Was Nechemya Weberman’s 103-Year Sentence Too Long?

Yesterday, Judge John G. Ingram handed Nechemya Weberman a 103-year sentence for his 59 counts of molesting a girl. Based on the impressions of experienced attorneys, I predicted 20-25 years. Even if the sentence is reduced on appeal to 45-50 years, as predicted by the District Attorney at his press conference, this is a life sentence. Even allowing for fifteen percent off for good behavior, 53-year-old Weberman will be in jail till he is ninety-one, or more likely, till the cheverah kadishah (burial society) comes to fetch him.

It didn’t have to end this way. Downtown Brooklyn’s courthouse is a discount center. Weberman could have pleaded guilty and gotten off with a five-year sentence. If he had taken the deal two years ago when he was first charged he could have walked out of jail three years from now. He could have spared the victim and her family pain, intimidation and major financial losses. But Weberman in his arrogance went for broke and ended up paying retail.

Even the retail price for pleading guilty didn’t have to be this high, but Weberman and his supporters angered the DA and the judge with tactics including bribery, intimidation, violations of courtroom decorum and absurdly dishonest witnesses on the stand. Weberman and Satmar tested the limits of chutzpah and came up short.

Is a 103 year sentence good for the fight against molesting? Yes and no. Yes because it sends a message to defendants that going to trial is risky so they should consider biting the bullet and pleading guilty. Yes, because it says to every victim, the legal system takes your charges and suffering seriously, very seriously. Yes, because it sends a message to Satmar and others like them that chutzpah toward the court system and witness intimidation can backfire and badly burn the perpetrators. Yes, because this verdict spread on the internet and Satmar’s reputation took a beating so bad that I believe it will affect the community when it comes to soliciting politicians for favors and funds. I think it will affect the financial value of Satmar hasgachos (kosher food certifications). Financial shock therapy may just send a message that they should have gotten from the Torah.

But there is a downside to this virtual life sentence. There are many in the ultra orthodox world who want molesters convicted and sentenced, but not for that long. This will make some of them hesitate about supporting the next victim who goes to the police. I don’t agree with that sentiment because the alternative is letting molesters roam free to leave a path of destruction in their wake.

I think more could be accomplished by giving one-year sentences to 103 molesters. But, for the moment, that is not likely. Every single conviction of an ultra orthodox molester is an uphill battle against intimidation and ignorance. So we will have to keep settling for long sentences in the very few rare cases where a victim has the fortitude and resources to resist bribes and intimidation. When the community changes we will have more plea bargains and more convictions. I look forward to the day when the community will work with victims to bring cases to the authorities. I look forward to the end of pidyon shvuyim (prisoner redemption) fund-raisers and prestigious rabbis who dare to call victims, whores.

I look forward to the day when the community takes child sex abuse seriously enough to prevent it, detect it, and pursue its prosecution in the courts. While we wait, and wait, for that development, I say, yes, a hundred-and-three-year sentence is good shock therapy which is the best available treatment.

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  1. I like your line “more could be accomplished by giving one-year sentences to 103 molesters.”

    Very balanced post and indeed sadly this overly harsh sentence will have a negative affect on convincing people to break the ice and come forward.

    • Thank you for the compliment. However, I do not think the sentence was overly harsh given his brutally cruel conduct and his arrogance when finally charged. Chutzpah is always a gamble. When it works you can get away with murder. But when it fails, there is a price to pay.

  2. I don’t think this sentence was unreasonable considering the fact that he molested and tortured her for a period of 3 years 3 times a week for 4 hours at a time. Had he molested her once or twice, a 3 to 5 year sentence would have probably been appropriate. But since he basically made this child a concubine, a lifetime sentence is definitely appropriate.

    Whether they appeal this or not, this is not the end of the road for Weberman. Please don’t forget there is a Federal offense involved here as well. He crossed state lines with her when he took her Upstate. And then there are civil charges that the victim and the family can sue him for. So things are just beginning to heat up for him and his family. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would choose to sit in jail rather than deal with everything that he will be hit with.

