Weberman Sentencing Postponed AGAIN to Tuesday, January 22, 9:30

I have been informed that as of now, the sentencing is being moved AGAIN, also at the defense attorney’s request to Tuesday, January 22nd Monday, January 14 at 9:30am in Part 21 on the 20th floor of 320 Jay Street.

As I have stated in previous postings, the mailing address for the judge is:

Honorable John G. Ingram
New York State Supreme Court
320 Jay Street, Room 24.83
Brooklyn, NY  11201. 

There is no deadline for submitting a letter to the judge.  However, to increase the likelihood that the judge has the opportunity to read the letter, it should reach the judge before Monday, January 21. Friday, January 11.

Clarification: A previous version of this post about sentencing and letter writing  was misleading and subsequently edited. Because of a wording error on my part, the initial version might have been misunderstood to imply that the office of the District Attorney (DA) was encouraging people to write letters to Judge Ingram. While the DA of course submits a sentencing brief it has not taken any position on whether community members should write the Judge let alone what they should say.

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