Writing Letters to the Judge in the Weberman Case: Guidelines and Timeline

An experienced criminal defense lawyer in Manhattan offered me the following suggestions about how to write to Judge Ingram about Nechemya Weberman’s sentencing.

  • First and foremost, the letters should not be longer than 2-3 pages.
  • These letters should talk about how Weberman’s behavior harmed the letter writers, their families, and more broadly,  the community at large. For example, they can talk about how his conduct has damaged people’s ability to trust others.
  • Additionally, writers should describe the rift Weberman has caused within the community as whole. If they have specific accounts of encounters with Weberman they should definitely include those.
  • Anonymous letters have less of an impact than signed letters. However, those that write letters need to realize that all letters become part of the trial record and Weberman’s defense team will see them. If a writer chooses to leave out his/her name, they should explain their reasons for writing anonymously. It is quite likely that the judge will understand the community dynamics. An anonymous letter in these circumstances is worthwhile, even though it is not as effective as a signed letter.
  • Anything is acceptable, including handwritten letters. But show respect for the judge by taking care to write carefully and legibly.  If you are using computers take care to write carefully, to spell check, and to make it professional in appearance. Still, better an imperfect letter, than no letter.
  • Also be careful to respect the autonomy of the court. Don’t “demand” and don’t tell the judge what “You have to do.” Instead speak of your hopes, concerns, thoughts, and feeling.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Devarim hayotzim min halev, nichnosim lihalev. Words that come from one person’s heart enter the heart of another. Write the letter that feels true for you. Weberman’s supporters will be running word processors overtime turning out nearly identical letters with perfect grammar and tidy printing. Then they will pressure people to sign them. Judges see this all the time. They know how to discount these letters. Just be true to yourself and trust that an experienced judge will know how to distinguish sincerity from propaganda.
  • Trust Judge Ingram to know the law and apply it intelligently. Don’t say you know how long the sentence should be unless you are an expert in New York State sentencing law, sentencing practices, and the specifics of this case. However, you can speak about issues such as having the sentence be long enough to protect other children from Weberman if he should come out too early or having the sentence send a message to others in the community.
  • Beware of chutzpah in any form. If you express it, even subtly, Judge Ingram will notice it. Nechemya tried chutzpah during the trial and we see where it got him. Judge Ingram was rightly angry about breaches of courtroom decorum by many of the victim’s supporters including noise and litter left on the floor and the benches. Let’s make it up this time and show how we can respect the court.

The mailing address for the judge is:

Honorable John G. Ingram
New York State Supreme Court
320 Jay Street, Room 24.83
Brooklyn, NY  11201. 

Near the top of the letter, include the line: “Re: Sentencing of Nechemya Weberman.”

The salutation should be: Dear Judge Ingram,

There is no deadline for submitting a letter to the judge.  However, try to get the letter into the judge before Monday, January 21. The judge is more likely to find time to give the letter careful attention if he gets it when he has a full working day to look at it.

Sentencing is now rescheduled for Tuesday, January 22nd Monday, January 14, 9:30 a.m. See my post about why it is important to attend sentencing. That post also has details about attending.

22 thoughts on “Writing Letters to the Judge in the Weberman Case: Guidelines and Timeline

  1. No clue how I came upon your site. Have spent the past hour surfing the net to see what y’all are yammering about. Boy, what a bunch of vultures y’all are. This ain’t exactly a slam dunk case. You guys ever heard of the Innocent Project. Even guys who “confessed” have been cleared years later by DNA. You gotta be pretty sure before you throw the key away.

    Submitted comments under 6 different names over a period of several days. Barred from further commenting on this site. IP address:

    • Rita,
      I consider myself a civil libertarian. I believe even the vilest of human beings is entitled to a fair trial. I am appalled at the stories of innocent people railroaded into conviction.

      The common denominator to almost all those cases was inadequate legal defense. Weberman had some of the best lawyers around for a legal defense that cost around a half a million dollars. He also had an entire community backing him. I also know a great deal you don’t from my contacts with other victims of Weberman who describe a comparable MO.

      Rita, we are not yammering. We are clammering for safety for our children.

      A good society balances defendants’ rights with victim rights to establish justice. We want justice in order to protect our children.

    • Even though I feel Weberman is probably guilty, thats not enough!

      Unless all those who want to see Weberman behind bars for life, do their homework and help bring forth others, theyve all failed. Theyre the I heard, I read, I think, I saw, I know chorus. Dumb! Sadly insufficient!

      If locating and encouraging and supporting the other Weberman victims to speak up, were taken on as a holy cause, as serious as finding the cure they all need for a deadly disease, by everyone who really cares, and there are certainly enough of those who really care, I think other victims could be convinced to speak up!

      I think not enough is done to locate them and encourage them.

      Otherwise, if it remains only one victim who spoke out, we all failed miserably, and sadly, will only encourage more molestation and abuse in the future.

