Start the Year Right: Attend the Sentencing of Weberman on Tuesday, JANUARY 22 and Write the Judge

IMPORTANT UPDATE ABOUT SENTENCING POSTPONEMENT: The previously announced sentencing on Wednesday, January 9 was AGAIN postponed (again at the request of Weberman’s attorney, Farkas) to Tuesday  Monday, January 22 14, 9:30 a.m.

The conviction of Nechemya Weberman is an important development. But the work is not yet done.  Sentence has not yet been imposed.  Although few of his supporters attended the trial, it appears that things may be different at sentencing.  In order to counteract this, it is important that as many people as possible attend the sentencing to support the victim.

Some of you may wonder, why bother? The world already knows he is guilty and saw supporters of the victim in the courtroom. However,
there will be even more media coverage for the sentencing. In the media, history is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is today’s photo-op. Weberman is likely to have the courtroom packed with his supporters. If supporters of the victim are outnumbered that will be the news story about sentencing. We cannot let that happen.

Some of you may ask, why bother if the courtroom will be so crowded that I might not be able to get in. Even if you are stuck outside the courtroom, you and enough others like you will become part of the media account captured on TV, cable and radio broadcasts and reported in print columns.

Many of the fixers in Agudah circles agree Weberman is guilty and deserves his punishment but are quietly supporting the Ami Magazine campaign because they are worried about the chillul hashem (desecration of G-d’s name by the misconduct of a Jew). Their argument is a desecration of Jewish tradition according to which the chillul hashem is in the original act itself. In fact Jewish tradition holds that the public revelation of the act is the punishment for the original concealment. But Agudah and others have invented a perverse theology under which G-d finds out about these things by reading the New York Times and surfing the internet. In a bizarre extention of that ideology they work on banning or filtering the Internet and encouraging their members to stick to the heavily censored Hamodia which has still not uttered the dreadful word, Weberman.

Weberman’s guilt was established the moment he committed his acts. His Rosh Hashanah of judgement in the legal system was settled with the guilty verdict by the jury.  Sentencing will seal the verdict in the eyes of world. We need to make sure that the media makes it clear that many decent Jews are disgusted with Weberman and support the verdict. The gates are closing on this story. Make sure the media gets the story right by showing up.

If you are planning to attend, please be in court by 9:30 am, or if at all possible, earlier, on Tuesday, January 22  Wednesday, January 9th MONDAY, January 14 to have a chance of getting a seat, although the exact time of the sentencing is not determined. The court is located at 320 Jay Street, Brooklyn.  The sentencing will take place in the Courtroom of the Honorable John G. Ingram, Justice, Supreme Court, State of New York.

It is also important that as many letters as possible reach the judge BEFORE Monday, January 22 Thursday, January 10 expressing solidarity with the victims, outrage with the horrible crime, and concern for the safety of the community.

Please address letters to:

Honorable John G. Ingram,
New York State Supreme Court, Kings County
320 Jay Street, Room 24.83
Brooklyn, NY  11201

The appropriate manner of address is “Dear Justice Ingram.”

Letters should bear the reference line: “Re: Sentencing of Nechemya Weberman.”

34 thoughts on “Start the Year Right: Attend the Sentencing of Weberman on Tuesday, JANUARY 22 and Write the Judge

    • I am quite sure they will assign the largest available room but even that will probably not be large enough. In the past when crowds were larger than expected they have moved sessions and trials to larger rooms. I am going to assume that they will expect large turnout.

  1. This is the war not only on n. weberman
    It is a terrible fight against the whole terror that people reshoeim are using under the name satmar
    and rebbe zichrono livrocho
    against all people that are thinking different from them

    Even if they are more frumer then satmar
    like they dosent want to have male bossing on girls and women

    or even if they are obeying rabbonim gedolim that they paskend more shalos for klal yisroel more then satmer
    like the eruv parsha
    or the bechuros voten in israel

    They are giving or offering 100 dollars for everybody that goes with their party not to go to the votes in israel

    and a prominent jew came yesturday to reb zalmen of satmar for a neduva charity for bread and butter
    he didnt give him even one Penny only a brucha

    And the main thing a quastion
    if the voten in Israel is a sin
    why when the viznitzer rebbe from israel came to visit reb zalmen admor satmar

    which he is going to vote in israel with all viznitzer chasidim
    why he gives him koved and goes back a visit

    the sin from voten in israel says in satmar
    is a worser sin
    then avodo zoro
    and eishes ish
    and even murder
    with chilel shabbos

    how he gives koved for his interest for a men that says evreybody should go voten
    and he offers jewish money and blood not his money for people not to vote

    And he uses jewish money from charty to take even his luxesry car toghter with him in israel

    it is a shame

    now the fight in court is against the whole corruption

    what they are paining us jewish people in williamsburg week by week
    lets stand and go togheter and scream out our pain

    dont terrorize us every shabos
    dont use your boys in ypur yeshiva to run after our wife’s and children
    stop with rishos
    if not the court should stop you

