QOTD about Arrest of Rabbi Yoel Malik

This case is just another headache for the orthodox Jewish Hasidic community. For a community that invests so much effort in its girls maintaining modesty it is the men of the Satmar Hasidim that seem to be getting into so much trouble with sex.

Mary Murphy WPIX-11 TV broadcast about arrest of  33 year old  Rabbi Yoel Malik, Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Hameir after his arrest on charges of sexual activity with 3 boys (14-16 years old) in sleazy motels with porn.

A few things stand out about this case:

  1. There are videos and other records proving that Rabbi Malik took teen boys to a motels featuring hard core porn. Pretty incriminating.
  2. Someone had the good sense to call a rape crisis center which in turn called the police. A call from a rape crisis center cannot be ignored by the police because if the police fall short, there will be a record on the other end. If the victim had called Kol Tzedek or even certain police precinct houses in NYC there might not have been quick movement to investigate and arrest. If there had been any delays in reporting because of asking a rabbi or dealing with go-slow Kol Tzedek (also known as Kol Sheker) the video record might have been recorded over.  
  3. Yossi Gestetner, chief Satmar pervert PR guy will not be able to use some of his favorite lines about Weberman. He won’t be able to say:
    • There was only one witness
    • The defendant is not a rabbi
    • There are no videos
  4. Nevertheless, you can be sure that Yossi Gestetner will stick to his pre-trial script:
    • In America we have a concept, innocent till proven guilty
    • False accusations are our biggest problem because the innocent guy is damaged
    • The accuser is disreputable and not to be trusted.
  5. After the trial he will challenge the conduct of the prosecution and the bias of the media and the criminal justice system.


9 thoughts on “QOTD about Arrest of Rabbi Yoel Malik

    • This proves that Pinter, also a menuval was chosen by the school to work with kids. This doesn’t make Malik innocent. It shows that Ohr Hameir should have been called choshech sodom.

  1. Shimy tell me what do you have with “Yoily Malik”?

    Is he your brother, or your son, or your nephew, or a cousin, or even your grandson perhaps? Or is he related to your wife and her family in some way?

    I ask because you have taken great pains to come up with this crazy conspiracy that somehow Moishy Pinter, made up a story and he got 4 bucherim to go to the police, with a story that Yoily Malik molested them, all because of revenge.

    So he is probably either a relative of yours, or someone is paying you money to be his public relations “expert”.

    Yoily Malik is a sick pervert and a Molester! he forcefully raped more then one bucher in yeshiva, people need to understand that Yoily Malik was an authority figure that the parents entrusted with their children, and he used it to rob his victims innocence.

    By no means do i claim that Moishy is a saint, but credit should be given when earned, he did the right thing to report this to the parents and authorities.

    In the summer it was reported that Moshe Pinter was working for Yehivas Ohr Hameir, and that “8 years ago”, he had consensual … with a 17 year old, but since Moishy was 21 years old, and the victim was 17 years old – Under 18, he was forced to go for therapy – This info can easily be verified on E-Courts Online (Act Manr Injur Child 17).

    Moishy didn’t belong in a yeshiva, because of his past, it was a stupid move from the staff to take someone with a history to have any contact with the yeshiva, but one thing this story proves, is that Moishe never touched a bucher in yeshiva, cuz if yes these bucherim would come forwards with their story.

    Revenge or no Revenge, this story is all about what Malik did recently not what Pinter did 8 years ago !

  2. Confirmed by whom?
    Isn’t there video evidence?
    It’s plausible that someone’s motivation for reporting Malik was to extract revenge, but that doesn’t mean the events were, or were not (as I hope), made up.

  3. Pinter did the right thing; Tshuvas haMishkol.
    If one aveira (isur skilah) was prevented, it’s by all means worth it.

    • I am not sure that Pinter did it. Malik’s supporters are just using excuse #1, “It was revenge.” Pinter is a nasty piece of work but then so is Malik. The fact is that that he was taking teen boys for 8 hour sessions to motel rooms with just one bed and hard core porn. Let’s focus on that and not on the motive of the accuser when we don’t even know who they are, and there are 3 complainants.

      • I hope Yoel gets to play ping pong
        with Weberman very shortly
        These men are sick and they should
        be locked up for life.
        They should never get to walk the
        streets again
        I feel very sorry for their victims
        i wish Webermans other victims
        world come forward

        PAUL- Thank you for your comment on Frum Follies. However, you have been posting under different pseudonyms. Please pick one and stick to it for all future comments on Frum follies or I will have to block your comments.

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