  3. I asked severel times & nobody answerd me normally:
    1) how can we put a man in jail for life w/o witnesses w/o any evidiance w/o any vidios w/o any pictures????? Maby the victim his right but its still a she said vs he said. 2) when we had a beis hamikdas we couldn’t sentence someone w/o 2 witnesses exluding a lady & a warning before.
    Let’s hope the innocent man will win the appeal,
    If anybody knows the answers pls reply, tnx

    • Alter G,

      You are a walking specimen of the failures of heimish education. You display ignorance of the law, ignorance of the facts, an inability to reason, and a lack of respect for civil discourse on a discussion forum of a blog. You also show ignorance of halachah. You say Nechemya is innocent. If so, skip the rest of the argument. However, the question of guilt is assumed in this post and established in court.

      In your opinion, anyone who does not agree with you is not answering normally. So go hang out with your chorus of defenders of Weberman and other perverts, but do take some time out to make sure the kids around you are safe.

      Halachah for sentencing in the time of beis hamikdash and biur for a beit din bizman hazeh are completely different. B’davka on crimes such as znus, the eidus of women and children and just one witness are accepted. The lone hold-out these days is R. Menashe Hakaton Klein. He is a great talmid chacham but very few accept him as a posek. On the other side of this issue are Maran Elyashiv, Zatzal, Rav Chaim Halberstam Zatzal of the Eidah, Rav SZ Auerbach, zatzal, v’chulu.

      However, since you insist on standards from the time of the beis hamikdosh, tell me how they ever convicted anyone without a video.

      There was a witness, the victim herself. Are you saying that anyone who violates yichud and locks the door should always be acquitted unless he runs a video camera on himself?

      Alter G, I have done you the courtesy of replying because ignorance of your sort deserves to be exposed. But please, you now have the warning demanded and my readers are my witnesses that you are not welcome. When the pro-Weberman websites and newspapers open up to our comments, we will be more open to you.

      Face it! You guys lost in the trial, lost in the sentencing, and lost big in the court of public opinion. Bottom line- chutzpah for molesters is a losing strategy. Try moving on to menschlichkeit.

      • Tnx mr’ lapin for replying,
        Pls specify where exactly it says by these gdoilim you mentioned that one witness is believed, wane look it up
        3) Even you say this days one witness is believed, Is a girl a mchallel shabbos believed?? (As per her neighbors they saw her smoking & going in to a car in shabbos r”l)
        4) Lost in a trial doesn’t mean we lost we should face it, cause in this days a jew can’t win a juror check history
        5) A yes or no question: if I go in a elevator with a girl & she make on me a false story is there a possibility to get free?

        • are you braindead or just stupid. hmm i so hate this kind of reasoning. let me explain to you very simply . i f you destroy a child by torturing them you have no right to point fingers at them for anything. they are destroyed for life. i am one of them. come and meet me face to face and repeat your heartless insane comments and see how long it will last. if you got in a lift with me i would spit in your face. i know your type . looking to blame the women no matter what . so tell me genius the babies what did they do to deserve it. shut the hell up and if you dont have a heart dont advertise that you are also a pervert. the smell is coming into my house in jerusalem. i hate you people. i hate the way you cover up . i hate you with a pure hatred. because of this kind of thinking it continues. you are disgusting.

    • AlterKi aka yossele goilem geshtetner, there is no blog you didn’t repeat yourself at least 12 times. You received 12 answers for each of your fingers. Explain me if Dina Demalchise Dina is in need of al your prerequisites. For all the rest of your Motzi shem ra and motzi diburim levatala, take it and shove it! Who gave you permission to blog on the internet anyway? Huh?

    • For you, dear ALTERG, and the rest of the Ama Ratsim out there, kindly stop showing your ignorance and learn the Gemora in Baba Metsiah- :בבא מציעא דף פג.

      The Gemora is clear that, according to the Torah, we DO NOT NEED witnesses for such cases!!!

      Otherwise, as the Rshba explains in his Tshuva, there would be no law and order.

      Learn the Gemora well, see the Rashba’s Teshuva, and then spread the true light of Torah, instead of your ignorance!

