Richard Joel speaking at Lincoln Square Synagogue on Saturday April 27

Yeshiva University President Richard Joel is scheduled to speak at Lincoln Square Synagogue this Shabbat at the end of musaf.  We have been told that he will be taking questions.
Hopefully, someone will ask him why Yeshiva University has not yet made an unequivocal commitment to make public the results of the investigation into allegations of abuse at the Yeshiva University High School.  Here is the most recent release on the subject we were able to find (emphasis in last sentence of statement added):

In light of recent inquiries, the Board of Trustees of Yeshiva University would like to clarify the scope and nature of the investigation currently being conducted by Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, with the assistance of Lisa Friel and TM Protection. Sullivan & Cromwell has been given unfettered access to all Yeshiva personnel, documents, correspondence and other records, including raw computer data, that could be relevant to its investigation. Sullivan & Cromwell has also been given the unrestricted authority to pursue any leads that may shed light on all matters related to the investigation. The Board of Trustees is fully aware that it will be judged on the manner in which it conducts this critical and sensitive matter and, in that connection, will, as always, seek to meet, if not exceed, the best possible practices employed by institutions that have confronted similar circumstances. We expect the findings of the investigation will be communicated to the public following completion of the investigation.

Notice the ambiguity. They expect rather than they are committed or plan. Notice also how they are hedging on when they expect to complete the investigation. No timeline at all. That is not how they announce things that matter to them.

A number of us have sought clarification from YU, and those they have hired to conduct the investigation. They will not answer these questions. The ambiguity is not an accident. It is deliberate.

2 thoughts on “Richard Joel speaking at Lincoln Square Synagogue on Saturday April 27

  1. “meet or exceed best possible practices employed by…..institutions that have confronted similar circumstances” . Aleph, they are talking about “practices” not RESULTS and beit, they have set the bar really high, compared to whom, the CATHOLIC CHURCH, the Satmar, the Lubavitch? What a sham, what a crock.

    If i knew enough, I’d walk down there on shabbos. but I assume that there are enough UWS residents to pose the right questions, leaving no squiggle room. AND our tsadikim would most likely ignore a female, or as Pinky would say, someone without a “brit milah”. oy, is that on the verboten list?

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