YU Handling of Molesting Principal George Finkelstein Is Looking Worse and Worse

The Forward has published yet another article about Yeshiva University’s dismal handling of George Finkelstein,  a molesting principal, of their Manhattan Boy’s High School, MTA. It took them a long time to fire him in spite of complaints by many students to many administrators and lay board members. Even after firing him they did not notify another high school that hired him. When asked by others considering hiring him they did not share what they knew about him. He went on from his next job to a prestigious rabbinical job in Israel as Rabbi of a major synagogue. YU has now announced that they have hired an outside law firm to investigate and to make policy recommendations  I hope they really mean it. Alas, their handling of this case is already a shameful blot on YU’s reputation. Unless heads roll at the end of this investigation, no amount of sweet talk will sanitize their reputation.

YU defenders should not start saying, “We are better than Satmar” It would be true, but as ridiculous as advertising a Cadillac as “Better than a Yugo.”


14 thoughts on “YU Handling of Molesting Principal George Finkelstein Is Looking Worse and Worse

    • Rabbi Pruzansky is out to lunch. He is clueless about why people don’t come forward and about his many rabbinic colleagues who discourage reporting. He is also ignoring the fact that many victims in this case went to the administration of YU to report their abuse and trusted YU to address the problem including protecting other children.




    December 20, 2012
    6:48 pm

    December 20, 2012
    4:26 pm

    What I do not understand is why parents did not beat up these rabbis if they had the proof and their child suffered. . If it was my child I WOULD HAVE GONE INTO HIS OFFICE AND BEATEN THEM UP. I would go to Israel now and punch them out. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

    • Terrific, Rabbi, Dr. Herr, Von Berhnhard Rosenberg, Nobody is stopping you from being a shliach. But in the meantime there is a critical question about YU’s failure to protect other children that you are not addressing.

    • Rabbi Rosenberg you speak like a hoodlum saying your going to beat up people. I have heard from people in your home town who say you have no following. I now know why.

  2. Having been both a student and teacher at Yeshiva University during these years, I pose one question: Why didn’t the parents of these students call the police. If it was my child I would have confronted these instructors and gone to the police and administration immediately and hired a lawyer. Had any of these students approached me when I was a young teacher of speech at Yeshiva College and told me of this I would have acted with vigor. Yeshiva University is a great institution. Let’s not forget that many of today’s Jewish leaders are products of YU. It is good that this horrendous part of the history of Yeshiva University has gone public so the individuals can find some degree of justice and peace. We are all awaiting Yeshiva University’s response. It is still a great institution with fantastic teachers and Rebbaim.
    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  3. RGBF was never the RABBI of the great synagogue. He was director general or ritual director. Which may not change your argument. But he wasn’t the “Rabbi.”

  4. Dr. Rosenberg, your comment was deleted because you are spamming my site with endless repetition of the same comment. Further violations will make me block you completely.

  5. now thousands will come forward to cash in. follow the money . rabbi rosenberg Submitted by Rolly Sass (not verified) on Sun, 12/30/2012 – 14:13. IN THE JEWISH WEEK

    I am tired of this crybaby stuff.Rabbi DR. BERNHARD Rosenberg is telling a truth people cannot handle.It is one thing to deal with a powerless child.It is another for middle aged men to hide behind a veil of anonymity and cry “victim”.There parents were not children.They knew what was going on.How many even pulled their kids out of YU?You mean to tell me that they knew but let their children remain.Gordon and Finklestein should be held responsible.But where were the parents and why didn’t they act?

  6. Many of us are very proud graduates of numerous schools of Yeshiva University. These comments are made by people who either have no allegiance to the school or have probably never attended. Schools such as Einstein medical school, Wurzweiler school of social work, Cardoza Law school, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Azrieli, Revel as well as Yeshiva College and the various Religious divisions of YU including REITS and JSS have provided leaders in all fields of the worldwide Jewish and general community. Attacking Yeshiva University in the Forward on an almost daily basis is a wonderful way to sell newspapers. While there are some who have legitimate accusations, there will be many seeking merely to sue for the sake of making money. Stop blaming the entire Orthodox Jewish world for the deeds of a few. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

    • No one is disputing that there are many wonderful things about YU.

      The Forward, like any legit publication with assets makes it’s business to vet such stories with lawyers to make sure they can withstand lawsuits for libel. This is especially true when they are reporting on institutions with the wherewithal to sue them.

      Surprisingly, most victims of abuse do not sue. Mostly they want validation of their justifiable pain and anger. However, if their initial approaches are rebuffed they will sometimes enter into lawsuits to have their allegations validated. Similarly, patients who are informed about medical errors in real-time are less likely to sue and more likely to accept modest settlements.

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