The Brooklyn DA Structures His Office to Avoid Accountability

The Office of the District Attorney of Kings County of Charles J Hynes evades accountability by:

  1. Not creating a paper trail of decisions between Hynes and his Division and Bureau Chiefs. There also isn’t an adequate trail of decisions between the heads of units and their subordinate ADAs. Thus, there is no accountability and tracking of decisions to go easy or even to drop a case. This facilitates sweetheart plea bargains which originate at the top of the organization but can then be blamed on subordinates.
  2. Frequently shifting the ADAs who handle specific cases. Best practices in the field call for continuity. However, discontinuity makes it easier to manipulate case handling. Thus the office can give most ADAs free reign to exercise professional judgment and still defeat their best intentions.
  3. Henna White of Kol Tzedek routinely involves herself in cases and yet there is no paper trail of her interventions. She in turn, routinely interacts with some of the rabbis and political fixers of the ultra orthodox community. Thus there is an undocumented pipeline between fixers and the prosecution process. Henna White also goes to great length to avoid written communication with victims. Kol Tzedek has a posted hot line number but they have not posted an email address or web-based submission form. (See also The “White Rule” for Predicting Brooklyn DA Outcomes).
  4. Rhonnie Jaus, Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit periodically tries to muscle victims into curtailing their claims in very private meetings. When she does that she demands that the victim or his/her parents appear without any advocate or supporter with them and they agree not to record the session. As far as I know there are no precise records kept of these interactions.

This post is off the top of my head. At some point I will return to this question and add on documentation.

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