He’s a Specialist in Defending Orthodox Perverts

Our community believes in specialists. A mere doctor isn’t good enough, even for lesser medical problems.

Lately, law enforcement has been busy arresting Haredi perverts. Last week the Queens DA announced the arrest of Rabbi Nathan David (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich for allegedly arranging to meet a“14-year-old girl” for sex. His attorney is Israel  (Izzy) Fried, a former Bureau Chief with the Brooklyn DA and a founding partner of the law firm, Fried & Rakosz. (Rakosz, the other other partner, specializes in real estate.)

The Law Offices of Fried & Rakosz  list their criminal defense specialties on their web page, leading off with sex offenses where they proudly inform potential clients that their firm,

Specializes’ in criminal defense of sexual offenses and any other criminal charges and  has handled more sexual offence cases in the Orthodox Community than any other attorney. (emphasis added).

He is telling the truth. Fried defended Andrew Goodman and got him a sweetheart deal of two years, though the Feds subsequently swooped in and he will probably end up spending most of his life in jail. Fried also represents Meir Dascalowitz. Dascalowitz has avoided trial for almost 3 years by going back and forth between claiming to be incompetent and insisting on a trial as competent. Meanwhile, the victim and his family are being relentlessly harassed in the hope of getting the charges dropped. Speaking of intimidation, Fried represents Jacob Berger, one of the four men arrested for obstructing justice in the lead up to the trial of Nechemya Weberman.

All defendants are entitled to a legal defense, though I would vomit at the thought of specializing in defending  sex offenders. Sure, there are a few innocent defendants. But you cannot make a living in this specialty by sticking to innocent defendants. However, I am glad to see a stream of new clients for Mr. Fried. I just wish the DA would stop handing so many of them sweetheart deals.








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