Father of Victim of Weberman: I Was Not a Snitch and I Did What I Could to Keep Him Out of Jail

On Friday, the father of the victim who testified against Weberman issued a statement which others posted to the internet his behalf expressing his regret that in spite of his best efforts Nechemya Weberman is now in his terrible predicament.

The authenticity of this document has been confirmed by his son-in-law, and husband of the victim, Boorey Deutsch. Boorey tells me that a fascimile of the typeset document was posted to the internet on Friday at the request of the father. I have no information on who exactly did the posting though I assume it was not any of the victim’s supporters.

The document also has an attestation by Yosef Leib Ausch (transliterated from Hebrew, and other spellings may be used in English) to the effect that he has spoken with Weberman and can confirm that Weberman harbors no ill-will toward the father.

The interesting thing is that while he upholds the code against snitching (mesirah) he never directly states that he believes Weberman is innocent.

A copy of document and a rough translation is posted on Failed Messiah.

Given his failure to assert Weberman’s innocence, we have to assume this document was issued either because of his belief in doctrine of never snitching or because he is under pressure of various sorts and does not want to give up on living in Williamsburg.


10 thoughts on “Father of Victim of Weberman: I Was Not a Snitch and I Did What I Could to Keep Him Out of Jail

  1. The declaration of the father having no part in the Messira, has no bearing of having closure that the perpetrator got what he deserved. Furthermore, the crap the the perpetrator states that he has no hard feelings against the father, is for PR purposes only, so as to make it seem as if the Father concurs with the Perpetrator. The ESNAN ZONAH consideration for exchange would be to allow him to continue his business unchallenged. Short of the FATHER stating that he DISAGREES With the so called alleged “Messira”, this whole note is meaningless and nothing but a farce. They probably are also trying to drive a wedge between husband and wife, ending CHAS V’ in a divorce, so they should make them look good. How low can you get. You say one lie, you will have to keep on lying thousand others to keep things in check. You are fighting a lost cause, and the [….] hit the fan so hard, that it spirals around the globe in an endless loop. The genie is out of the bottle.

  2. RE: The school massacre in CT.

    It’s only a matter of time until something like this happens at a school in brooklyn, monsey, kiryas joel et-al. There are so many souls wandering about, broken, angry, filled with murderous rage, lost and ressentful. These are all products of a horribly broken haredi (especially chassidish) ‘education’ system. A system rife with all kinds of abuse. I once knew a kid who was sexually abused by his rebbe. He was always suicidal. He once confided in me that he could never stop fascinating about doing exactly what the Columbine shooters did. His thoughts were bloody. I knew another kid, originally from williamsburg, who underwent consistent beatings and humiliations at cheder (he had learning disabilities, it later turned out….). He spoke of nothing more than murdering the person who beat and humiliated him (now a choshuve rov) and tracking down every single one of those that taunted him at school to watch them slowly die a painful death at his hands.

    Levi Aron is only the tip of the iceberg of what lies ahead…

  3. The gloves are off and Satmar will stop at nothing to get Weberman off the hook. They have no other choice since its now a question of their own survival. If the abused girl sues UTA in civil court for millions and wins, Satmar will just go bankrupt and effectively will cease to exist and reconstitute itself in one form or another.

  4. The fan raises a good point that should make us all sick with worry. Advocates: the fight is far from over, it as only just begun. Support for the victims family, those who are being ostracized in their communities, is essential NOW, post-verdict. This is not so important for the victim and her husband, they are young, just starting out and they don’t seem to mind moving out of Williamsburg, they have already broken from the community in other ways (they are modern) . However for thevictims parents this is devastating. A tragedy In the making ch”v. apparently, the father has already lost his Parnassa. If various factions and individuals within Samar now put on pressure using what means they have to try causes divorce…. Then they are really destroyed. Imagine the pressure they are living under, their friends, neighbors are orobably not talking to them, and definitely talking about them. why does this matter to us (aside from feeling their pain) because if their family is destroyed ( divorce, loss of income, social outcast, grand kids not allowed in schools) do you think the next satmar abuse victim will dare come forward? Even if one had the courage, their parents will fight tooth and nail gainst it, saying do you want to be destroyed like this family? We have to stop this from happening!. Anyone who showed support during the court case, now the family needs your support. They haven lost just because weberman was convicted. If this family is ruined then th perps and the enablers have won. The problem is that what they truly need is support from some brave souls within their own community. That is what matters. No one in willi really cares if they have support from outsiders. I am not from willi and not satmar. So what cn you suggest, yerachmiel, rabbi horowitz, anyone….. ??

  5. I am at a loss for suggestions. You correctly say this is a fight within Williamsburg.

    Abraham tried to save Sodom but could not even find 10 tzadikim to justify revoking the decree. A minyan willing to support the parents of the victim willing to publicly fight might be enough.

    But if there isn’t, no outsider can change the reality that the parents will either have to live a miserable existence in Williamsburg or move out. I cannot see any alternatives. Sad but true.

    If it continues on this path Satmar will destroy itself but not immediately and not before they wreak terrible revenge and destruction.

  6. Why don’t you try out this, it seemed to have worked throughout the centuries. Create a confidential info bank Deposit center, where previous victims can deposit their saga for future use on voluntary basis. In the meantime, you can disseminate the number of victims there truly are out there. This will discredit them of crying wolf and Kozak hanigzal, spreading anywhere from lies, misinformation to disinformation. Let them know in no uncertain terms, that if the threats, harassments, false rumors, intimidations don’t stop to all parties concerned, that is, immediate family, family supporters to outside moral support, the hoards of victims will start to give testimony in PUBLIC voluntarily, from here to Paris, one by one, Ad sheyomar Rotze ani. They will disclose to whom they gave notice in prior, how many years ago they have given notice, what had been promised to them steps they intend to take in preventing such, and what have they followed up if any. There are many many more Perpetrators in the wings that as of now they were spared the Fan. This Ostrich technique will not work any further even for their own insiders.

    • Meanwhile, the molesters continue to roam free.

      How about this: if you’re the victim of a crime, go to the police.

  7. Houston, we’we got a problem. The latest from the Grand Molester Weberman jury is that they are adding up for the Grand total, and they are running out of years. Anybody with any suggestions?

    Rikers Island update, This hanukah, they fabricated a makeshift widget contraption menorah from cored out Idaho potatoes, and used kitchen recycled oil, lighting with none of your beezwax, dressed in Auschwitz type striped garb behind iron bars. Potato peels for latkes, no thoup for YOU! 2X4 cold crammed cell, padded with three locks. Vayachlom vehineh mealmim alimim, vehineh komo alimosi vegam nitsovo, vayachni beChor HagiddyGoid. Vayisi miChor Hagiddy, vayachni Bepaamon verimon. Vayisi misorach vayachni beSochas, vayisi misochas vayachni beRikers island ufnei haman chofi, vehineh behokitz velo chalom.

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