    • YL, (and Alter G,)

      Out of sheer frustration, reading the Ill-informed comments on various sites, I’ve translated excerpts of the Tshuvas H’Rashba, quoted by the Bait Yosef in Choshen Mishpat 386. The Bait Yosef and the short version he quotes from the Rashba’s responsa can be found here:


      …since these words (all of Hilchos Aidus) were only said when there exists Sanhedrin, mandated as such by the Torah. However, with the law of the land we disregard all these Halachas (Hilchos Aidus), for their laws (Dina D’malchusa) are a means to seek out the truth, and they (the defendants) are punished according to the law of the land. (This is true) even with witnesses that are relatives, even when the defendant incriminates himself, even without a warning (WITHOUT HASRA’A), for their laws are a means to seek out the truth. For if you don’t say so, but you’d rather uphold all the laws of the land according to the standards of the Torah when a Sanhedrin exists, the world would be destroyed; for the deceitful and their cohorts would spread (exponentially)…And even greater (than this example) we find that R’ Eliezar son of R’ Shimon captured and jailed (Jewish thieves) and punished them…So this definitely proves what I have previously said… for a king with the way he structures the laws upholds the land.

  4. It was too long of a sentence. He should of only gotten 67 years. That would put him at 121 at time for his release. AD120!!

  5. Mr. Lopin you lecture and preach, praise and condemn others bravery or chutzpah. How about you have the minimal courage and tell us your real name? Why are you hiding?

    • To force you and your kind to argue about the facts instead of resorting to your usual tactic of smearing anyone who disagrees with you. BTW, I notice you did not put your full name in your comment.

      When the heimish world genuinely returns to allowing legitimate disagreement in the tradition of eilu v’eilu I will gladly stop using an assumed name.

      In the meantime, thuggery is the rule of the day, people throw bleach, destroy businesses, evict kids from school, and just generally behave like beheimas. There is a reason soldiers wear camaflouge. Why should I put on a red cape when faced with bulls and bulvans.

      • By attacking a commentator who asked a legitimate question you resort to the tactics you accuse others with.
        You as a champion for a cause to get victims to stand up to thuggery as you call it, should at least show the minimal courage and put a face behind the attacks and often speculations and false claims you’re coming up with often otherwise you are a cowered with a blog.

        • Stop kvetching about cowardice. I don’t see your full name, I don’t even know if it is true. I certainly don’t see you identifying your kehilla and your negius (conflicts of interest) in pretending to be impartial. But it does not matter because arguments stand or fall on their logic and on their supporting facts. The amidah asks for seichel, not for chutzpah.

          If you don’t like 103 years, don’t kvetch to me or about me, and don’t blame the criminal justice system. Weberman and Satmar brought it on themselves. Don’t waste your time complaining to me. Go tell Aron and Zaali to stop fighting with each other and to start taking care of your children. Please let me know, is Satmar a safe place for children?

  6. This is a very well written piece. My own thoughts exactly. I do not doubt that he is guilty and the chutzpa and breech of Halacha (unless halachos of damaging other humans and bribery dont apply to them) displayed by Weberman’s side is appalling. although i do have a few questions about her side. doesn’t dna last forever? i would think 15 years of oral sex is alot of semen. i haven’t found any supporter of hers (and yes i’m a full suporter of the victom) who could answer me me with a leveled head. I’m hoping that you can. thanks.

    • DNA doesn’t necessarily survive in a form suitable for evidence if you practice normal hygiene and clean your clothing. Bill Clinton’s DNA survived because Monica Lewinsky deliberately left the infamous blue dress uncleaned.

  7. I meant 4 years, not 15. Oh that’s probably another reason she was deemed heretic. Taking care of yourself and being cleaned is considered unholy.

  8. YL, really appreciate your post, as I was looking forward to your views on the sentencing. I will be honest and admit that I feel conflicted about it, and not just because of the potential impact that you astutely point out of discouraging future victims from coming forward. Hadn’t thought of that.
    My own fear is that raises considerably the stakes for innocent people who may not have the best evidence for their defense. If an accused is innocent but can’t afford a good lawyer (as Weberman could), maybe doing a year or two or three is better than taking the risk of a life sentence.
    My point is that there should be some reasonable relationship between the potential plea and the sentence of a conviction is reached. Three years of time vs. 103 years (or 51 effective, or whatever) just jumps out as going from justice to gambling. I’d feel more comfortable if the plea deal was, say 15, and a potential conviction would get him 30.
    But then, I’m also against capital punishment and think that many who have gone to prison for murder in their teens and 20’s should be eligible for parole in their 30’s and 40’s. They are no longer the same person.
    And as much as I believe Weberman is scum (as you may know from my comments on FM and occasionally here), I also do not think he personally should be held accountable for the misbehavior of the Satmar community. I’d rather seen Hynes go after the intimidators and the bribers with some serious charges.
    anyway, thanks again for the considerable effort you’ve put into reporting on this case, and providing your thoughts about it. I know you are being read and considered in many places, and yours is an important contribution.

