Why Is Hynes Going So Slow on the Yoel Malik Prosecution

On January 30, 2013 the police arrested Rabbi Yoel Malik of Williamsburg and he was arraigned on 93 counts of sexual misconduct with children. He was released on $75,000 bail.  The New York State Constitution protects a defendant’s right to a speedy trial. The District Attorney is supposed to protect the public interest. Kings County DA, Charles J Hynes says that victim intimidation is a big problem in ultra orthodox communities. You figure he might try and minimize the pressures by bringing cases to trial ASAP.

Yesterday the court set Malik’s  next scheduled court appearance for Friday, September 27,2013, over seven months from now, during chol hamoed Sukkot

This smells of a politicized scheduling decision driven by the action or inaction of the Office of the District Attorney. The date is conveniently after the Democratic primary in Brooklyn which will determine whether Hynes gets another term as DA. The general election in November is irrelevant in Brooklyn where about 70% of voters are registered Democrats. I can only speculate about the DA’s motives.  If he is planning on a sweetheart plea bargain for Malik he would rather not anger voters who care about child sex abuse. On the other hand a stiff plea bargain will anger Satmar whose votes he is still courting.

Alternatively, a long delay in scheduling a trial might just give the fixers more time to harass and bribe the victims or even hope some of these poor bereft boys fall into mental health and substance abuse problems that will make it harder for them to function effectively at a trial.

Perhaps there is a better explanation for this long delay. If so, the DA owes an explanation to the public.


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