a minor at the time either way. The sad truth is that she is still under his grip, which trust me is way stronger than any of you can imagine, and therefore she will do anything to protect him. (Yes, including perjury). There are many other victims like myself, I know because we speak on a daily basis, which will not come out against him in effort to protect their identity. Either because they are now living happy lives and refuse to disrupt it for anyone else’s personal gain or because their statute of limitation is over so they can’t take legal action anyway. Why put yourself through the torture the other victim who did confront him endured, if legally it won’t hold any grounds. I also know for a fact that there are testimonies from MARRIED WOMAN who had consensual relations with this pig. Yes everyone you saw right “An Aishes Ish”. However, this information is not actionable since the both participants were more than willing, and overage. Of course from a legal standpoint these facts are irrelevant since being a sick perverted animal, isn’t a felony.

For those of you thinking, well why should we believe you? Whether you chose to believe it or not is Your prerogative, but I can tell you this much – I did share my horrifying experience with some close friends, family and mentor several years before Weberman was arrested for this case. In case you were wondering, yes – he did show us pornography, he did have exact specifications what to wear externally as well as underwear, and yes- he did violently force himself on us (it was not a mutually enjoyable relationship. The horrifying memories of those years still haunt me every day, but thanks to hashem I am on the road to recovery with the help and support of my wonderful husband, and my loving family.

Another thought; why would anyone in their right mind put themselves through a public trial knowing the consequences of such doings? The family was put to shame, the grandchildren expelled from school, the victim accused of lying and fabricating a story for revenge. The Answer is; she did it to try and protect our children from even having to suffer the same fate. I know I live with deep regrets and guilt for not speaking up sooner. I believe that I could’ve saved those innocent souls from suffering all those years, if I only had the courage to speak up .

The purpose of this post, is not to convince anyone of his guilt, but hopefully to answer some of these questions which are understandably in people’s minds.

I cannot share any more personal details so not to risk revealing my identity. I choose to remain anonymous to protect my friends and family from the harassment and pressure which the community I am still part of to date will inflict on us.


7 thoughts on “Guest Post by “Another Weberman Victim”

  1. I understand why it would be hard to come out against Weberman as well as the guilt you live with. Kol Ha’kavod for sharing your awful and painful experience, hopefully it will convince more people that Weberman is a perpetrator, not a victim. Never let anyone tell you that you are anything other than a victim!! Stay strong!!

  2. this is some one of Nuchem Rosenbergs supporters talking, If it would be a real victim she would of come fwd . Its mandertery to do so,
    its the law and would be forced to come and testify.

    • Bist meshigah?

      You say if real victim she would come forward. The whole satmar world beshmutzes and hounds anyone who comes forward. The whole world knows, both inside Satmar and out. Even is she wanted to come forward, many in her family would say, “Shreklich, but dont come forward it will ruin our business, our shiddichim, and our children will be kicked out of yeshiva.” Sadly, when it comes to abuse inside Satmar, the yereim are mostly afraid of the vaad, not of hashem. Some in satmar have already torn out the sections of the torah about arayos and “lo saamod al dam reayachah.” The menuvalim in the vaad and others have turned Yoelish’s Kehillah kedoshah (holy) into a kehilah kedayshah (prostitution) by how they protect those who violate their own children.

      Mr. fake lawyer who claims to know the law and can’t even spell mandatory, YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT THE LAW. In Jewish law you are mechuyav on not standing by on the blood of another. In secular law, unfortunately it is up to a witness whether to go forward. Now Weberman, baruch hashem, will be in jail till the chevrah kadishah shleps aways this neveilah v trayfah. So what purpose would be served by trying him again. Nobody else will prosecute him for all his other crimes because what would they accomplish. You have to a maamin in techiyas hamesim to see a point in giving him a second life sentence. And, if you are such a mamin you believe in schar v’onesh, so you know he will burn longer than every pach shemesh combined. Understand, that the DA said six others came forward but were not willing to testify. You know the law better than the DA? You don’t even know halachah, let alone civil law. Go learn instead of being on the internet. Start with the Rashbah and then move to the shaalos and tshuvos of the Av Bais Din of the Eidah Charedis, Rav Moshe Sternbuch, Shlita about the chiyuv to report a rodef to the police.

      Also spend some time with the hardest thing for a shoter and shakran like you, the fifth shulchan aruch from seichel. This is not about Nuchem Rosenberg, it is about Weberman.

      Please also tell us with whom you learn. Either you are a lousy student and he should kick you out. Or you are saying what he teaches. Then everyone should know who he is to avoid him because he is either an am haaretz or a shakran.

      I hope you change your ways and stop saying narishkeit. If not, I hope you get your onesh for being mevazeh a bas yisroel.

  3. few years ago my friend told me about him and that he could help me with my divoreced
    i started talking to him and going to his office i was even in his car !!!!!
    he is a bad guy i cant belive that i am one of the girls that came to him for help he use to speak to me in hebrew so i felt safe !!!you dont understand he cant give me my life back again !!!
    ,lishen!!!!!!!i am crying now !!!!!!!!! i will never forgive!
    he wanted to be a rabi and everyone to like him and WANT him and LOVE him but he isnt

  4. d
    Are you referring to Yakov Yagen? It sounds like him. He loves to prey on young newlyweds and single girls. He goes from one neighborhood to another and no one has stopped him yet. Another unlicensed “therapist/rabbi”

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