Is There a London-New York Satmar Axis to Defend Pervert Rabbis?

The anonymous blogger If You Tickle Us first revealed the sexual misconduct of Rabbi Chaim Halpern. He has chronicled the twists and turns of  London politicking as some rabbis denounced him and others resisted pressure to censure him and expel him from their organizations and declare him unfit to be a rabbi. Miriam Shaviv, the excellent journalist, formerly with the London Jewish Chronicle and now with the Times of Israel has occasionally summarized developments, as in her post of December 25, 2012. She too credits If You Tickle Us as the primary source for new developments in this case.

This morning at approximately 7:30 am EST @IfYouTickleUs Tweeted, “Whether Weberman in US or Halpern in UK, it appears the only issue that unites Satmar warring factions is support for pervs.” So it seems that both the Aroni and Zaali factions in London are throwing their weight around to protect Halpern.

In Williamsburg, the word is out that Weberman is having trouble raising his million dollars for an appeal. The locals are losing their appetite for defending Weberman whose misdeeds are widely known. Besides, why throw good money after bad when you can instead throw him under the bus. Naturally, Weberman’s supporters persist. While a sucker maybe be born every day, all of the grown ones have been chastised by the disastrous trial and the well has run dry. This leads me to wonder if the Satmar folks are schnorring in London. Halpern has a lot of reasons to organize the fundraising in return for Satmar muscle on his behalf.

This is all speculation. I could be wrong. Satmar may have just developed an instinctive affection and protective attitude to their perverts that transcends fratricidal factional fighting and international borders.

Readers, what do you think?


5 thoughts on “Is There a London-New York Satmar Axis to Defend Pervert Rabbis?

  1. AT the height of the confusion, A Rabbi P….a has left for Willi in USA, ladaas ma yeasseh lo. Since then they tried all tactics, delays, signing Kol Kores, only denying it the following day, it was falsified, then again verified vechozer cholilo (repeated over again), taking in womens testification creating a Piccadilly circus. After his Kehilla left him, remaing with 15 supporters, they make believe that everything is peachy keen, and let’s now start over again, take testimony and blah blah blah, and little do they know that the last nail has sealed his coffin and fate long time ago. This Purim shpil is for inside members only. The world has seen the chilul Hashem and choiced to move on elsewhere. Yes, there is a UK connection of a Frnch type connection, and there is an element that is trying to intergrate for 2 centuries, and always cause machlokes Korach vedoso type of rabble rousing.

    • I am getting the drift of your comment but not the specifics. Is P, Padwa? If so, which one? what are you saying about his trip to the US? Is it temporary or permanent? What sort of chulent is being cooked up? Who is it supposed to benefit and who will it give indigestion?

      • The trip to Willi was for Uma Yeasseh lo for C.H. for advice in USA, as well as for stalling time, like by Korach, boker veyoda, so in the meantime, things might cool off. By now I guess he is already back in the U.K. [P.A] is the one now in charge of shelo Kedas velo Kedin allegedly putting up a new Bet Din every other day from the three corners of the earth. If you tickle me, and I tickle u back, it’s in there, read all about it. It is not the most recent baked chulent. The benefit, if any, will be picked up by C.H. and the indigestion for most of his Kehila and outside his kehila and for N 16 and all those adhering to uviarta hara…, it is highly recommended to eat the chulent with challeh, and a grain of salt, with plenty of pickles/cole slaw to wash it off. Veze kol hatorah kula al regel achas. ‘Vehaven’.

        • You pack in a ton of info on one foot. I would love to see what you can do on two feet.

          I religiously read IfYouTickleUs but an outsider needs a decoding ring to follow some of the allusions.

          I too marvel at the game of musical dayonim and musical batei din.

          BTW, what sort of chasidim are the Halpern’s apart from being mivakshei kovod vikesef shelo kidarko? What is the back-story on how they came to move to GG and how they rose so high?

  2. ROFL, even Hillel was able to put in only one sentence al regel achas. RAGLAYIM ledavar (plural)is needed to be saved for those that think our children have been fairing well, safe and sound. And ROFL, veidach zil ugmor. Be’emes omru, I feel bad for his father, what he build up during his lifetime, this entity meatball destroyed with shtei raglayim and his dav.. . My heart dictates, rachmei ha’av al bnoy, we have seen by David, oy Avsholom bni, bni bni Avshalom, he nebach went wailing, uma yomru ezovei kir?

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