Schnitzler is Attacker According to Nuchem Rosenberg (Updated 12-12-12)

Rabbi Nuchem  Rosenberg says his attacker was connected to Sholem Schnitzer who runs a fish store on Roebling St. Following the Nechemya Weberman conviction Rabbi Rosenberg alleged that Schnitzler would be the next pedophile to be arrested. Nuchem was walking on Roebling St when Schnitzler’s son accosted him and tossed the bleach. There are reports that he has been arrested.

Shulem Schnitzler is a first cousin of  Boruch Mordechai Lebovitz who is awaiting retrial in February of sexually molesting a teen aged boy.

Rabbi Rosenberg was released from the hospital and is optimistic about his recovery.

Updates 12-12-12: The attacker was identified as Meilech Schnitzler, Son of Sholom Schnitzer. He is in official custody charged with felony assault, misdemeanor assault, menacing, criminal mischief and criminal possession of a weapon. Rabbi Rosenberg’s press spokesperson and legal representative in this matter is Attorney Abe George, formerly Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan DA office and candidate for District Attorney of Kings County (Brooklyn).

Abe George, Esq has formally asked DA Hynes to appoint a special prosecutor because of a conflict of interest for Hynes given the long standing feud between Rabbi Rosenberg, who has picketed against Hynes on many occasions.


3 thoughts on “Schnitzler is Attacker According to Nuchem Rosenberg (Updated 12-12-12)

  1. Sbhnitzer is associated with a group that includes expert locksmiths with VERY sophisticated equipment. They stalk, burglarize, and even have a strong stealthy climbing guy. Some are also shomrim menbers. 90th pct looks the other way. DA has a fat file on them.

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