QOTD Haredim Only Believe Torah Protects As Excuse to Shirk Military Service

“When it really counts, charedim don’t really believe that their Torah provides protection. They only believe it insofar as exempting themselves from obligations towards the state.”

Rabbi Natan Slifkin on his blog, Rationalist Judaism  mocking an Agudath Israel of America (Agudah) claim that they didn’t hold a large public gathering to protest Israeli draft of Haredim because of security concerns in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon attacks.


3 thoughts on “QOTD Haredim Only Believe Torah Protects As Excuse to Shirk Military Service

  1. This reminds me of a story with photos that appeared in the Boston Globe sometime back of Catholic priests blessing fishermen’s boats and personal vehicles by sprinkling holy water on them – with the hoods of the trucks and the engine-compartment covers of the boats open. Apparently the protection offered by the Lord via the medium of holy water wasn’t potent enough to penetrate sheet metal or wood; it had to be right on the engine block. Something similar is operating here – the favor obtained by endless study in a kollel in one town doesn’t extend to Jews in the next town. I wonder whether this is conditional upon the town being formally incorporated? Does the study in the unincorporated village of Kiryas Joel extend protection to all Jews in Monroe or does it stop on the precise border? It’s all nonsense – completely ridiculous and offensive into the bargain.

  2. We’ve got a moderate number of Chabadniks in this general area; all their study and proselytizing didn’t help at all that I can see. 😉

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