Jailing a Jewish Criminal Helps Prevent Chilul HaShem

Jailing a Jewish criminal helps prevent chilul HaShem

(From the Daas Torah blog of Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn)

Weberman’s supporters have been stunned by his conviction. They keep repeating that he wasn’t convicted according to proper witnesses or evidence according to the Torah and even if he was a pervert the Torah doesn’t provide for imprisonment – especially life imprisonment. These claims show a shocking and dangerous ignorance of normative Jewish law. 

I will repeat a point I have made countless times before. A child molester or rapist is a danger to the welfare of the community. He is reported to the secular authorities as preventative act of protection. The fact that the secular court will try him based on rules and procedures that are different than Torah or that they will punish differently then the Torah – is not a reason for not using them for protection. This fact is repeated by many gedolim – some of which are listed below. Many additional sources are found in my books on abuse – especially volume II. Furthermore not only circumstantial evidence is permitted but conviction based on a standard of less then absolutely certainty is also permitted – sofek rodef is treated as a rodef. [additional sources are in the commentary section]

Continue reading here for quotations from the works of the Steipler Rav, Rav Moshe Halberstam, zatzal of the eidah charedis, and Rav Yehuda Silman.
The comments that follow are also well worth reading. I find it interesting that the members of the Moetzes have never issued any piskei halachah (rulings in Jewish law). Instead they let their lay lawyer, David Zwiebel, argue the case, to circumvent civil law and Jewish law in order to immunize Jewish institutions from lawsuits.

3 thoughts on “Jailing a Jewish Criminal Helps Prevent Chilul HaShem

  1. I hope Weberman get at least 50 years in jail.
    The only way he should get out of jail
    is in a box.

  2. A rodef pays with his life, since he is a Mezid in hot pursuit, only a Shogeg gets Imprisonment in Arei Miklat. This is yet a bargain.
    Read the following responses as at the ORIGINAL SITE OF DAAS TORAH
    # 36

    Torah Torah CHIGRI SAK January 1, 2013 7:55 PM
    PART I

    For you Tzadikel of December 11, 2012 6:17 PM,
    & 4 U
    Anonymous December 11, 2012 6:36 PM

    An open letter Veda ma Shetashuv to the She’eilos Tam and chuchem leHera, of the Aguddeh of various scenarios

    (A) Sickness and Evil in COMBO

    There is no room for chakiras shtus of whether it is sickness or evil or both. Should a Kleptomaniac be let off the hook because it is also a sickness? To steal is to steal is to steal is to steal, no matter how you slice it, lo Tignov applies, and we have never heard of a defence for such, ein adam choteh ele im ken nichnas bo ruach shtut. When he is still in full control of his faculties, he is to adhere to Hilchos Yichud as a preventitve measure. This evil man violated it with three locks, and riding high for 12++ hours, provided them ESNAN paam BEONESS pun intended, upaam kefaam berotzon of his own, and not only one woman came forth, but numerous and still going strong. Ayin Rashb’a for eidus nashim when NUMEROUS in complaints. Therefore, if you do the crime, you do the time.

    (B) Sickness of ADDICTION in solo, as of for the present and current time only

    A Sorrer Umoreh is nidan al shem sofo, and his formed habit is considered an addiction bound for future evil, although for the moment it is only enenu shomea bekolenu, and
    1) Torah spares the lives of FUTURE POTENTIAL VICTIMS,
    2) VeYamut zakay veal yamut chayav.
    A RODEF is considered a ROTSEACH in hot pursuit, worthy of capital punishment.

    (C) Evil in solo

    A Rotseach is an EVIL person who has given notice on society and must be done away with. If Bemeizid, it is nefesh tachas nofesh, capital punishment, if beShogeg, he is locked up in Arei Miklat for L*I*F*E* or Ad ki yamus hakohen hagadol, that could be well over his own lifetime. Since we do not have today a Sanhedrin, let Dina demalchuse Dina give him a BeShogeg punishment, which includes a full LIFE term. So much for your SE’IF of where is the act, and where is PRISON as a FORM of punishment. Such High crimes against society is of Biblical proportions and “YANIU AMAS HASSIPIM”, way over the RICHTER SCALE.

    For you Tzadikel of December 11, 2012 6:17 PM, NOT only is such punishment rooted BEMEFURESH DEORAYSA, but consider it yet a BARGAIN.

