Trial of Yosef Kolko of Lakewood Starts Soon

Rabbi Yosef Kolko goes on trial on charges of allegedly sexually abusing an 11-12-year-old boy. The trial will be held in front of Judge Hodgson, 9:00 on Monday, April 29 Wednesday, May 1st in the Civil Division of the Superior Court, Courtroom 16, 120 Hooper Ave., Toms River, NJ 08753 (case # 10-06-1181i).

If you have last minute scheduling questions, call the courthouse at (732) 929-4780. I will be Tweeting sporadically using @frumfollies and #YosefKolkoTrial.

The trial will probably reveal,
not just the abuse of a boy, but a systematic cover-up by the leadership of the Lakewood community including key figures in Beth Medrash Gavohah (BMG), the largest post HS rabbinical institution of learning in the US.

The victim’s family has been subjected to horrendous attempts at intimidation including losing access to schooling for their children and dismissal of the father from several jobs which he held with distinction until then. The family was forced to move to another state even though they had been pillars of their community until they brought the abuse allegations to civil authorities.

For more details about this horrendous situation see Hella Winston’s “In Lakewood Abuse Cases, A ‘Parallel Justice System’ – Court testimony offers rare public glimpse into religious tribunals’ handling of child sex abuse allegations; no reporting to police.”

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