BMG in Lakewood Scores 10.3 Mil NJ Grant

“Beth Medrash Govoha, a yeshiva in Lakewood, got $10.6 million for two construction projects, including a library and research center. That amount was larger than the $10.2 million for Fairleigh Dickinson, the state’s largest private college.” (

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8 thoughts on “BMG in Lakewood Scores 10.3 Mil NJ Grant

    • Actually, Fairleigh Dickinson has “12,247 students, 9,199 of whom are undergraduates and the remaining 3,048 are graduate students with a full-time equivalence (FTE) of 8,165.” These are figures for all of US, but all of their campuses in US are in NJ. So they are a good deal larger than Lakewood, even if you assume all BMG students are truly full time.

      • Two half time students make 1 FTE. So they may have a larger total count of students, but fewer full time students. BMG has approx. 6500 full time students.

        • Stewart, You are not reading carefully. Some of the larger number are full time, some are part time in various fractions. How did you come to assume every single student is half time. The Wikipedia cheshbon, factoring that all in is > 8k FTEs.

          • This is quite a trivial subject, but here’s the math. 12,247 students – FTE of 8165. That means that over 4000 already aren’t full time. So, for example, (using round numbers) if 4000 are full time, and the other 8000 are half-time, the FTE would be 8000. (4000 + 8000/2). Unless there are quite a few students who are taking one or two courses, there are fewer than 6500 full time students.
            Are BMG’s students all full time? I don’t think they officially have a part time program.

            • 1. The space needs of FTEs constitute the basis of physical plant requirements and thus constitute the basis for comparing the fairness of grants (all other things being equal).
              2. Why are you fixated on the mythical half-time student. Even Solomon only used the half baby as a ruse to arrive at justice. Part-time can be anything from one course to the load required to be considered a full-time student.

              Enough with the pilpul. The basic fact is that BMG secures outsized grants compared to other worthy institutions. The E-Rate grants documented by the Forward are another good example. Are you going to tell me that Yeshivas in Lakewood provide more internet access to their students than other school systems. Puleeze!

  1. The half time student was just used as an example. The point is that AFAIK many more hours are spent in the educational facilities in BMG per student, so from my outsider’s viewpoint, the funding doesn’t seem out of line. YMMV

    I’m not familiar with E-Rate grants. But if they have misused funding that was supposed to be appropriated for students’ internet access, that sounds like theft, and should be dealt with by the authorities.

    • You are assuming almost no batlanim in Lakewood and almost no secular masmidim in their university. I was a graduate student. Believe me there are plenty of masmidim in secular institutions. Absent any decisive information to the contrary, FTEs seem like a pretty good basis for comparing need for physical facilities (even if you exclude the specialized facilities besides libraries that are needed in a secular university)

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