Nechemya Weberman Sentencing Is Today, Tues Jan 22, 9:30

I will try to report developments as they occur. If you are following on Twitter, use the Hashtag, #WebermanTrial. Do not trust tweets by @WebermanTrial or  @YossiGestetner.  I tweet as @FrumFollies. Daily News courthouse reporter, Oren Yaniv (@OrenNYDN) plans to tweet from the courtroom.

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Comments and thoughts about sentencing are welcome on this post. Please try and stay on topic. Other comments, will, at my discretion be deleted. This post is not a general discussion board. I will delete arguments that Weberman is innocent. Those that hold that view should write to the editor of the Blatt or the Yid or exchange tweets with @YossiGestetner.  When @YossiGestetner, the Yid and the Blatt accept our opinions and comments I will open up Frum Follies to those who lie and intimidate to keep Hasidic rapists out of jail.

I am guessing that the sentence will be in the range of 20-25 years. Whatever the exact number, I feel that this is a case that calls for din (severe justice) and not chesed (mercy/kindness). Right now, we need justice to end the plague of child abuse covered up by Satmar and many other haredi groups.


4 thoughts on “Nechemya Weberman Sentencing Is Today, Tues Jan 22, 9:30

  1. I’m not so sure about your prediction. I went to the trial, and the judge strikes me as a grandfatherly religious man, who was horrified by what was done to a young girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sentence is much longer – enough to gurarantee that he spends the rest of his life in jail.

  2. Please can you also post links to the full judgment as well as providing us with the victim impact statement

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