Blogging Under an Assumed Name

Dov Bear is the assumed name of the proprietor of the blog, DovBear, just as Yerachmiel Lopin, is my assumed name on Frum Follies. Below is his explanation of his use of a pseudonym:

Why is DovBear anonymous? Because when I started everyone was anonymous. No one knew who wrote Hirhurim, for example, and the other popular bloggers were also anonymous. It was very rare to see a real name behind a blog. That changed, over time, but it was too late for me. By then I had already established an online identity that, for various reasons, I wanted to keep separate from my real identity. I understand this costs me credibility, but I don’t care. Not having credibility means I have to work harder, and it makes the blog better. Moreover, anyone who wants my name wants it for a bad reason or needs to know my name before he can decide if what I’ve written has any merit (in other words, he’s a dope.) So if my anonymity keeps people with unfriendly motives and inferior brains away from the blog, so much the better.

8 thoughts on “Blogging Under an Assumed Name

  1. Dov Bear is such a cool easy to remember name that everybody can pronounce
    why did you pick Yerachmiel Lopin?

    • What can I say, he already owned DovBear. Seriously, re pronunciation, the ability to deal with resh and ches is common to my audience. The topic is concern for abuse, so a first name referencing divine mercy made sense. I wanted an uncommon last name to protect the innocent from association with me. Yerachmiel Lopin is also very easy to search on Google because i have never yet found another one like me. and now I am stuck with it for better or worse.

      BTW, how did you come up with AbWeiss and not ZySchwartz? Just asking? Was it a trick to get called on first by your teacher?

  2. Dear kvod YL Nero Yair,
    Bimchilat kvodo, et chatoay ani mazkir hayom, veitcha haslicha. Heyot she i efsher li b’derech acheret mipnei taamei kmusim, kemo shekama kotvu kvar po, veda’l, if you get my drift. Vechazkeni nah ach hapa’am. To make it bekitzur, I did see the posting and questions of a Mr. Asher Lovy @FM, having posted the response, it appeared and stated that your comment has been posted, only later to dissappear, and then reappear again.
    Vechi ma inyan shmita etsel har sinai? Since I sincerely attempted to fill in the missing info to Mr. Asher Lovy, of which is a highly important issue to MOST people if not all, this was my only recourse, but chas veshalom, not meant to troll, n please forgive. In order to put things into context for comprehension, I had to fill in the previous posts, long, true, but for the traumatised family, it is a matter of life and breath along the same lines of mevakesh et hanirdaf. With all due respect, you do bring up topics of great interest, current and relevant, you did miss out on hacking Mezuzuot, HALOY DAVAR HI? Again, thanks for your patience.
    And to you Mr. B_m maniac, Huh? Huhk nit kayn chaynik. It is hard to establish whether you are hard of hearing, your comprehension is bombed and shot, or both. Whichever the case may be, I do wish you a speedy refuat hanefesh and refuat haguf. As they say, kishmo, ken tehilato.

    • You are forgiven if you stick to one assumed name and email and if you really stick to the topic of a post and mean what you say about brevity when you start bekitzur.

      Regarding the business of Zalman Leib Teitelbaum (allegedly a legitimate heir of the title Satmar Rebbe) and his mezuzah nailing. Yes, it is important and was covered in some other blogs. You will reach a lot more folks by respecting our time and patience and doing something simple like two sentences to state your point and providing a link. URL’s are the greatest invention since slicing challah to make French Toast.

  3. I used to blog away on another (frum) site using ONE, and ONE ONLY screen name. It was a close association of the style I wanted to exude. I sought to share humor, spunk, cheerfulness with the world at large and to receive a lift for my own down times. I received so much from it.All that came to a crashing halt the day one accused me of “stalking” her. (I sent her a private email, I indicated to her how I retrieved her email address. I sought her permission to communicate further for a most private pressing matter. On that site she often wrote she had a capacity in a certain field). She had a full page accusation (with all private details, for good measure), out and open for all. All my attempts to reply, to defend, were blocked by the upstanding, moral moderators of that site. I was beet red for three days!!

    I cannot resume there, everything I write gets blocked. So for the untrained eye it appears as if it’s a one side story. Open and shut. Case closed. But no – I’m a Jewish neshamah – there is a living person behind that screen name. A really badly bruised and beaten one. Viciously.

    And I know who I really am.

    HaShem is my eidus, I’m no stalker, I’m not anyone she accused me of being. (Again, I wrote how I retrieved it) I was anonymous there for about two years, I don’t think I EVER purposefully hurt anyone’s feelings (besides when one wrote something explicitly against the Torah itself). Anyone who knew my style, was able to tell. My sole purpose for posting there was (besides the fun, the camaraderie, socializing) was to say a good word, brighten someone else’s day, deliver a positive, joyful charge into another’s faltering batteries.

    This woman, I assume, has no idea of the terrible senseless, needless enormous damage and hurt she wrought upon me (and others who knew me IRL). She has since not apologized, retracted her ridiculous damning allegation. Obviously she too knows my email (she posted most of it for all..), maybe one day (before Yom Kippur) she’ll apologize, help me bring closure to this hurt.

  4. Mr. Lopin, it’s good that you blog under an assumed name. That way your spouse, parents, children and grandchildren are spared the disdain and ignominy that would inevitable result from such close association to you. Your incessant and egregious typographical and grammatical errors would shame any decent family!

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