      I dont care how many life sentences Weberman gets. His supporters will yell anti-semitism and unfair treatment ’til their dieing days and many will have their niggling doubts.

      Until every last bit of our energies and efforts are invested and more victims speak up, we’ve all failed.


      • Believe me, many of us have worked hard to persuade other victims to come forward. We did succeed in getting several of them to attend the trial. Most importantly, we showed support for the victim as never before with our court turnout and the demonstrations against both Satmar Rebbes and the Weberman fundraiser. This is unprecedented anywhere in the ultra orthodox world.

        But you know the Nachshon problem. One person has to step forward with no safety net. What would have happened at the yam suf if there needed to be two Nachson’s to step foward before the waters parted? Would there have been two marching in and getting wet? Midrash does not tell us the answer to that question.

        Well one brave Nachson stepped forward. You are demanding two. Hopefully we will get two on the next case. But I don’t know if we would have had even one Nachshon at the yam suf if the Satmar Vaad Eriv rav was in charge of klal yisroel at the time.

        Yes, two witnesses would be better. But do you really believe the defense of Weberman would stop with two witnesses. Wouldnt they claim she was making a bilbul and the best proof she was a shiksah was that she was a moser. Look at London where 30 chasidish women testified to a beis din about Chaim Halpern and Kedassiah cannot muster the courage to kick him out.

        What we need even more than more witnesses are better rabbis and askanim who will stop their cover-ups.

      • to sadly incomplete Data et al

        Not so fast my friend. The Jury went about their duties doing their homework without your feelings, and the evidence was damning more than you would ever care to know, mind you, with just one witness alone, and at the judges discretion, there is enough time for life and a half with some change left behind bars, while you are still dreaming for more witnesses. Why waste peoples life, time and effort for overkill. Would you be more happy if we dig up a few more lifetimes behind bars, from whence would you borrow more lifetime for this MegaButcher psychopath anyway, he is living on borrowed time already as it is. If you recall, webershmutz was able to convince his subjects of being his zivug in previous life gilgul only, but not for future gilgulim therby stealing future years.Although there are many more witnesses Loy Aleinu in the wings standing by if and when as necessary, you must consider that subjecting themselves to such torturous cross examinations of lies and fabrications like the ilk of the volves and Farkashes just to terrorize and re-victimising the victims are not devarim shel ma bekach, vechol hamoisif, Gorea. However, should push come to shove, it is good to know, that we have Tayere Neshamos shyimseru nafshom al Kidush Hashem to save more Tzon Kodoshim beYisrael. My dear sadly incomplete, if you feel webershmutz is guilty, I ‘ll eat my hat. You are not a Vayahass Kolev, you are rather a true Vayahass KELEV KALVEI HAKLAVIM.

        “Theyre the I heard, I read, I think, I saw, I know chorus. Dumb! Sadly insufficient!”

        It is the JURY that heard, it is the JURY that saw, it is the JURY that witnessed, the lies and the DEMISE of this conniving peace of webershmutz filth, exposing his deadly foot and mouth disease. The reason he was brought to justice, is not because of your false Eisav and atzas Achitofel concern, it is only because WE THE PEOPLE that really care badly enough to save our children. It is much rather YOU that failed miserably, and as of now it is webershmutz that wears the Orange suit and handcuffs in his tiny cold cell, well deserved. If anything, it is You that is sadly DUMB, INSUFFICIENT and Incomplete. Other molesters that think of molesting, will now think again and blink before offending our children. WE THE PEOPLE have full faith in our fair Jury system, till Kingdom come, and the Jury has ALREADY SPOKEN.

        And you my friend, why don’t you take some calming medication n chill out, all has already been taken care of while you slept. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.
        O’ yeah, and just one more question before I let you go, your excerpt is so incoherent, mixed up thoughts, wavering from one extreme to the other trying to hide in sheeps clothes, you sound like the what’s his face yossi gestner selfproclaimed alleged spokesthing, did you by any chance put on his spokes-cap today? Other than that, you sound great.

  2. If he feels he has grounds for a retrial, we have a free country in doing so. Dershowits backed off since he didn’t see any merit or a prayer. Before throwing good money after bad money, let him be aware that there is a long line of victimized witnesses that are ready willing and able to testify at moments notice, of which the Prosecution did not feel they have a need for till now. Those enablers will dig themselves a mass grave once these witnesses will come forth and spill the beans. It is therefore highly recommended to throw away the key now if they only know what’s good for them, rather than after more damning exposure will hit the fan over and over again. The world had a Judicial Justice system along the millenium, in prior DNA came into play, and there are many ways to skin a cat. Good riddens.

  3. mr. lopin

    you need to deal with the abuse you suffered not through hate and boycotts and long prison terms

    your abuser is hurting you every day again when you hate and try to hurt others

    seek a therapist who can free you

    i did and i’m a different person

    Submitted comments under 6 different names over a period of several days. Barred from further commenting on this site. IP address:

    • Marilyn,

      I am glad therapy has been helpful to you.