  9. Your points are valid, but this case is somewhat different. Weberman gives pedophiles a bad name! I’m not sure, however, whether people considering reporting an abuser will realize the difference.

  10. Yerachmiel,

    This post discusses a very important issue.

    In my opinion, the fight against molestation took a setback with this sentence.

    Usually one would ask a ruv weather to report a molester. And, there are many rabbonim who encourage reporting a molester to the police. Given this 103 year sentence these rabbonim may become reluctant to permit reporting.
    If the purpose of a sentencing is to scare off molesters then a harsh sentence is good. However, our agenda should be to encourage reporting. And, this sentence won’t.

    To conclude, a 20 year sentence would of been way better in the fight against molesters!

    • On the other hand, knowing he could end up in the slammer for the rest of his life. it may deter a potential perpetrator from acting.

  11. Child molesters have an incurable pathology. They should all be locked up for life. Weberman raped and burnt a child repeatedly. He’s 54 and has a 103 year sentence? May he live to see 120.

    “3) Even you say this days one witness is believed, Is a girl a mchallel shabbos believed?? (As per her neighbors they saw her smoking & going in to a car in shabbos r”l)”

    Stop hiding behind religion to justify your points, you are so ignorant and brainwashed, it makes me sick. I was abused by my teacher / Rabbi when I was a child, I was frum and you know what? I now drive on Shabbos and smoke. My life was destroyed by the very ones that were suppose to teach me and protect me. I was 12 at the time and I was turned off the derech in a matter of munutes by the ones that should have kept me on the derech. You don’t have the right to criticize how a victim lives their life after such trauma. I do have the right. And BTW just because you supposedly live a Frum life doesn’t make you a better Jew than I am.

    Survivor of HN

  13. Dear Survivor of HN,

    I second emotion. This is the epitome of HRATZACHTA VEGAM YARASHTA. It is like after killing someone, saying he is not a Shomer Torah umitzvot. May they all be brought to swift Justice, together with their enablers. I wish you all the best.

  14. Dear WHAT A,

    Thank you for your support. My abuse happened 40 years ago in Toronto. I finally laid charges against the Rabbi and since then several more victims came forward in this historical case. BTW Canada does not have a statute of limitations on these types of crimes, he will enjoy the same fate as Weberman.

    Survivor of HN

  15. It’s an interesting point, but kind of irrelevant. True, it may turn the community inward and away from encouraging reporting because it feels that such sentences are too harsh, but does that matter now? Are we facing anything different now even with that possibility? The community was never forthcoming about its practices regarding abuse, nor did it ever encourage reporting, why should now be any different? The only difference as far as I can tell is that now they know that regardless of how hard they try to cover abuse up there is still a way to get to the truth and get justice.

    If we gave 103 abusers one year in prison each then the community would simply call bilbul on 103 cases and be relieved 103 times that each of those abusers were baruch hashem only serving one year for a crime they never committed. No, I think this sentence is exactly what it needs to be, for us, for Weberman, and for the community. If nothing else, this will serve as an example that no matter how moblike your tactics, how much you intimidate, or who you try paying off, you will get the punishment you deserve.

  16. He should have been sentenced to death. Of course as a child rapist in prison, he was.

    Good riddance. Excusing evil as some kind of game like this post does is absurd. 103 molesters each getting 103 years would be justice. The people who defended this monster with lies and intimidation should be deported or jailed as well. They are a cancer on society just like the scum they tried to protect.

