The “White Rule” for Predicting Brooklyn DA Outcomes

I want to propose a “White Rule” for predicting the vigor of Brooklyn DA prosecutions of sex crimes involving Haredim.

The sooner and more deeply Mrs. Henna White gets involved in a case, the more likely it is that the charges against a Haredi sex offender will be dropped or reduced and his sentence diluted.

Henna White is the head of the Kol Tzedek initiative of the Office of the District Attorney of Kings County. According to DA Charles J Hynes, Kol Tzedek is supposed to facilitate prosecution of Haredi abusers, especially sex abusers. Mrs. White’s position was created in the aftermath of the scandal over the sweetheart plea bargain given to Joel (Yehuda) Kolko.

The way the DA pitches the story, the poor primitive Haredim cannot comfortably communicate with the secular world and they need special shtadlanim (emissaries/pleaders) to serve as intermediaries. In effect, Haredi victims have to use a special “Jewish door.” Victims trying to just meet with a DA investigator suddenly find Henna included in their meetings. Mind you, Mrs. White is not a lawyer or a trained investigator. She is the designated liaison to Jewish leadership, including some of the very people the DA says “are worse than the mafia.”

Henna White’s husband, Asher White is a private practice lawyer. Even though it is a conflict of interest for her, she refers cases that come through the DA to her husband. Asher White has also collaborated with the Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius (modesty committee), the same Vaad whose misdeeds came up during the Weberman trial.  Henna’s son is also employed by the DA.

Over the years, I have heard of many cases where Henna White got involved in a case and things went wrong. Charges were weakened, related crimes were ignored, witnesses were discouraged, and community leaders were misled into believing that charges were not credible or the witnesses did not want to proceed. Henna White also seems to have an affinity for cases that end up with sweetheart plea bargains.

Orthodox anti-abuse activists ridicule Kol Tzedek (Voice of Justice) by calling it Kol Sheker (Voice of Falsehood). I agree.

If you are a victim dealing with the Brooklyn District Attorney I urge you  to refuse to let Henna get involved in your case. Insist on the same treatment given to a victim of a gentile sex abuser. Don’t let Henna White-wash your perpetrator.


3 thoughts on “The “White Rule” for Predicting Brooklyn DA Outcomes

  1. is there a “legal” way to get rid of Henna? other propositions? power, money, lay it out, i am looking for a good destination for my final bequests, no kidding….. on pins and needles waiting for a reasonable logical set-up. and no, i have no plans or reasons to guess when the bell will toll, but as we all know “the paths of glory lead but to the grave’ from Thomas Grays, “Elegy written in a country church yard”, excuse the expression. I am looking for the optimal, best outcome set-up. I am not joking….

    • The best, and probably, the only, way to get rid of Henna White is to remove Charles Hynes from office. He faces off against Abe George and another candidate in a September primary. Brooklyn is 70% Democratic so the winner of the primary is pretty much guaranteed victory in the general election. His last two election victories were squeakers and this may even be closer. So there is a chance of getting him out of office by working against Hynes or for either of the other two candidates. I am quite sure that if Abe George wins, Henna, Rhonnie Jaus, Head of Sex Crimes, and Michael Vecchione will be out of the DA Office along with some others.

    • im sure you know that henna has no education and no schooling, i wonder how she got this job? shouldnt someone in the DA’s office have a masters? i really hope that thompson wins this election and someone will tell him to put me in charge and be the jewish liason, at least i have a masters and know the law, and i have no bias interest in this, my husband is a shaul umaishiv, nothing to do with sex crimes or the like so…

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