      But this blog is not about any abuse I did, or did not, suffer. It is about protecting other children. How might going into therapy affect the safety of children.

  4. The abuse movement is driven by hate. Martin Luther King liberated African Ameicans through compassion and love. The movement needs to mature and move away from boycotts etc.

    Submitted comments under 6 different names over a period of several days. Barred from further commenting on this site. IP address:

    • You seem to be forgetting that MLK started his career as a civil rights activist by leading the famous Birmingham bus boycott. He led many other boycotts over the years.

      Try offering your advice about avoiding hate to Ami magazine which glorifies haters in Satmar and Skver.

      We are struggling non-violently for justice.

  5. How about getting two birds with one shot. Suggest your compassion and love to the child hater molester abusers and those that enable these pedophiles to ruin lives of our helpless beloved children along with the victims families. Having accomplished that, advise these same monsters and enablers not to boycott the child protectors and their restaurants, ripping off Kosher Certificates, Boycott the victims livlihoods of their telephone book directories or whatever it might be, and chasing them all over town defaming them, removing the siblings and relatives children from schools, and making their lives impossible just because they can. Hey, after all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it? Till you prove us that your grandiose firepower overwhelming love for these Grand Butcher abusers does the job, we are left with no other choice than locking them up and throw away the key.

  6. Ami is actually the only publication that advocates reporting molesters to civil authorities. Lopin, I knew MLK, and you are no MLK. Too much hate. Too much chassidic venom. Grow up, and smell the flowers. And if you want to turn Christian that is fine as well. They at lease love their tormentors. But please don’t commit suicide. The world may not need you, but you do.

    • Give me proof that Ami actually advocates reporting molesters to the civil authorities.

      I am no MLK in many ways. So you knew MLK. How is that? Did you also know Jesus? I think the only one you know is Yitzchok Franfurter.

      I am befuddled by your claim that I might want to turn Christian. I let a hater’s comments stay up so I could refute it. If you can misread my response to “John” as an inclination to Christianity I can understand how you came up with your other distortions.

  7. I don’t think you want to turn Christian. I think you should turn Christian. There’s no place for blind hate in the Jewish religion. Maybe you need some Christianity and its message of love to set you straight. Nazis hate. Real jews have compassion. Learn a bit Talmud if you doubt that. Ami did advocate to report molesters in the very article you seem to have a problem with. But now that weberman has been convicted—move on.

    • Godwin’s law strikes. A guy escalates an argument which he cant win by reason, venom, or intimidation so he hurls the Nazi word. Josh, this is your last comment on my blog. You have crossed a boundary either because you are a closet Christian, or just dumb and hateful, or an unrepentant supporter of Ami. Adios!

  8. Wondering if there is any way to send email to the judge, as I find writing very difficult and do not have a printer. BTW, very sad to see hateful comments here. A child molester convicted on 59 counts needs to go away for a long time. Compassion is not an issue, nor is hate. The issue is punishment for a vile crime against children.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply. I am sorry to see so many people vilify you for what you are doing. It’s too bad they don’t see that every person in America is subject to American law, not just beit din.

  9. To Incomplete Data

    YL is correct.
    The very people (Rabbis) who could actually make an impression into the fearful minds of the victims are the same people who deny the truth and fail to protect our communities.

    All it would take is for a handful of prominent Rabbis to open their hearts to all survivors of Weberman by saying that it is a mitzvah to come forward and tell us what happened.

    I promise you, they would come.

    • I was just talking to a friend about the many kids who were molested and stop being frum. He said, they are tinokim shenishbaru (children abandoned to be raised by non-Jews). Therefore under Jewish law they are not liable for conscious sinning since they were not aware of it. Similarly, a kid raised in an orthodox community who is abused by someone in the community lives with the knowledge that hypocrisy is sanctioned and the community does not really believe what it says about sexual norms.

      I suggested a cure to this problem. Every time a molester is detected a public kol koreh should be issued demanding that the man in question be forced to give up his frum levush and be asked to shave, dress in jeans and polo shirts, and not wear a kippah. Whether or not he obeyed, kids would not be confused about the definition of a religious person.

      This was done in Italy in the 19th century where an unrepentant sinner was forcibly shaved. the Chidah reported the incident in his diary and spoke of Tzoraat hazaken (the plague of the beard, meaning, the hypocrisy of religious appearance through externals). See https://frumfollies.wordpress.com/2010/04/17/shave/

      But of course, instead victims witness cover-ups, and if there are arrests, public campaigns to whitewash the guy’s reputation and pay for his criminal defense.

  10. Deleted comment for rude obnoxious conduct. Next violation and you are permanently banned from commenting on Frum Follies.

    Additional violations including trolling and sockpuppeting. Submitted comments under 6 different names over a period of several days. Barred from further commenting on this site. IP address:

  11. Submitted hateful comments under 6 different names over a period of several days. Barred from further commenting on this site. IP address:

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