  17. Survivor of HN,

    Did it happen in Burnside/Wilson area? He had a scandal in Camp Agudah way back in the 60’s, got demoted, but still had always access to kids. His Father nebach, was a powerful figure, and had the connections to sweep it under the rug. What a shame, he was like the Pied Piper with a long trail of kids following. As for 103 years, it is only a powerful message for the predators and enablers. Even if he makes it to i.e. 80, it is only 26 years more to go, if you divide that for a charitable bare minimum of 12 victims, it’s a meager 2.1 years per victim. He originally was offered 5 years, but refused, then 10 years and opted to challenge it. We are yet very generous and kind to charge only a total of 12 silenced victims , nevertheless, they all were silenced, muffled, harassed, bullied into submission, and the ENABLERS made THE VICTIMS feel GUILTY, so they never ever had a prayer. The poor victims faced now a big Dilemna, by experiencing first hand, how these alleged leaders have two sets of Torah rules, ONE for the show, and a another for reality, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN! HOW can any victimised child ever believe and follow such a two faced double crossing corrupted system, many have nebach comitted suicide. And that must be stopped. By throwing the book at them, it will put the ENABLERS out of commission, and the victims have no more fear for their voice to be heard, and Justice can prevail for both, the Perpetrators as well as the ENABLERS. I would not put it beyond the perpetrator, to end his miserable saga and EXIT just like the excruciated paining victims, if you get my drift. Considering, the 2.1 years would be drastically reduced to a total average of several months only. This will come to show, that JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, indeed, YOU CAN, NO MORE!!!

    • WHAT A

      He assaulted me at Eitz Chaim near Bathurst and Steeles, north end of the city. I had heard about his past in NY. It’s funny because when he finally got busted in the 80’s it was at the Canadian Camp Agudah and yes it was covered up. He was fired and then he got a cushy job supervising Cholev Yisroel milk north of the city. That was his reward while his NUMEROUS victims suffered quietly. He wont get a 100 years, but he is in his 70’s so he wont have an easy time. All the enablers will get theirs too. This will be the first time in Canada where at least 3 Jewish child molesters will be tried this year. His case is by far the largest, he has multiple charges against him and he will do time whether he makes a deal or wants to take this all the way.

      I have grown strong through therapy and I for one will not be intimidated by anyone anymore.

      If you would like to email me privately please ask Yerechmiel for my email address. Yerachmiel you have my permission to give WHAT A my email address,

  18. My beloved brother of Eitz Chayim,

    ROFL, poor cows.
    I have seen him hanging around Rabbi Lowy’s Agudah Shul some years back. My heart is with you. I would say that 60% relief comes by being able to download your story to listening and believing sympathetic friends ears. Bringing him to justice, therapy, and all our prayers, will bring it up to a bearable level, moving on with life. May Hashem harofeh lishvirei lev, Bless you with SIMCHAT HACHAYIM, and that my friend is the key!!! Aleh veHatzlach!!!

    P.S. have read some parts on FM
    My best to all Torontonians
    anywhere from D’arcy to Ulster,
    to Burnside, to Wilson, to Steeles,
    all connected thru Bathurst,
    over n out

  19. shalom from jerusalem
    i w ish i would have someone like you here with me. i am in a army of one fighting the nachlaot pedophiles here in my street and my area. its so horrific. they have got away with the most disgusting behaviour and torture of over 150 little kids. i cant even get the parents to join me.
    i have been alone for a year and a half exposing these monsters and they protected by the so called gedolim rabbinim here who are all corrupt

    i have been taken to court 3 times, police once, and my email is hacked. i take it for granted that my fa cebook is read. the pedophiles here have the latest technology obviously for the kiddie porn movies they made. we have proof and videos that they judge buried along witht the bribes.

    i am so tired. so tired. i dont care about how dangerous this is after all this is my own life i am fighting for., the haradi parents say they never want to hear the word lashon hara and modesty ever again. i am disgusted by the comment about no proof. and 2 witnesses. there are more than 2 witnesses you idiot, ask the people who watch kiddie porn there are thousands of witnesses. stop playing blonde w en its the babies and little ones you are trampling on.

    i need a couple of men to march into our bet knessets here and chase out the perver s. so far i have not found one. i do it myself and the perverts come to attack me. yes they rule the roost. its disgusting. the rabbinim tell the police to close the cases.

    i danced in the rain screaming for hashem to destroy the rabbinim and thank god the elections they were hit so hard. yes. i voted for the first time for rabbi nachman. he said that in our time all the rabbinim would be corrupt. i am delighted in the downfall of my enemies. they have money,power,influence and buy and sell justice to suit them.

    please come to israel and join me. i am so tired, my health is collapsing and i need help. not to talk to do. to do. to clean out the mikva. to force the fathers of the children to take responsibility. the yeshiva has turned men into useless wimps who dont have the natural fire to protect their own children. i am disgusted.

