QOTD Rabbi Telsner Says OK for a Dayan to Be a “Little Bit Biased”

Rabbi Tzvi Telsner of Chabad in Melbourne “Testified … it would be acceptable for a rabbi to sit in din torah zabala (rabbinical arbitration court) even if the rabbi is a little bit biased (The Australian Jewish News, April 19, 2013, p. 9).

There is no such thing as being a little pregnant or a little biased. Besides being a scoundrel, Telsner is an am haaretz (ignoramus). The rules governing dayanus (judging) demand strict impartiality. In zabala, each side selects a dayan and then those two select a third dayan. Alas, in reality, those selected by each side often are biased but this is a violation of halachah (Jewish law). This ignoramus has turned bad habits into false principal and gone a step further by being stupid enough to assert it in public.

Telsner is the subject of a complaint of intimidation to the Victoria Human Rights Commission by Zephaniah Waks. According to Waks, Telsner is waging this campaign because Mr. Waks supports his son and others in reporting sexual abuse that occurred in Chabad institutions.

2 thoughts on “QOTD Rabbi Telsner Says OK for a Dayan to Be a “Little Bit Biased”

  1. omg, it gets worser and worser, a little bit pregnant, a little bit cancer, a little bit of idol.worship, where will it stop, any conclusion from tanach that they don’t like , they dig out some “old cryptic midrash”. all a fxxkn bunch of lying hypocrites, and it kills me to say that even though even though i have never from birth, been fully frum, by any means, but observant in various, non trivial ways. this makes me sick to my stomach. two interesting articles in today’s Jewish Week, worth reading, one by Yitz Greenberg, (we have no leaders, no one to emulate, no one to give a worthy psak, most are cretins or corrupt. actually, Yitz does not call anyone a cretin, that is mine.
    Second article of interest, if you can call it such, was calling for rachmanut, everyone hs failings. yeah, so let them go do serious teshuvah, if they are even capable depending ton the level and severity of their aveyrot. Again, latter part of sentence is mine, not from article, not sure who wrote that compassionate article, unbelievable, we will all get to olam haba unscathed, nice to know, now i can go eat some treif, and be mezaneh with a goat, (attibutions to rav pinky).
    tWhere does than leave us? With a Moshiach 10 feet under, unlikely that he will extricate himself, maybe in warm weather, “yushka pandra” to quote a blogger, g-d forebid, where does that leave us? one by one, really, one by one, they are all corrupt, either by child abuse, or financial corruption. or, my mind cannot fathom, but far more.
    where does that leave us. Absolutely no leaders, and i do not mean a moshiach , preferable messiach, but religious leaders with ideas and interpretations that are kosher, and who never sin substantially, at the minimum a tsadik v’ ra lo. (at least outside of their own bedrooms), LOL, good enough for me, we do not have even that in any sector of the ortho world. step up and be counted., it’s like the vast majority of politcians running for office, either get scared, and drop candidacy, or get caught out,.
    This is fXXking disgusting, and imagine if i had ever really really been super frum, it would be even more devastating.,. than it is, such as it were. sorry for rambling.
    Yerachmiel, cut this in half, LOL.

  2. 3. תלמוד בבלי סנהדרין ז:ב-ח:א
    לא תכירו פנים במשפט. אמר רב יהודה:
    אפילו בין תנור לכירים. +דברים א’+ לא
    תכירו פנים במשפט רבי יהודה אומר:
    לא תכירהו. רבי אלעזר אומר: לא
    אושפיזכניה דרב אתא לקמיה לדינא
    אמר לו: לאו אושפיזכני את? – אמר לו:
    אין. אמר ליה: דינא אית לי. – אמר ליה:
    פסילנא לך לדינא. אמר ליה רב לרב
    כהנא: פוק דייניה. חזייה דהוה קא גאיס
    ]ביה[. – אמר ליה: אי צייתא – צייתא,
    ואי לא – מפיקנא לך רב מאונך.

    13. B. Sanhedrin 7b-8a
    You shall not respect persons [lo takkiru] in judgment. R.
    Judah says this means: You shall not favor [lit. recognize]
    any one [even if he is your friend]; and R. Eleazar takes it to
    mean; You shall not estrange anyone [even if he is your
    A former host of Rav came before him with a law-suit, and
    said: ‘Were you not once my guest?’ ‘Yes,’ he answered, [and
    what is your wish?]’ ‘I have a case to be tried,’ he replied.
    ‘Then,’ said Rav, ‘I am disqualified from being your judge,’
    and turning to R. Kahana, said: ‘Go you and judge the case’.
    R. Kahana noticed that the man presumed too much on his
    acquaintance with Rav, so he remarked: ‘If you will submit
    to my judgment, well and good; If not, I shall put Rav out of
    your mind [by showing you my authority].

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