Tropper Is Promoting Himself as an Expert on Character

Believe it or not, here he comes promoting character. Rabbi (if may misuse that term) Leib Tropper is credibly alleged to have misused public funds, engaged in 3-way sex with his wife and another, and tried to extort sex from a potential convert. The list of his misdeeds is much longer but I know my readers are busy. He went down in a blaze of disgrace and was forced to resign all his rabbinical positions.

But miscreants like him never quit. Why should shame stop him now. It never stopped him before.

Now, Rabbi Leib Tropper announces on his blog that he “is involved in a new project called “Character First” … [that] aims to work with students and young adults to develop good character.

Tropper has no qualifications for his new scam. Perhaps he could be a little more honest and announce that he is giving courses in chutzpah.


7 thoughts on “Tropper Is Promoting Himself as an Expert on Character

  1. Laid (sic) Tropper should be presented as a study in his class. The man is reported to have engaged it what can reasonably be considered sex slavery.

  2. Whoever writes the copy for his web site needs some serious lessons in grammar and remedial English. UGH…

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