Is Ronnie Greenwald Playing Both Sides of the Fence on the Weberman Case – The Sequel

Someone close to Ronnie Greenwald sent me an email insisting I remove my post, “Is Ronnie Greenwald Playing Both Sides of the Fence on the Weberman Case?” He titled his message, “Reb Ronnie is a Tzadik. Why are you guys on his case???”

Below is an edited version of my reply with identifying information removed.

I did not accuse Ronnie of saying Weberman is innocent. I know he said Nechemya Weberman is guilty.

 My question is, do you believe the media is being unfair to Satmar in its reporting of the Weberman trial? If so, you and Ronnie owe it to all of us to say what you believe, publicly.  Right now this is not an academic question. The AMI magazine article and the Satmar propaganda machine are pushing that line real hard. I feel strongly that we are at a decision point.  Satmar has to come to its senses and realize it cannot be an ir hanidachas (a city of refuge for criminals) where molesters are turned into tzadikim (righteous people) and witnesses are discarded and vilified as whores. If the rest of the orthodox world joins in on the moaning about media bias and Jews not getting a fair trial, much of what was accomplished with this trial will be diluted. The rest of the orthodox world including Ronnie has to decide where they stand. I have not accused Ronnie; I have raised a question.

 I hope you will urge him to use his formidable influence to publicly reject the line that the negative media coverage of Satmar is unfair or that Satmar was unfairly characterized during the trial.

 If Satmar wants to rehabilitate its image it has do some serious tshuvah (repentance). If they remain intransigent we would be hurting all the remaining victims of Weberman by koshering their image. Satmar consciously chose an evil strategy of defense for Weberman. The rest of the orthodox Jewish world has an achrayis (responsibility)to all the shearith haplaitah (survivors) to let Satmar suffer the consequences. The alternative is enabling. If you believe there is a third path, enlighten me.

Please, use your influence with Ronnie and your public voice to make it clear that the media, the DA and the jurors are not the problem. The problem is Satmar leadership.

Yerachmiel Lopin


3 thoughts on “Is Ronnie Greenwald Playing Both Sides of the Fence on the Weberman Case – The Sequel

  1. YL
    I agree completely and wholeheartedly with your sentiment.
    It is no longer acceptable to the community for its leaders to remain silent even if in private they speak the truth.

    Sometimes silence is an admission of guilt, and I believe that at this point Ronnie Greenwald and all the others have got to publicly announce where they stand on the issue of Weberman and molestation in the frum community.

    They cannot stay silent otherwise the blood of our brothers will be on their hands too.

    • Just to be clear, Ronnie has publicly stated he believes Weberman is guilty. He has not denounced the new attempt to say, he is guilty but the media is being unfair to Satmar and in its reporting about Satmar during the trial.

  2. I know for a fact satmar / weberman defense team hired a major PR company to assist with damage control . many people were exposed to the truth , and several of his victims finally spoke out against him publicly . ( not in court , but to friends , family , rabanim and Askunim) . Since the damage was done and it was too late for them to retract their statements supporting that animal , and of course pleading for his acquittal , they felt compelled To continue supporting him despite being aware of the truth . They can never admit that they miatakenly protected and defended the wrong party , instead they’re digging themselfs deeper and deeper And getting increasingly involved in covering up his guilt. I have no doubt that the Ami magazine got paid a large sum of money to publish this article just like they did when the entire Klall Yisroel was upset with New Square for physically harming another Yid for burning him . The 1st and only magazine to have an official article in favor of New Square was the ami magazine and I’m sure they find some reason to justify their actions . They truly believe that they do it to avoid the chilull hasham !!! Guess What?!? If they REALLY wanted to avoid a chilul hasham then perhaps they should have asked the so called innocent Weberman (btw my entire body shudders just to write to 2 words ” innocent Weberman”) to take a plea just to avoid chilull Hasham. Where was the PR company then? You know what, that master manipulator managed to convince them that he is being targeted by an outcast and is innocent of all charges , just as he managed to manipulate All those innocent girls/victims .

    In case anyone didnt Notice that the interview on the Zev Brenner show was completley unexpected , and therefore hardly had any victims adcovates refutting their story on air . they have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on his defense and are now spending even more by selling their lies to our general masses . Weberman’s self confidence convinced his lawyer that having him on the stand will help them win the case . That sly smile and arrogant behavior which he foolishly thought will prove his innocence ended up sealing his fate (thank god) .

    He stated on record that he was considered a Rabbinacal Counselor not because he was a Rabbi or Rebbe , but because his methods of therapy were inspired by Torah Law and Halacha . Surprisingly though I was not able to establish a single SUCCESS STORY where Weberman was directly involved . His so called Satisfied Clients who testified on his behalf are not a success story . When your married for the 3rd time , or have intimate relations with Weberman , you no longer qualified As a success story . I did a lot of research and the only people saying that he didn’t abuse them were the ones who refused to return to him for counseling After the first session were those who were disgusted by his approach and demeanor after meeting him just once !

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