Weberman Has New Home for Life Where He May Be Joined by Others

Nechemya Weberman, previously known as Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, was just transferred to his new permanent home, the New York State Prison in Sullivan County. He comes up for a parole hearing in 2055, assuming good behavior and assuming he lives to be ninety-five, and assuming he does not get charged and convicted of any other crimes. The smart money in Satmar is not flowing to him. He is having trouble raising money for an appeal.

Weberman never publicly apologized for any of his many crimes. But in his own way he is driving  others to admit their crimes. The word on the street is that some other predators awaiting trial are considering pleading guilty to avoid long sentences. Meir Dascalowitz was in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Tuesday. According to the father of his victim, the judge told Dascalowitz he has until late April to either plead guilty and get sentenced to five years or be ready to face trial.


9 thoughts on “Weberman Has New Home for Life Where He May Be Joined by Others

  1. How many victims is Dascalowitz accused of molesting? I know of Mr. Jungreis, who was in the news and a victim of typical Mafia-style harrassment after he attempted to protect his son. To your knowledge, is the family still being victimized? I cannot fathom what it must be like to have your entire community turn against you as did his.

  2. “..The word on the street is that some other predators awaiting trial are considering pleading guilty to avoid long sentences….”

    That will save the taxpayers money both for the trial and for the incarceration time. What’s more important here is that there be certainty of significant punishment for committing these offenses. I’d wager that most of them figure they can avoid prosecution in the first place by flying low and by being shielded by their communities. However if those communities begin to realize that sentences are not over the top and that outing these creeps doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be spending their entire lives in jail then perhaps there will be less reticence and less shielding of them. That’s probably wishful thinking however none of us knows for certain where the tipping point is in terms of this among the very frum. Meanwhile every one of these rapists behind bars means the pool of them is diminished by one and the kids are to some extent safer than they would have been with him on the loose.

    • The hasidic narrative is that a Hasidic Jew doesn’t have a chance at trial or sentencing. This may allow guilty folks to plea bargain while still maintaining their claims of innocence. Right now, I believe some serious offenders persist in the charade of a trial because they cannot bring themselves to admit the truth to those close to them.

      So the 103-year sentence of Weberman may have the added benefit of many more guilty pleas.

  3. He better pray for “protective custody”. I don’t think taxpayer money should be diverted to keeping him alive. I should feel more chesed towards this evil monster, but i have searched high and low and can’t find it. And his REBBE (sic) who supported him until the end, and devastated the girl and her family, yes the “Rebbe” should be his roommate.

    And as to the rest of them, not yet incarcerated, short sentences will most likely mean new legal prosecution in the future due to new crimes of molestation,, again costing taxpayer money. and new traumatized victims.
    Pedophiles are serial predators. They are always searching for their next victim. Any lawyers involved in plea bargaining are complicit in the next , inevitable violations committed by the newly released pedophile. There is no psychotherapy for pedophiles. It’s life imprisonment or physical or chemical castration. The recidivism rate is unacceptable. Our children will never be safe when these “Jews” are released.


    • Good news. The appeal isn’t working and he does not seem to be able to afford an appeal. As of about two weeks ago, he had not filed a single motion or appeal since his trial.
      Please do not use ALL CAPS.

  5. Rabbi Weberman should have the word rabbi removed from his name.
    A real rabbi would never abuse a child. If ever let out of prision he
    most likely would be a danger to the community.
    Bless his victim for comming forward and getting this dangerous
    man off the streets.
    I am very happy that he has trouble raising money for an appeal
    No decent person would give any money to anyone who
    would abuse a child. This young lady will have to live the rest
    of her life with this terrible experience.

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