Is Satmar Less Popular Than Congress?

According to William Bigelow on,

Now what would you think the Democratic Party’s favorite Public Policy Polling (PPP) would find, if taking favorability ratings for Congress?
PPP found that Congress rated lower than colonoscopies, lice, root canals, and being stuck in traffic. Also beating out Congress were used car salesmen, carnival workers, NFL replacement referees, Genghis Khan and cockroaches.
What could PPP find that would be less popular than Congress? Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians, John Edwards, Fidel Castro, North Korea, Washington lobbyists, gonorrhea and ebola.

Meanwhile, in Jewish world news, Satmar has come to be associated with convicted sex offender, Nechemya Weberman. Google “Satmar” and you will find Weberman in 7 of the top ten hits. Googling Satmar + Weberman yields ~97,000 hits!

It didn’t have to be this way. Satmar insiders knew he was guilty. They should have privately collected enough money for him to plead guilty. His conviction would have been a one-time back-page story with no impact on Satmar’s reputation. He could have gotten off with a 5 year plea bargain. After ~15% off for good behavior he would have been out in 4.25 years. If he had taken the deal when he was arrested in March 2011, he would have been out of jail less than three years from now. Instead he will probably get a sentence of 20-25 years and will be lucky not to get carried out of jail by the burial society.

Satmar opted for super-sized portions chutzpah on which they are now choking.  Right now, Satmar is probably less popular than Congress. On the positive side, they are probably still more popular than Ebola, and  only tied with Fidel Castro.


2 thoughts on “Is Satmar Less Popular Than Congress?

  1. So you’re suggesting that Satmar has descended to the madreigah of John Boner and Michelle Bachmann?

  2. No matter how much he should get, according to statistics he will be out much much faster and will outsmart and beat the system. According to Actuarial statistics those convicted and sentenced behind bars moving MeIgra Ramah LeBira Amiksah, the life span is next to nil due to suicide. This will be in line with Nefesh tachas Nofesh and Kaasher zamam la’assos. He robbed the lives of our innocent children that barely came to know this world, some limping through life without a soul, excruciating pain hidden deep deep down we cannot even fathom, men zol ‘nisht geprived veren’. You will be thrown from the Kaf Hekela misof ho’oilom ad soifo velo teda menucho leolam vaed. There is no kaporo left for such monstrous inflictions you have committed, not even Satan has brewed up such a punishment, ripping away such tayere neshumes from the mothers arms, so young and so frail. How much pain, SHIVREI LEV and AGMAS NEFESH you have caused the parents, the families and Klall Yisrael, if all the oceans were ink, and all the trees would be quills, and the skies would be parchment, you cannot start to describe the havoc you have caused to ALL OF US. You will not even be able to leave a life insurance for your lebedige almune r’l. What has she done to you to deserve such? The tzibur will chip in to prepare you the tachrichim, and a black body bag ‘leis metzoi’. You will not be able to look at your own self, and life will be full of pain and misery till you will make an exit. Vechol Yisrael yishmeu veYiroi velo yezidin od.

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