If the Sale of Joseph Into Slavery Had Occurred Today…

Guest Post by Asher Lipner

To err is human, to forgive is divine…to apologize??? Nowadays there is no such thing. Lawyers don’t allow it. If they had consulted with their counsel, and brought in an “independent investigation” into the scandal of the sale of Joseph into slavery there never would have been any real reconciliation. If the sale of Joseph had occurred today, his brothers’ PR firm would have released this statement.

We take all matters of attempted murder, kidnapping and human trafficking seriously, and are fully committed to the safety of each and every member of our community. We have been at the pioneers at the forefront of creating awareness and education about the issue. While the vast majority of interpersonal interactions in our family are safe and positive, on occasion a mistake can occur in which an individual can be inappropriately kidnapped and sold into slavery. It is possible that one such case has “slipped through our fingers.

We are fully committed to investigating any allegation of this kind (when we are caught red-handed and brought literally to our knees with the threat of severe punishment and retribution) and we will do everything in our power to follow the guidelines of the independent investigation with total transparency (but will never publish its findings.). We have no further comment while the matter is under investigation.

Oh, one last thing, the internet blogs (as well as the Torah) which have “exposed” these allegations and made themselves judge and jury without any form of due process, are truly reprehensible. To kidnap, attempt murder, sell a brother down the river, and cover it up for decades is one thing, but to publicize the tawdry tale of so-called crime all for sensationalism and with an agenda is truly morally unacceptable.

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