Ost Is Ousted as Part of Chaim Halpern Fallout

When the London Metropolitan Police brought in Rabbi Chaim Halpern and three others, we did not know their names. Now we do. They are Halpern’s brother, Rabbi Strom an askan and writer, and Gavriel Ost who  heads London’s Shomrim. The other 3 were accused of “perverting the course of justice,”  the quaint British term for blocking investigations and prosecutions or what we Yankees call, obstruction of justice. Allegedly, the obstruction included bribe offers and of course, that staple of such stories, witness intimidation.

Ost officially resigned as head of Shomrim yesterday. Naturally, Chaim Halpern will not resign. His type never willingly lets go of power. Besides, he is probably newly invigorated by his Friday release from custody and his return to his shul in time to be the Purim Rebbe. Rumors notwithstanding, charges have not been dropped. The investigation continues and he is out on bail.

London’s longest running Purim spiel seems destined to continue, on and on. Stay posted.

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