QOTD about Whether Boston Attack Was Domestic or Foreign

“If your experience and your expertise is Middle East terrorism, it has the hallmarks of al Qaeda or a Middle East group,” former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes said. “If your experience is domestic groups and bombings that have occurred here, it has the hallmarks of a domestic terrorist like Eric Rudolph in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics bombings.”



12 thoughts on “QOTD about Whether Boston Attack Was Domestic or Foreign

  1. I would think that the two nearly-simultaneous bombs would tend to rule out a lone-wolf like the Oklahoma terrorist. I would think that right-wing terrorist groups would be more likely to attack a government-related target.
    To my (admittedly, untrained) mind, this smacks of a Muslim terrorist attack, although it may well be a local group.

    • Boston is such an East Coast liberal city. Mass and RI are the most reliably democratic states in Presidential elections. Boston is the most important center of the liberal academic culture in the US. The attack happened on April 15, tax day, a particular target of government haters. We don’t yet know whether this attack was motivated by Christian or Islamic ideologies. But I do not see enough clues to tilt strongly either way.

  2. “I do not see enough clues to tilt strongly either way”

    Nor do I. On the other hand, synchronizing two bombs’ ignition isn’t difficult these days with technology that anyone can purchase anywhere. Two cell phones on the same network will have their clocks automatically set to the same time; use their timers to set an alarm and a little electronics to use the phone’s ring to set off the device and that’s it. Could be anyone. Or just call them one after the other which is the more likely scenario and might explain the 15-second offset in the explosions. My guess is that the bomber is ex-military with a grievance against society but again that’s just one more guess.

  3. There are many ways, most of them fairly simple, of making a vessel full of black powder explode at a given time. Whoever it was is my #1 candidate to be be hung head down over a slow fire in hell till well done. I’ll go out on another limb and wager that it will take a long time to identify the perp(s).

  4. We are all impatient for more info. I think we just have to acknowledge the extent of our ignorance of the facts and the success or failure of the government investigation. I think the investigation is top notch with many resources, high quality expertise, and full access to some of the most secret databases as needed. So I see a chance of success. Still, who knows. And the waiting sucks.

    • Cover-ups, lying and corruption, and there will be dead bodies, I am afraid of anyone getting near the truth. Hate to sound so extremist. Not that I buy the black flag theory, although there is a lot of evidence suggesting that. I totally rejected that as paranoid hysteria, when some activist newsletters posited it re the Connecticut shootings. Now, there seems to be more and more evidence that is not as easy to just discard, disregard, as paranoid rantings, oops, i just got on the terrorist list.
      My intuition suggests that we will never know, Either there will be zero acceptable provable hypotheses, or , the one proferred to the public will be a falsehood. Now I’m on the no fly list. Didn’t really want to be sexually molested by the TSA anyway.

  5. It seems reasonable to expect that the news around this business is going to be carefully managed for quite a long time, partly with good reason so as not to tip the government’s hand to whomever else is lurking out there waiting to strike and partly because that’s just what governments do. It’s coming up on 50 years since John Kennedy was assassinated; how much do we really know about what that was all about? The British are still keeping secrets relating to WWII code-breaking 70 years after the fact for no sensible reason that I can divine.

    A thoughtful person will sit back, look at what’s revealed, see how it fits with whatever is somewhat objectively known and decide what to believe. There’s the old gag about how one knows when a lawyer is lying: when his lips are moving. Somewhat the same with official government sources. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

    I wonder how long it’ll be before some Haredi character figures out how to build a timed fuse and we have this kind of thing going on in Israel. Fortunately at this time the only cooking-vessel-related explosions we have to worry about from them are due to the aftereffects of overdosing on cholent. Thank the Lord for small favors…open a window and all can be well again….

    • Thanks for the laugh, Seth. But are you not worried that some paskan will decide that mixing beans and meat is akin to shatnes? so the vessels will need alternate usage.
      Re JFK, maybe he tried to do away with the FBI and CIA. BWDIK..

      The real problem, is , at this point in time, who is the govt,, those who are investigating? It has been clearly established that the FBI has lied about several issues here. admitted it. phony asking public to identify two boys who they had been meeting with for years, and investigating and the mother, due to a tipoff from Russia?
      There are been 5 terrorist attacks since 9/11 committed by perps who the FBI was currently investigating, and, furthermore,
      and this is really really interesting,, there were military drills scheduled the day of the marathon, and also the day of the Connecticut shootings, locally. Call me out if I am wrong.
      And you have Blackwater and supposedly Mossad standing couple of feet from bomb site, until seconds before, a lot of this has been caught on camera. But i am just a nice “old” Jewish lady, and what do I know about conspiracies and even more, so, the motivation. That gets tricky. A BLACK FLAG event, can be botched. by incompetents. lots of unanswerable questions if you ask me. I do not believe that this was the act of two sole radicalized brothers. JFK, twin towers, bldgs collapsing straight down, crumbling vertically,
      I am not obsessed, I just read all night.
      Yerachmiel says i am too verbose, guilty as charged, women use 20 times more commas than men. so i will continue in a different comment, LOL.
      Agav, this site has no preview tab??

  6. There are definite rumors, that the two brothers were double agents hired by US and Saudia to infiltrate a jihadist cell in Saudia.. also that older one’s name had been on terrorist list for 18 months prior to attack. Googling boston bomber double agent comes up with myriad sites with lengthy lists of false statements by FBI “substantiated as lies”. a long list.
    it still appears that many believe that this was a black flag event.
    In addition, there are questions re the FBI’s claim that younger brother ran over older brother with stolen vehicle. Multiple theories about that point. I will not detail them here. Too much detail, and not appropriate. . Videos, and statements from eyewitnesses. As I claimed earlier, I believe that we will never know the truth, and that the truth may be incredibly convoluted due to multiple govts. multiple agencies, with a good does of incompetence thrown in. I still believe it was a Black Flag with multiple involved agencies with different agendas which, probably emphasis on probably, went awry, Or did it?
    Reminds me of the Woody Allen movie re conspiracy theories., only, here it appears to be fact that the FBI has told multiple lies, multiple disproven stories, multiple conflicting stories.

  7. I wish to correct my terminology above. It is “FALSE FLAG” and not “BLACK FLAG”.
    I believe that black flag is a punk rock band

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