Channel 4 Video of British Haredi Sex Abuse Cover-Ups Now Available On-Line

This incredible video (40 minutes) which aired yesterday evening (Wed, 1/30/13) has now been posted on the website of Survivors for Justice (SFJ). Perhaps the best documentation yet of how the haredi system fails to bring cases to the police and prevents others from reporting. It includes undercover footage and sharp analysis. THIS IS A MUST-SEE video.

P.S. SFJ has written permission from the production company to post it on its site so the quality is higher than some of the ripped copies on other sites.

Since I first posted, England’s Haredi community responded to the show complaining about it depicting them unfairly or not showing enough of the cultural context. Blah, blah, and very predictable. It reminded me of a superior version of that sort of pleading, Gee, Officer Krupke.

Update 1/31/13- 9 pm- the video has since been restored and is now visible

UPDATE: 1/31/13, noon Since I posted the above link, Channel 4 has exercised its copright perogative to block the showing of the video.

I submitted the following comment to them through their website:

I am a blogger about sex abuse within the ultra orthodox Jewish community around the world. Your program about sex abuse in UK and elsewhere was excellent and path breaking with enormous potential to illuminate the problem for many in these communities who need help in breaking the paradigm of not going to civil authorities. I posted a link to a site which had a copy of your show to make it accessible to US viewers.

Regrettably, you have exercised your intellectual property right to have it removed. I respect your rights. However, I hope you will consider some way to make it available online as a vital public service. Thousands of our children continue to be sexually abuse with no action being taken. Your program can help break this awful plague. I hope you will find your way to extend yourself and help make your program available.

Yerachmiel Lopin, blogger,

Readers, I urge you to also go to their website and appeal to them to allow it to be available online. The program was on Channel 4, Dispatches, on 1/30/13.

You can also Tweet the correspondent who narrated the program, Ms. Jackie Long. Just remember, she is not the enemy. She worked hard and did a terrific program for which we owe her gratitude. Couch communications accordingly. Her twitter handle is @JackieLongC4

Update 1-31-13. Report on the program by the London-based Jewish News.


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