Did an Ami Magazine Defender Resort to Antisemitism?

I just banned a commenter on Frum Follies. A bevy of comments all came from one IP address but with different names and positions. This commenter’s assumed names included, Frummed Out, Futzy, Judy, Marilyn, Rita Hess, Tee Tee, John, Shana Fried, and Eddie.

At different times this troll assumed the identity of an ultra orthodox Jew, a Christian attacking Jews for being vengeful, a whacko extreme civil libertarian who finds all convictions dubious, a promoter of Martin Luther King who imagines the leader of the Birmingham bus boycott thought boycotts were hateful, an ex-victim urging this blogger to go into therapy, and a few others. These comments converged on the common denominator of protecting Ami Magazine from the boycott.

Using his alias, John, this commenter wrote,

Why can’t Jews learn about love and forgiveness from Christians? Why do you guys always talk about hate and revenge?

Thinking John might be a sincere, if misguided, Christian, I replied,


Jews don’t need lessons in compassion from Christians who inflicted pogroms, mass murder and genocide on us. There is nothing wrong with pursuing justice.

The Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. once said, “As a Christian, when a man strikes me on one cheek I offer him the other cheek. But if he strikes me on the other cheek, I beat the hell out of him.” Weberman is so far beyond one strike.

Incidentally, John, Jewish law prescribes bringing molesters to the civil authorities, not for the sake of revenge, but to protect other children. As a Christian, I would have thought that you would endorse the statement attributed to Jesus, “Suffer unto me the children.”

John, at first I was tempted to just delete your comment when I noticed you were spamming for a Christian evangelical site through your URL. But I decided to reply. However, you have worn out my patience with your ignorance and prejudice about Jews. Please study up before you return here.

The bizarre inconsistencies between these comments replicate the publication pattern of Ami, which tries to sell itself by sensationalism regardless of the consequences for those they hurt and regardless of how one article contradicts another. These comments are also consistent with Ami Magazine’s willful indifference to the truth. Even so, I have to admit I was surprised a defender of Ami would also assume the mantle of Christian anti-Semitism. But on second thought this isn’t so shocking coming from a magazine immoral enough to defend Nechemya Weberman  and the pro-arsonist Skverer Rebbe.

Well, I am done with allowing Ami’s sock puppets to exploit Frum Follies to propagandize. I am also, even more determined to press forward with my support for the boycott of Ami Magazine. Adios, Frummed Out, Futzy, Judy, Marilyn, Rita Hess, Tee Tee, John, Shana Fried, Eddie, and Ami Magazine!


6 thoughts on “Did an Ami Magazine Defender Resort to Antisemitism?

    • Some people conceal their identity to be free to tell the truth. Such people tend to be consistent in their assumed identity and their views. Others use multiple assumed identities to sow confusion and spew hate.

  1. YL,

    This could get tricky if the devil learns how to mask his IP address. You’ll have to stay ahead of your game.

    • Tomim Ti,

      You make reference to recent court rulings about the potential for lawsuits for libel on the internet. Are you be suggesting that I sue the author of those comments and Ami Magazine?

      Certainly there is a toeles in warning people about a magazine that kashers molesters. While there are times where the permission for a toeles only applies to an identifiable set of individuals at risk, a molester is a general hazard to every child. If the Ami effort succeeds in conjunction with appellate lawyers in freeing him, every child will be at risk from this faker. Moreover, the public must be warned not to rely on any hashgachah by Ami Magazine. They have lost their chezkas kashrus. As far as I can tell from your posting you endorse announcements by rabbonim who say one shouldn’t rely onthis or that product or hashgochah.

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