Broyde Criticized Internet Pseudonyms Before His Were Exposed

Michael Broyde along with all the faculty of the rabbinical faculty of REITS at YU were sent a serious satire about the OU and YU abuse scandals a few days before Purim, this year. The sender who used the pseudonym Purim Torah get a series of replies from Rabbi Michael Broyde (RMB). Broyde made it a point to refuse to respond because the sender was using a pseudonym. Below are a few of his choice words.
I have absolutely confirmed that these quotes came from Michael Broyde.
Purim Torah,
You are trying to voice an opinion about matters, but your opinion is not of much value because your identity is unknown. Anything serious and of value is not hidden behind the veil of anonymous nonsense. Sign your name if you wish to join the conversation.
Purim Torah,
If you want to be part of the solution, you need to step forward and take a position.  Otherwise, you are part of the problem of those who stand by silently. Do not think you can vindicate yourself of your responsibility to do the right and proper with anonymous rants?  Stand up and be counted. Or, you can tuck your tail between your legs and get out of the kitchen — but anonymous posts are no help at all.
Purim Torah,
You hide who you are and what your agenda really is.  Transparency starts with you, if you wish to be a participant.

7 thoughts on “Broyde Criticized Internet Pseudonyms Before His Were Exposed

  1. Can you post the full headers from Rabbi Broyde’s emails with the ip address it was sent from and the time sent?

    Your readers may be interested in the following:

    Tablet magazine appears to allege that Rabbi Broyde may have commented on the YU child abuse scandal (that also has implicated Rabbi Broyde) using the fake identity of David Weissman in a Jewish Week article (Needed: Independent Investigation On YU High School Scandal, Mon, 12/24/2012, by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld who wrote “The investigation should not only be limited to Yeshiva University. One former student claims in the Forward that he shared his accusations with Rabbi Michael Broyde of the Beth Din of America who dismissed his charges without giving him a proper hearing. We need to know whether or not this accusation is accurate.”:

    A cursory look at the Jewish Week comments raises suspicions regarding several of the other comments:

    Harry Weissberger

    Hillel Gold

    Miriam Goldstein

    It is a very serious matter if a leading dayan in the modern Orthodox world is “sockpuppeting” on a major abuse scandal in an effort to sway public opinion by attacking a critic who wants a fully independent investigation (I do not want another Richard Joel report that whitewashes the scandal by protecting the names of people at YU who protected the child abusers at the expense of children as was done at the OU/NCSY with the Lanner report). Why would a powerful dayan with ties to his powerful friend Rabbi Lamm be allegedly commenting that Richard Joel should be conducting the investigation? This smells. Particularly in light of the allegations against Rabbi Broyde in the recent Forward article:

    In 2000, former student Twersky said he approached Michael Broyde, a Modern Orthodox rabbi who had just left a position at Beth Din of America, the official religious court of the RCA. Twersky asked if he should bring charges against Finkelstein in the beit din, and said that Broyde advised him that the allegations were “not flagrant enough.”

    Broyde said he does not recall the exchange with Twersky “in any way, shape or form.”

    “I don’t even know who Mordechai Twersky is,” Broyde said. “If he said he was sexually assaulted, I would have said to call the police.”

    Twersky said Broyde ought to remember him; they were in the same constitutional law class at Yeshiva College in 1983. During the late 1990s, Beth Din of America retained Twersky for public relations work that involved “working closely with Broyde on the marketing materials for their newly established rabbinic court,” Twersky said.

    Although he denied knowing about Twersky’s allegations, Broyde, a member of the RCA’s executive committee, said he had heard rumors about Finkelstein. “There had always been a rumor out there that there were kids who said this going back I don’t know how long,” Broyde said.

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