News Coverage and Tweets Surrounding Nechemya Weberman 103 Year Sentence

This is news coverage for the first 1-2 newscycles after the sentence. Stars are my ratings of the significance of particular items. The entries are in no particular order

***Naomi Ragen’s Crime and Punishment based on interview with brother of victim. (actually from 1/31, 9 days after sentencing)

**A J Weberman’s irreverent, wacky and yet, at times insightful extended essay, My Cousin Nechemya (for background on Yippie Garbologist of Bob Dylan, see Wikipedia)

***Joanna Molloy, New York Daily News, “Molestation victim takes on her accuser, Nechemya Weberman, and her community.”

***Andrea Peyser, New York Post, “Hero teen faced down evil for the rest of us.”

*Mary Murphy, WPIX-11 includes video and pictures

***Sharon Otterman, New York Times (most emailed story today)

****Copy of the incredibly moving victim statement read at the sentencing

**CBS 48 Hours has a text report with some reporting on community responses on Twitter

**Joe Coscarelli in New York Magazine


**Parvaiz Shallwani Wall Street Journal

****Picture of Weberman at Sentencing (source not clear)

**USA Today/ AP Same AP story also picked up by dozens of other outlets including NPR

*** DA Press Conference about Sentencing

Jewish Week

Oren Yaniv Daily News

picture of the crowds outside the courtroom waiting for verdict


CBS-2 TV News

ABC Channel 7

Global Post

Josh Saul in New York Post




Vos Iz Neias (VIN)

Jewish Press/JTA

The Jewish Daily Forward reporter Paul Berger continues a bizarre mixture of adulation for Hynes with solicitude for Satmar and others in Jewish community who claim legal system is unfair to hasidim

Jonathan Allen   Thomson Reuters


Below are a few of the more interesting Tweets:

Rachmuna Litzlon ‏@HeathenHassid “@DovidTeitelbaum: What could only be a sign from G-d.#Webermantrial is sentenced to 103 years in Jail. 103 is gematria טאליבאן” (Taliban)
Debra Nussbaum Cohen ‏@DebraNC My Haaretz story on Weberman‘s 103 year sentence, incl. interview with Nuchem Rosenberg, worried about another attack
Philip Turner ‏@philipsturner “@monaeltahawy: Therapist Sentenced to 103 Years for Child Sexual Abuse  #NYC” Some “therapist.” Try predatory charlatan
RSS Stax ‏@rssstax NYT Most Emailed: Nechemya Weberman Sentenced to 103 Years in Prison: Nechemya Weberman, 54, a respected member
Bryan Salamon ‏@simplehockeyfan @frumfollies Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof. May this be a beacon of hope for all of the victims of abuse. No longer should they fear speaking out
Groise Anav ‏@Dick613 @frumfollies time for the victim to sue Satmar. They don’t fear God or man, they only fear loss of money.
eli neuberger ‏@thevoos @YerachmielLopin the only people #satmar could find to handle their “at risk problem” were the likes of #Weberman and Yagen?
Shaybod ‏@Shaybod @thevoos @frumfollies If the #satmar rebbe would give his hasidim $100 not to molest. It would’ve been money much wiser spent.
This was an interesting Twitter back and forth about the sentence of 103 years

Ruchy ‏@Ruchy_G “@Gits1: Levi aron’s sitting in prison 35 yrs after cutting up a cute lil boy, & #WEBERMAN gets 103. Go figure! @YossiGestetner @OrenNYDN”

Yerachmiel Lopin ‏@frumfollies @Ruchy_G @Gits1 @YossiGestetner @OrenNYDN Levi Aron pleaded guilty. Weberman would have gotten 5 yrs if he pled guilty.

Ruchy ‏@Ruchy_G @frumfollies how do u know that?? Don’t think so! Besides maybe he didn’t wanna plead on s/thing he never did! How about?

Bryan Salamon ‏@simplehockeyfan .@Ruchy_G @frumfollies Weberman could have plead out. Comparing one monster to another still leaves you with a monster. #StopAbuse


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