QOTD: The Devil Not Only Cites Scriptures But Hires Lawyers

From latest posting on If You Tickle Us … Boy Do We Laugh, the premier London blog which chronicles the ongoing saga of Rabbi Chaim Halpern and other doings in the Haredi world.

But you who have visited this site in the hundreds of thousands have ignored bans and prohibitions to participate in the public outcry that has no precedent in our community. One macher (mover and shaker) commented that ‘in 60 years of askonus (communal activism) I have never known anything like this.’ This should surprise no one since much of his askonus was precisely to keep us in the dark and ensure that we knew nothing of such allegations.

But no more. We will not be silenced by their campaigns of intimidation. Let’s take it as a compliment that when the illegal means of their camp were exposed to show them for the thugs that they are they were forced to resort to the law and the courts. The devil not only cites scriptures for his purposes but hires lawyers too.

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