Are Hynes and the Rabbis Cutting Deals Again and Are the Deals Kosher?

DA Charles Hynes had a meeting today (Feb. 5, 2013) arranged by [Henna White and] Ben Barber … with … Rabbi Bernard (Berish) Freilich and representatives of the Hasidic community including Satmar, Bobov, Gur, Klausenburg and others. They complained that Weberman got too long a prison sentence which ruins his family even though he really is guilty. … Hynes said that he won’t give in on the length of the sentence. … They said that the community will not give any more money for Weberman’s appeal, and no one wants to give a penny for Malik. So they begged him to go easier on Malik. Hynes pointed out that the case against Malik is very strong including a video of him taking a 14-year-old boy to a hotel at 2 in the morning.
Charles Joseph (Joe) Hynes loves mugging to the cameras  and decrying haredi witness intimidation as Worse than the Mafia. Yet here he is in a room full of Dons and he is not indicting them for obstruction of justice.
Hynes is meeting with rabbis who have publicly claimed Weberman was convicted by a bigoted DA who unfairly stoked and exploited prejudice against Hasidim. Yet in private, these rabbis are saying:

Joe, relax. We know Weberman and Malik are guilty and we are throwing them under the bus and not raising any money for them. But could you just ease up on the sentencing of Weberman and Malik so we can save face with our constituents?

Hynes is no fool. He will not say anything that could hurt him if tape recorded. But there seems to be an understanding. Hynes will go on shouting, “Mafia” as long as the New York Times is breathing down his neck about going easy on ultra orthodox molesters. He will also go for long sentences when the media is hot on the trail. However, he will be “flexible” about the less publicized cases. In return, the rabbis will start cutting off funding for lavish legal expenditures on behalf of the losers. I get the sense that the Hasidim were signalling their willingness to tacitly support Hynes in his Fall, 2013 re-election bid.

Some of you may have a shred of sympathy for the misplaced mercy of these rabbis because they are trying to ameliorate the harsh realities of long prison sentences. Don’t. None of them bothered to ask Hynes to drop the charges against Samuel Kelllner. Kellner’s crime was fighting abuse by bringing in molested kids willing to testify against Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Lebovits, Rabbi Berel Ashkenazi, Meir Dascalowitz, Rabbi David Greenfeld and others. These men were known to the community as serial molesters with many victims. In fact even some rabbis who normally oppose turning in molesters gave Kellner the go-ahead for these cases.

By not mentioning Kellner these rabbis and political bigwigs were giving Hynes a free pass to go on with this wrongful prosecution. After all, you can’t protect your flock of molesters if you allow Hasidim to cooperate with the DA in bringing molesters to justice. After all, Hynes can’t get their support if he gives a free pass to the guy who broke the Omerta code of the Hasidic community. So much for the tough anti-Mafia talk.

These political deals are not kosher, but that’s how rabbinically approved sausage is made in Brooklyn. 

UPDATE: 2/8/13-  Yesterday, Charles J Hynes announced his bid for re-election as District Attorney of Kings County (Brooklyn) at a rally with much fanfare. I now wonder if the meeting with Hasidic representatives on 2/5/13 was leaked to dampen opposition to him in the Hasidic world and to lay the groundwork for an endorsement or at least neutrality.


9 thoughts on “Are Hynes and the Rabbis Cutting Deals Again and Are the Deals Kosher?

  1. “Yet here he is in a room full of Dons and he is not indicting them for obstruction of justice”

    well, meeting officially and ask for a good plea deal is NOT “obstruction of justice”

  2. We need a new DA and we need a grand jury to get to the bottom of all ‘games’ that have been played in BK over the last 15 years regarding this issue. Time for truth and reconciliation.

  3. Why goes R Gershon Tannenbaum 2 mtg? And, Mark Appel says that GT is for victims and pushing DA . And Mark says “I talking no more to DA Hines”

    Hole meting is set up to make shulem btwn DA and chasidim. And Tannenbaum isn’t a chosid. So Y he there.

    Something stinks with this!

    Mark, For Y R u and Gershon playing w both sides?

    Maybe DA has Gershon on some new geneivah and makes blackmale? Maybe threatening 2 do a Kellner from him? Maybe treatening 2 Mark a bsns partiner of Gershon w tzedakha chazerai.

    Yerachmiel for Y u not say somthing?

    • I agree with you. If Gershon Tannenbaum was there, something really stinks. I don’t know. Ask Rabbi Tannenbaum or Mark Appel. Unfortunately, one has to deny Rabbi Tannenbaum a chezkas kashrus (presumption of innocence) given his long record of unsavory misconduct which resulted in convictions and court actions. Your link to the article is alas true, to the best of my knowledge. It contains many additional links and comments with credible evidence of his misconduct in financial matters.

      As for his business or charitable 501c3 partnerships with Mark Appel, I have been told that they have such a partnership and share a tax ID number. But I have never seen the ID # or forms themselves. If so, it makes the picture even more complicated and difficult to figure out. Certainly, a man like Gershon Tannenbaum has so many conflicts of interest and vulnerabilities that a prudent person would avoid getting entangled with him.

      I have never been in direct contact with Rabbi Tannenbaum. It has been a while since I communicated with Mark. In the past, Mark has been the person who vouched for Rabbi Tannenbaum to a number of activists. I am not sure how or why Mark continues to vouch for him.

      I am also wondering about whether the DA arranged for the meeting to be leaked just as he leaked his meeting with the advocates. If so, it makes sense that he leaked it just days before he announced his re-election bid laying the groundwork for another round of Satmar support or at least neutrality.

      I personally feel that regardless of whether Rabbi Tannenbaum was at the meeting, a person with his criminal history is a liability for us because he can bring us down, either with another scandal or by being blackmailed into working for the DA. As established in the Kellner case, Michael Vecchione, Hynes’ head of rackets has gone after others who work to bring victims to the DA. Even if Tannenbaum’s intentions are pure, can any of us be sure he won’t go over to the other side, if the alternative is going to jail again.

  4. hi yerachmiel,

    i am now livng in miami beach which is my primary residence due to to health issues.I am in no way involved with mr hynes or any of his staff. I attended one meeting with mr hynes last year but found him set in his own way with regard to dealing with sexual abuse in the charedi is very encouraging to see so many new groups emerging like ad kan,mageinu.jcwatch and others let us keep pushing the agenda and help save our generation from harms way all the best mark meyer

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