Imagine a Rabbinical Ban in Support of the Ami Boycott

I was just looking at the language of the kol koreh to ban VosIzNeias (VIN). It was absurd in its allegations about VIN. But it does fit the campaign to boycott Ami Magazine because of its defense of convicted Satmar child molester, Rabbi Nechemya Weberman. Below is my rewrite of the VIN ban with adaptations to fit a print publication whose owner is open about his identity (though probably concealing who is paying him under the table for PR).


From the Great Rabbis and Roshei Yeshivas, Shlita

about the grave dangers of the magazine, “Ami”

Satan has found a way, that a magazine exists  known as “Ami”, as if it were founded only to spread news of the Jewish world; yet it contains a hidden ambush — as with the news, it includes stories and events glorifying the corrupt, abominable  and lowly; Praising those who raise their hands in violence against other Jews with fists and with flames, full of contamination, filth, foul language; slander, and gossip, and degrading of brave anusim; it also prints libels and slander regarding  individuals and organizations. Similarly the things written there are filled with adultery and slander, and increase fights in Israel, kashering everyone’s shmutz. It also writes against court officers and politicians under whose favor we live, who protect our children, to ruin their reputation. The disgrace of G-d’s name is immense and mighty.

We are pained that the owner of this magazine takes money from sinners and those who lead others to sin. We are pained that we don’t know how to chastise this individual as our holy Torah deems appropriate for those who cause the public to fall to sin; it is obvious that the obligation rests on anyone who knows how to influence the owner, Yitzchok Frankfurter, to come to a rabbinic court and make this known, just as the Torah states, “should he not testify, he shall bear his terrible sin.”

We have thus come to make clear our opinion, that of the holy Torah as we see it:


It goes without saying that it is a great and terrible prohibition to read this magazine, besides the general prohibition against loshon horah and motzi shem rah ; and he who heeds this shall be granted pleasantness and blessing.

Those who may have erred and let copies of this magazine into their household are obliged to remove this evil from their midst before it, G-d forbid, contaminates the pure minds of children and women. Search out every last copy as carefully as you search out all chametz before pesach. Burn every copy just as you would burn chametz. If you say “ubiartah harah meikirbechah” while burning this vile publication it will be for a blessing to you and your family.

May G-d, Blessed is He, have compassion and pity on His people of Israel, and redeem it from all woe; and return His people soon, and may we merit a complete redemption soon, Amen.


4 thoughts on “Imagine a Rabbinical Ban in Support of the Ami Boycott

  1. you’re absolutely right, there used to exist Rabbis who could defend themselves regardless of their opinions. Now, they have gotten so pathetic that they need to turn to these attention – zonahs, who will do anything just so people read them

  2. A great re-write of the VIN kol koreh! It makes me want to subscribe to Ami, and then cancel my subscription- based on Rabbinic directive, of course.

    • One Jew in Brooklyn has rabbinical permission to buy 1 copy to see which advertisers have pulled out and which are still violating the ban. Fred, unless you volunteer to take her place you do not have my permission to subscribe. I say this in my role as chief blogger and channel of daas torah.

      However, I might give you permission if you can confirm that Ami will receive no hanaah or financial benefit because they offer a full money back guarantee if you are disgusted by them. However, I will advise you, that even if such a refund is promised they will not be able to deliver on it if they go bankrupt. I just don’t see Satmar and Skver covering their bad debts.

      If you do end up subscribing, it is obligatory to prepare your fireplace with kindling before it enters your house, so you can burn it in less than 18 minutes from the time it passes your front door mezuzah. All poskim agree, 18 minutes is more than enough time to record the names of advertisers.

      Do not succumb to the temptation which starts with a fetish for pictures of men wearing fur and ends in the dungeons of gehenim. As many of our children have been lost to ami by Ami as have surrendered themselves to the evils of the internet and texting.

      However, it is permitted to enjoy the heat of the fireplace after the magazines text and pictures are no longer fit for reading by a dog.

  3. Hehe!!

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