  20. Dear Ruth,

    Mishnah: Beikvasei demeshichei chutzpe yasgei, Kinei sofrim tisrach, Vehaemes ne’ederet, vechulay. It has been so for decades, however, it seems Ruach acheret is blowing in the wind. In the UK, CH has been swept out from under the rug, and the victims came out en masse, overpowered the enablers, exposed them in the sun, and sanitizing is in the air. In the USA, Hashem sent Justice through the Court System, done away with a Frankenstein Monster of Biblical proportions. It seems that the culprit of hushing up by the Ra Binnics has been only to protect their own behinds, since these perpetrators are from within their own families. Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, a familiar Askan Chashuv over the Globe has suffered repercussions, but never gave in to these criminals, and B’H cracked the ice, and a new era is unrolling right in front of our eyes. There is also a Rabbi Yanki Horowitz that works tirelessly in giving direct moral support for these brave NACSHON ben AMINADAV while taking esh tzolevet, with earthshattering results B’H’ of epic proportions, causing the RED SEA to part, vayaavri Yisrael betoch hayam becherava!!! I can’t fathom, how that in Yerushalayim ir hakodesh you had BET DIN HAGADOL ShebeYerushalayim geonei tevel, beloved Rabbi maran harav Y.M. Dushinsky A’H’, Rabbi Meir Bransdorfer A’H’, Rabbi Moshe Halberstam A’H’, all from the Eida Hachredit, pe echad to RUN to the authorities. You had in addition, Rabbi maran reb elyashiv Z’L’, The Steipler gaon, where are their followers? Did you try Hagaon Rabbi Avrahm Yitzchak Ulmann N’ Yair from the Eida bedat’z, that is a talmid muvhak from these aforementioned? Isn’t there anyone left echad ba’ir ushanyim bamishpacha. Hazot Naomi? Hazot ha’ir sheyomru Klilat Yofi massos lechol ha’aretz? What am I missing?

    • moshe yes mondrowitz lives a few minutes away from me and now some other scum has moved in to his building who rapes girls with this wifes help.they live next to the monster sarah vorst with the fake conversions school called sarah ohel eminu to find yes of course more easy victims. they are protected by rav eisenstein who was kicked out of the beth din here. and opened his own in his house and is making many people miserable. his gabbai is a convicted pedophile. i have eye witness testimony of how the rav steals the girls documents among so many other things. like cancelling a conversion after 20 years. and next to vorst lives the dragon zalman cohen and os on and on . i am making mondrowitz life not so comfortable these days, actually he came to find out who i was first.well i put up a poster with mondrowitz no longer protected with his picture in handcuffs with a police man taking him to court. and now we meet from time to time and i rattle h is cage.on simhat torah he threatened me. i have been threatened so many times so that does not get to me. i really dont know why i am still alive. with no protection at all.

    • i just saw your comment. there was such publicity on this case that everyone knows about it. all the rabbinim know, they all know. so silence is basically their answer.

      anyway we know have the gedolim destroying themselves with such nasty comments one against the other lately. the race for the chief rabbi has brought out rabbinim swinging at each other in public with curses, calling each other names like amalek . its such a circus. seems like they will show themselves up by their bad behaviour –
      the army issue is being used to also sprout hatred. so one way or the other the dirt is coming out.
      how do we expect the rabbinim to protect the children when they are fighting each other in public

  21. Mr. Lopin, you wrote: “[T]here is a downside to this virtual life sentence. There are many in the ultra orthodox world who want molesters convicted and sentenced, but not for that long. This will make some of them hesitate about supporting the next victim who goes to the police.”

    My first reaction was similar to yours. On two days’ reflection I’ve changed my mind. The specific elements in Weberman’s crimes [i]as actually committed[/i] indicate a chilling and systematic depravity, perhaps even psychopathy. These elements are one and the same as those which are known to dramatically exacerbate the victim’s agony. It’s my impression that this is precisely what Judge Ingram was thinking.

    Crimes of such depravity manifestly differ from crimes of passion. If our leadership can’t understand this and explain this to our communities, let them sit at Judge Ingram’s feet and take lessons.

