Hebrew Theological College Statement on Sex Abuse

The following statement has just been released by the Hebrew Theological College (Chicago). It follows an earlier controversy triggered by a letter threatening expulsion of a student who identified herself as a survivor of abuse on Facebook, input from others and a subsequent apology

Tragically and painfully, sexual abuse and misconduct is a plague in our world and our Orthodox community has not been spared. Throughout its history, Hebrew Theological College has always provided caring support and guidance for its students. We are proud of this tradition and are committed to continue to actively demonstrate the highest ideals of Torah and Chesed. Regrettably, in a recent communication with a student who enrolled in our school with a past history of being a victim of sexual abuse, we failed to exercise appropriate sensitivity. As a consequence, we regard this as a catalyst for immediate action, growth and institutional improvement.
Our Board and Executive Leadership are now in the process of identifying a cross section of experts to present recommendations to us that will enable us to develop the resources and support systems needed so that we are positioned to the fullest extent possible to help our students through the healing process.

4 thoughts on “Hebrew Theological College Statement on Sex Abuse

  1. It dates back to the 20s and was a full fledged smichah granting institution going back to at least the post WWII period. It is based in Skokie but the women’s college is in Rogers Park, a Jewish neighborhood inside Chicago.

  2. i was referring to the link above, the int’l jewish awareness center against abuse and assault . that link. located in skokie. click on it.please

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