    Once EVIL is captured and confined to JAIL, sitting together with other Arei Miklat criminals (Don’t forget that originally he was a ROTZEACH BEMEIZID without ***Eidim***, Except that VeHoelokim Ina Leyado), whether al pi chakira it is therapeutic or as a retribution, hakol modim, that his confinement is a relief to society from his inflicting danger. Therefore Tzadikel, al tehi tzadik harbe, don’t look neither for Se’ifim, or poseach al shnei heSe’ifim in all the wrong places, look no further than your Chumash. See Masechet Sanhedrin 73 amud alef, Ve’eli hen shematzilin osan benafshon, harodef achar chavero lehorgo, veachar haZachar…etc. See the whole page. It is all based on LO TAAMOD AL DAM REACHA,

    My Dear Tzadikel, when is search of DIN TORAH for Retsicha, Giluy Arayos, Avizarayhu Degiluy Arayos of maasseh Chidudin, Boalei Nidos, Child MOLESTER is nidan as a RODEF by POSKEI GEDOLEI HADOR, we are not compelled to be bodek the tztziyot of the NIFGA to say NIRVA YATZIL if you get my drift, it is solely based on the deeds of the ROTZEACH!

    continued on next…READ ON

    # 37

    Torah Torah CHIGRI SAK January 1, 2013 7:56 PM

    Part II

    of the tzadiklach

    FURTHERMORE my Dear Tzadik BiSDOM,



    A 53 year dirty old man, takes a minor, helpless, vulnerable 12 year old to provide RACHMUNE LITZLAN this alleged TORAH THERAPY chas milhazkir, which was given to parents as an OFFER THEY CAN NOT REFUSE lest be thrown out as an outcast, PAYING BIG TIME MONEY, and instead of guiding her, he IS AN ‘OF’ TUME & Ugh…TORAF TOIREF ACHOYSENU, A TREIFA ‘OF’ AND DOIRESS, PIFFEL KASHOR, UBOEL KACHAMOR ben SCHEM, VeDORESS KA’ARI IN RAPING OUR SISTER DINA, forces his Tamene hands down her body in spite of her protests STOP STOP, but continues instead stooping so LOW so LOW, and you dare scream KOZAK HANIGZAL and MAASSEH EISHES POTIFAR. HALOY TITSLALNA AZNAV KOL SHOMEA OZEN!!! How dare you call her names, AFRA LEPIMAYCHI! Why don’t you rather scream at him FRANKENSTEIN WEBERSCHMUTZ, “SHAYGATZ AROIS”.

    & You lil pipsqueek of:
    AnonymousDecember 11, 2012 6:36 PM
    a/k/a as tzadikel tomchei cholim berosh lecholi, wishing you a refuas hanefesh urfuas haguf.

    The Se’if you are in search of Noach’s teiva and Eisav’s abba heich meassrin et hateven is nothing other than ZIBEN GREIZEN looking in all the wrong non-corresponding places.

    Look in Hilchos Tinoykes shenishbu bein ha’akim, kein hadavar hahi, kaasher yakum ish urtzocha NEFESH. After all the proof in the pudding of the above, how DARE you call her her shiksa??? Didn’t this menuval ausvourf, the “off the the derech asher lo yelchu BUM” va’asher yikashlu BUM, sheyinokshu beshininam, vehakhe es shinav, this RASHA OF THE AGADDAH execute kol minei aveiros of ARAYOS bein adam lechavero. Even your own chaveirim declared this menuvel of being currently himself in Therapy at the HEIGHTS of this COURT CASE. What happened, you changed your mind, huh?

    And O’ yes, before we forget, you have one Se’if for Rosh Habiryonim of Mishmeres Vaad haZnus, where Messira and Dinei Yichud are (not) applied, and another Se’if for TRUE VICTIMS. Hayitachen? Doesn’t such, Torah achas yihye lechem apply, or better yet, EIFO/EVEN achas yihye lecha kedemechchiyavta MiDeAyrayso? Ad matay ata poseach al SHNEI heSE’IFIM??? You are not worthy even the Kash vaTeven shel Eisav, nor the Feed of Chamoro shel Pinchas ben Yair. It seems so much more of having rather a common denominator with NECHEMYE ben Chamor of SCHEMYE, and that is still being quite generous to you. What have you got to say about the porn films he made her watch, only to peform him MBP lehanossoy like BML. He tries to outdo Aleksander Mokdon or Don Juan? This is worse than beastiality TFUY TFUY TFUY. Did he have a filter on his computer, or a vaad HaZnus check on it if it complies and conforms as appropriate to watch, or was it with full Hechsher and Gushpanka of his Higher Uppers. It is the MOLESTERS that is the problem, and not the filters is the problem. It is only tole killelosay beacherim, and utilized as an arva porach.

    As for summation:
    When dealing with a RODEF of Biblical proportions such as of this kind, do what you need to do, and no questions asked, in line with Poskei Hador, nothing more, nothing less. Vezeh kol hatorah kula.

    I would highly advise you and your ilk. Stop being a BAS haYA’ANA, look in the mirror and admit to yourself, and to the whole wide world, before this CHILLUL HASHEM will hit the INTERNATIONAL FAN beyond control and smear all of Klall Yisrael B’RESH GLI with your OSSEH MAASEH ZIMRI, that you have erred. Protect our young, the helpless, the infirm, the weak, ollelim veyonkim before it is too late. And that will be the Kiddush Hashem of the Century.


    # 38
    Basyah Weinreb January 2, 2013 6:32 AM
    there is nothing to add. This last entry sums it all up. It hurts just to read the words.
    thank you for being so articulate.

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