QOTD by JB Soloveitchik: Halakhic Man Cannot Be Cowed by Anyone

Neither ritual decisions nor political leadership constitute the main task of halakhic man.

Halakhic man cannot be cowed by anyone. He knows, no fear of flesh and blood…Precisely because he is free from fear of flesh and blood. He takes up his stand in the midst of the concrete world, his feet firmly planted on the ground of reality and he looks about and sees, listens and hears and publicly protests against the oppression of the helpless, the defrauding of the poor, the plight of the orphan. The rich are deemed as naught in his view. He is the father of orphans, the judge of widows.

from Halakhic Man by Joseph B. Soloveitchik, the Rav

Hat Tip – Stacey K


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