Is Ronnie Greenwald Playing Both Sides of the Fence On the Weberman Case?

Rabbi Greenwald  has told me and others that he is convinced that Nechemya Weberman is guilty as charged and convicted. At the same time I hear that he is also participating in the charade of claiming the trial was unfair and the media were unfair to Jews. I would love to hear a clear statement by Ronnie on which side he stands. If you know Ronnie please ask him if he supports the campaigns on behalf of Weberman by the Pervert defenders of Satmar and the AMI magazine sausage factory of Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter.

Please share your encounters with us. I would be assured if he would outright declare that it is time to stop defending Weberman or using his case to claim either media bias or an unfair trial.

Also see his letter about Weberman on Daas Torah blog of Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn and comments.


10 thoughts on “Is Ronnie Greenwald Playing Both Sides of the Fence On the Weberman Case?

  1. I was at a conference recently where Ronnie Greenwald announced to a small group of mental health professionals, (including Rav Dovid Cohen) that his sympathies are with Webermans victims.

    • You use victims in the plural. Did he actually acknowledge he knows of more Weberman victims. If so he should say it publicly since many in Satmar claim there is only one complainant. He has credibility as an askan who has worked on behalf of that community. If so, his statement could help end the madness where people say Weberman is innocent.

    • Indeed. If I recall correctly, OD lists were lost, evidence was lost, no one remembered who was on OD, and the offender was sent home so quickly that they were never accessible to anyone for investigation. thank you for reminding me.

      See- this Has many details and documents.

      The accused in this case, Yaakov Weiner was the son of the Mashgiach Ruchani of Chofetz Chaim in Forest Hills and the grandson of Rabbi Pinchos Scheinberg. For reasons that are not clear, in spite of his yichos two or three different women are divorced from him and his family has given up on getting him married. He did manage to beat the rap at trial, perhaps because of conveniently lost evidence. However, I hear there was a civil settlement with the usual non-disclosure clause. I believe, iirc, that it was with the camp.

    • Self-appointment is a narishkeit. But the message offered is truly dangerous. In effect he is saying that even when a group goes for broke in protecting a molester all other orthodox Jews should become their enablers and protectors because nebbich his lawyer claims he is innocent and a Hasidic Jew cannot get a fair trial. Not once does Frankfurter address the greatest chilul hashem of the last few decades, self inflicted by a community that has become an ir hanidachas for molesters.

  2. ronny”s one incredible person, so whatever he says im positive, hes doing so with much thought and concern for which side he supports. he saved my own life when i was so close to death

  3. Rabbi Ronald (Rafael) Greenwald has always been a victims advocate . He publicly acknowledged Weberman’s guilt and supports the victims only . I personally spoke with him regarding his stand on this issue , and he remains to date a firm believer that Weberman is guilty beyond reasonable doubt . His unwavering support is truly refreshing and encouraging that change might just be under way . He is in contact with several of Weberman’s survivors .
    He refuses to associate with those who use this tragedy for their personal gain, and those who manipulate the facts to reflect badly on the chareidi community . The chareidi community did not commit these horrific acts and were not the ones on Trial here .Rabbi Greenwald believes that the media unjustly portrayed the chareidi community in a negative light due to a few zealots who pretend to act on our communities behalf . He feels strongly for any abuse victim and publicly supports and assists those In need .

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