  2. alica….hello again… sound like one from the old school… one who remembers
    when satmar was what it should be, like one who remembers the holy Reb Yoel. unfortunately,
    the satmar greats are all gone, it’s getting worse and worse, satmar is run by real estate tycoons
    who are only busy protecting themselves from lawsuits which will be coming soon BIG BIG time.
    weberman will bring them down down, but THEY, today’s satmar controllers can only blame themselves as they enabled him, they supplied him with the goods, the heilige yiddishe young
    girls, they should have let him fend for himself and take the subway ride to 42nd st. and pay for
    it, I guess you can’t pay with the non-profit charity credit card there!

  3. to yerachmiel lopin – It is of utmost importance and would be very very beneficial to me if I could
    get in touch with one of your commentators, alica hartman. it would be a great mitzvah on your
    part if you could help me out by making the connection. also, is there any way that I can communicate
    with you direct? please help, thank you so much!!

  4. I live in Rockland County, NY, and would like to attend, but would take public transportation which would take several hours. What are the chances of actually getting into the courtroom? Just in case I can’t go, I sent a long letter to the judge from my business stationery. Do you think he will be reading all the mail?

    You have provided a great venue here for posters and I appreciate your work.

    • As I said, even if you can’t make it into the courtroom what matters is how many supporter the reporters see and they cover the areas outside the courtroom. i of course understand the hassles of a long trip and you could probably accomplish more, with the same amount of effort by putting it into writing a letter. Judges must read all letters, but of course getting it in ASAP makes it more likely the judge will give it best attention. Given your situation, if you can you might want to spend some time convincing others to drive in or to write letters. Also check out the Zaakah facebook event page. You might find someone who want to car pool and might even be happy to share expenses.

  5. to alica hartman………I need to contact you re: very important issue. could you please
    contact yerachmiel lopin, perhaps he can connect us. thanks so much! zei gebencht

  6. What type of letter is necessary for the judge? I would like to write in support of the victim but am not sure what to write to the judge.

    • 1. Dont use up energy saying Nechemya is guilty. that was established. The question now is how long a sentence. By law, the judge is supposed to pay attention to the community affected by the crime and by those who have good things to say about the defendant.

      2. Most of all the judge wants to know how the crime affected those around the criminal and what message needs to be sent through the sentence and the sentencing statement.

      3. Devorim hayotzim min halev, nichnasim lihalev. Words that come from your heart will reach his heart. Speak the truth about you, your feelings and your opinions. The judge has to read a lot of these letters, so don’t make it longer than necessary and try to be careful in writing clearly. but whatever your best effort is, it will be good enough.

      4. Write a little about who you are and why you are writing the letter.

      5. It is not a good idea to put out numbers for the length of sentence you want. However you can use terms like full weight of the law, etc.

      6. Most important is to get the letters in as quickly as possible, in the next day or two, if possible.

      7. Use your own words. Don’t copy from someone else.

      8. Weberman’s supporters will churn out letters for others to sign. they will all be like the others and will say he is the tzadik hador. Judges aren’t fooled by identical form letters. They have been around the block and know all these games.

  7. can one write a letter to the judge anonymously? am concerned re: repercussions – satmar’s wrath – in fact I would let the judge know that my anonymity is out of fear of BLEACH!!!

    • they prefer they not be anonymous, but go ahead and do it. In this case it might work. I would suggest stating that you live in the community and one or two more details so he can decide it is not fraudulent. i do believe that in these sorts of letters, devorim hayotzim min halev, nichnosim lihalev.

  8. I want to paste up a picture sign that hangs in williamsburg shulls
    i cant put an image here

    it says in Hebrew

    We are ready to go ldoron litfila lemilchomo

    that means satmar is ready to go to war about nechamya

    in war!!!!! against whom

    aguanst g-d borich hie because he made that weberman should get a punishment

    or a war
    against the torah that dosent let satmar do chazirei and retzicha murder like they love

    or a war

    against the USA goverment the justice of the united states merida beimes

    or a war

    against every Jew or godel what stays them in there way

    evreybody is anyway by them a goi apikores

    rabonei eruv
    mois yimos

    klausanberg was a galach a katolic priest

    viznitzer rebbe reb chaim meyer was a chamor a dunkey

    skolyer rebbe
    sitra achra

    reb moshe feinstein

    kal am hooretz

    horav elyoshiv
    zioni yimach

    was a nar
    now they are mechallei shabos worser then gay

    an much more


    mony for the chazeirim
    fund raising for weberman
    and for the killer of police in fla

