A Pidyon Shvuyim Appeal for A.I.G.

A.I.G. is suing the US government. Just a reminder, they were the folks who helped crash our economy in 2008 and then got bailed out.

Andy Borowitz helps us see it from A. I. G.’s point of view. Kind of reminds me of pidyon shvuyim schnorring for Nechemya Weberman.

A LETTER FROM A.I.G.  – Posted by Andy Borowitz

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – Today, American International Group (A.I.G.) issued the following letter ….

Dear American Taxpayers:

…We are writing to tell you that we’re thinking of suing you.

When we made this decision, we knew we were in for some rough treatment from the media. We’ve been called everything from soulless bloodsuckers to Satan’s scabrous handmaidens, and worse. At A.I.G., though, we have a different name for ourselves: true American heroes. ……

By suing you, we are standing up for the right of every other American who might, through no fault of his own, have his life saved and want to sue the person who saved him …… That’s why we’re asking for your help today.

Lawsuits aren’t cheap. They require highly paid lawyers, who rack up millions in legal fees, not to mention first-class airfare, hotels, and sumptuous gourmet meals—hardly the kind of expense that we at A.I.G. can afford.

That’s why we’d like you to pay for it.

See you in court,

Click HERE for the full posting which is even funnier than this excerpt.


One thought on “A Pidyon Shvuyim Appeal for A.I.G.

  1. AIG is a company which does everything in its power to avoid paying bills. During my many years in the business world, those guys and gals are the slimiest of all. I was against the bailout in general, but the AIG bailout really upset me. I loathe AIG.

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