How Big a Win Was the Dascalowitz Guilty Plea?

Meir Dascalowitz who is guilty of multiple anal rapes of a teen boy agreed to reduced charges. Two years ago the DA was considering a much lower term but was pressured by an activist demonstration into cancelling that plan. But there is more than just Dascalowitz’s crimes. Dascalowitz gave a voluntary extensive confession when he was arrested and to the best of my knowledge it was never legally disqualified. It is not clear if the information will be incorporated into the plea when entered into the records. It is important for the public to know and it will have bearing on his probation and sex registry status. If these things were not incorporated into the plea bargain, the public will lose and be needlessly endangered. The  Office of the District Attorney of Charles Hynes owes the public this information. If this was not included in the plea bargain, I hope the judge will reject the deal.

Dascalowitz says he was molested by Baruch Mordechai Lebovits when he was a teen. He should testify against Lebovits as a condition of the agreement. Though the acts are most likely past the statute of limitations, he could corroborate the main witness. This is important both to improve the odds of a conviction and to educate the public. Again, I have no idea if this was required though I suspect not. If so, I hope the judge will reject the plea bargain.

The victim and his family were subjected to horrendous intimidation and harassment. To date I am not aware of a single thing that the DA has done to prosecute the harassers and intimidators. In London, four people have already been charged with “perverting the course of justice” in the case against Chaim Halpern. Yet the Brooklyn DA has only acted against the henchmen trying to rescue Weberman. He only did it when the evidence was handed to him all signed and sealed by the then boyfriend, now husband, of the victim of Weberman.

So, while it is always good to have a serial rapist convicted, I am not yet convinced this case was handled nearly as well as it could have been by a DA who was less beholden to Hasidic power brokers, in this case, the Pupa Rebbe who is an ally of Satmar and leads the second largest Hasidic group in Williamsburg.

5 thoughts on “How Big a Win Was the Dascalowitz Guilty Plea?

  1. If this were you or me being prosecuted in, say, Massachusetts there would be no getting off lightly like this. This is possible only in places where the Haredim hold political power and the prosecutors are elected – as in Brooklyn.

  2. I’m not happy about the way the case was handled, but I am most pleased that Mr. Jungreis feels vindicated- at least with respect to the legal proceedings, and (I suppose) the fact that his son has obtained a modicum of personal justice for what was done to him. I’d love to see the DA finger a few of the heavy hitters of Pupa,, who made the families lives living hell for the sheer chutzpah they displayed in seeking justice. Its also too bad the judge did not invoke penalties for the legal run around Dascalowitz gave the court over his mental illness and inability to communicate.

    I’d like to propose that the more righteous and active bloggers who stand ready to identify molesters and scumbags like Weberman, Lebovic, Halperin, etc. also establish a list of secondary dirtbags like various Rebbes, Niederman and all of those who aid, abet, and apologise for these criminals. Not only do the rationalizers embarass the Orthodox community, but they prolong the judicial process by impeding investigations and more often than not, attempting to circumvent the law. It’s no wonder that DA Hynes said the intimidation and harrassment of families who press charges against a “frum” criminal is worse than what the Mafia does to fellow Italians.

  3. Fred, the various directories of Ultra Orthodox Rabbis and Askanim are copyrighted, but you can look them up. Almost everyone in those lists is either an active of passive accomplice to cover ups. The exceptions that I am aware of can be counted on one hand and I do publicly praise them as I become aware of actions that I am free to report.

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