    100 for each men that will come to reb zalmen not voten

    more is coming

    this is only on the tip of the fork

    lo euleini

    rachmono litzlon

    they are not afraid of nobody even from heaven

    only from the judge
    and from now on they will be afraid from NYPD because till now m d niederman and moshe weiser had the police in pocket

    they were looking that rotziga satmara shkotzim are running and scarring women and girls
    and the police didnt do nothing
    hasem yisborech yazor

  9. The court room will be jam packed with satmara politicanten
    or they will postpone the date

    they are ready to take big lawyers also for the four people that made pictures in court house

    yosele fried rosh teroristen is running around to heat on the satmar
    that this is kvod shomaim

    like the screamers on ladys

    • I do not believe they will get a postponement and they can send all the guys they want and we will send all the men and women we can muster. The judges have all had many other controversial cases. they are used to this sort of thing. The fact is that the verdict in the trial shows that Satmar’s power is broken, perhaps because of all the machloikes between the brothers. Yom hadin is here. they are trying to scare everyone in Williamsburg but they do not control the whole world. In fact the chutzpah of satmar in this case has angered the court and the DA and that will make it worse for Weberman. We just have to not be afraid.

      I am extremely confident that when this is all over, Weberman will sit for a long time and Satmar will be an embarassment to the politicians who used to rush to have their pictures taken in williamsburg. You could always tell they felt squeezed and uncomfortable in their creased yamulkes. Soon, the askanim with pictures on their wall will have pictures of yesterday’s politicians.

  10. Mr. Lopin, it is exactly as you say. Satmar, or rather their controllers, there is no satmar anymore,
    Satmar is resting in peace (hopefully), yes Satmar’s dreiers will be the opposite of “even moasu habonim hoysa l’rosh pinah”

    • It would be great if they finally had a position consistent with halachah. Call me cynical but I wont believe it until they officially confirm that this is their position. It should be but Agudah believes in their power more than halachah.

  11. We need someone to volunteer and bring a big roll of orange reflecting police line tape, sharing and wearing it with the VICTIM sympathizers and be metzuyonim sham, so we know halanu o letzorenu ato. This, in contrast of wearing an orange jumpsuit while donning leg irons and handcuffs, ROFL both hands tied behind his back. It will also serve as a reminder to all those that think to offend our children, of what color suit they will end up wearing. We are open for suggestions, as how to wear and don this metzuyonim tapes, while conforming to the courts regulations. It might not be appropriate before the announcement of sentencing, since the offended defense attorney might call it revenge, and possibly influence the Jury, asking for a retrial.

    • there is no jury. We are talking about sentencing. Sentencing starts from the assumption that the guilty verdict is valid and the only thing being decided is how to use the judges discretion within the range set by the law. So, while I understand rules barring observers from influencing jurrors I would hope they do not apply to sentencing. However, I am not a lawyer, so I will try and find out and share anything I learn.

  12. To comment #5 Alicia Hartman

    From your writing it can be seen u r a depressed person
    Cmon get a life !!!

    • The word i would use is distressed, no depressed. Alicia Hartman certainly should be distressed by the thuggery disguised by frumkeit that pervades Williamsburg. I can confirm that some of her allegations are definitely true. Others, I do not know enough to be sure, but they are consistent with things I know about thuggery by powerful Satmar elements. Knowing these things is enough for me to focus on her message and not play amateur diagnostician as a way of not listening to her. I take the things she writes seriously.

  13. The scentencing will probably take place on the 2nd floor which can accommodate the largest of crowds, I should point out to get there early, even that room is limited to 100 or so

    • However, as I state in the post, even if you don’t make it into the courtroom your presence is very important. The three most important news bites about the day will be # of years, sentencing statements, and the size of the respective crowds.

  14. As a former longterm convict in New York, Jewish, and who spent more than 4 decades in the various maximum security prisons, I can attest to the reality that human garbage such as Nechemya Weberman will not need to fear rape or any type of sexual abuse from other convicts, but will intimidated, threatened and possibly physically assaulted because of the indelible ‘stain’ accompanying him for the next ‘umpteen years’ in prison; unless he is able to gather around him a strong group of Jewish convicts, he will be extorted for whatever he may own or get in food packages and commissary. I’ve met several individuals w/sex offenses in the maximum-security prisons, most of whom remained lowkey throughout their sentences or who eventually wound up in protective custody. However, the issue of the various ‘Nechemya Webermans’ still using their religion as a tool and shield from scrutiny, and as an intimidation factor to prevent diclosure and/or punishment, is what should compel those of us living a clean and/or frum life in the world at large to either or both appear at the Weberman sentencing or, at the very least, write to Judge Ingram before January 14th.

  15. What’s so disgusting about this issue is that the perpetrators like to pick on the weaklings, the nebachs, would not likely to have much support. Let’s level the playing field a little, like pick on someone your own size. What if he would dare do it to the REBBE’s kid(s). Now, will the accused be supported, like in this case, or more like beaten up or worse?

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