  22. what a

    yes i know about nachum rosenberg but have not yet been able to make contact not through lack of trying. yanki horowitz is a new name, where does he live and where can i get in touch with him.?i am so disillusioneds with the rabbinim here you have no idea. you have to understand that everyone knows who i am . they can come to me if they really wanted to do something. they dont come.
    i am one of these children. i am not going to subject myself to some narrow minded rabbinim looking down their noses at me that i am not perfect enough for them to hear me. i will not do it. i cannot do it. i am not prepared to walk in alone to a room of these men. i tried, got hold of the sanhedrin spoke to a young rabbi. everyone wants to help until….. they are told to back of and leave me alone. i am a reject here.

    last night there was a programme about the gush katif betrayal by all the rabbinim of gush katif. its called meraglim on you tube. the people were totally fooled and tricked by all the rabbinim – i know what i am dealing with here. they are traitors and cowards. even if they agree with me they will never say so publically and without that there is no point in talking to any of them.

    unless they walk with into the bet knesset and throw out the pedophiles nothing will change. the rabbinim just talk and do nothing. so i will continue to walk in by myself and get attacked by the perverts because there is not a one that i can trust at all. they will betray me in a second by the way. its very dangerous to ask them for anything. they are rats.

    years ago i was in america as a 19 year old , i met david in israel and we went to america to get married and well it turned violent so i hitchhiked around america lost and aimless. one day i thought i would go and ask a rabbi for help. at a christian hostel place for lost souls like me. the one christian guy told me dont do it. they will report you to the police be careful. my visa was expired it was a fiancee visa and coming form south africa in those days, we kept the law. i walked up and down the street of the rabbi’s house and felt so afraid to go in. and went back to the christian place and slept soundly and kept on hitchhiking. he was right. they are the same all over. they sell you out. they are traitors. i dont trust them. if they wanted to do something they would have been here a long time ago. i am not exactly invisible.

    no i dont trust them and people here are so scared its like being in russia. no no no. no matter what name they have in the end they will say this ruth woman is not going to stop and is far too dangerous. they have nothing on me. no drugs. nothing. that means they have to find something to stick on me to destroy me. they do this every day. gust katif 9000 people betrayed. no i will take my chance with the devil at least i know who he is .

    why do you think it continues here and nothing is done when in america and england and australia the rabbinim are forced to pretend to deal wtih this. the stranglehold here is too strong. no now is not the time. if one person would show courage and join me that would be unity and hashem would bless the efforts. no one is as fearless or crazy as me .. i am totally driven. i am one of these children and someone has to pay for the mess my life is. only death will stop me.

    no no no i will not trust men. they are bought of here. the reason the rab binim kept quiet about gush katif. they all got money for the yeshivas where the pedophil;es and homos rule the roost. sickening. disgusting. horrible. wicked.

    rabbinim for me is a word that causes me deep pain and hurt. my ggsaba was rav aisel harif. he went to save the jewish boys from the polish army. yah lets some rabbi save a kid from anything these days. they are traitors . like rav nachman said in our days the rabbinim, the gedolim will be corrupt.

    i only respect the rebbe of chabad, rav nachman, rav meir kahana and rav harif. the rest are weak , pathetic, disgusting and total let downs. they trample on the blood of the children. i see it every day here. there are nice rab binim who will not get their lily white hands dirty which makes them as black as the others.

    i have no answers. i have run out of options. i am tired and worn out and fed up and disgusted.

  23. Sentenced too long? Relax my friend, it is beshev veal ta’asse, just lean back and let time pass by effortlessly, there is no rush. If it’s too long for the perpetrator and runs out of patience, let him appeal for an exchange for the death penalty as a fair market value, that will get him to his well deserved destination on the express lane.

    • seems like its the wrong link. it gives another story. the first one to be sentanced was binyamin ,presumably you are talking about him. he is one of the half wits who was not smart enough to plea bargain and get of free, like the others. so he got hammered. but the ring leaders are free. zalman cohens court case is dragging on and on and on and hopefully he will go to jail. he is one of the worst ring leaders so if he is found guilty that will really be something big.

  24. What disturbs me is that a man can get convicted without forensic evidence or evidence from any independent witnesses. It seemed that it was just his word against hers. I don’t think that’s justice somehow.

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