Kolko Trial Update- Jury Selection Continues

Thursday, May 2 was taken up with the selection of the jury trying Rabbi Yosef Kolko which will include four alternates. Jury selection  will resume Tuesday, May 7 at 2 p.m. Opening statements will probably be delivered Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. The trial is expected to run for about three weeks.

7 thoughts on “Kolko Trial Update- Jury Selection Continues

  1. It looks like BMG’s efforts to squelch reporting of this trial have met with resounding success. I wrote to a number of major news outlets and none have thus far written anything about this trial. It may be that they are waiting until proceedings actually start, but I am not holding my breath.

    • 1. You are right that jury selection usually does not get covered.

      2. It is too soon to tell whether media will cover. There is a danger it will not be covered.

      3. Please keep writing and encourage others to write. The most important points to do in such letters are to;
      a. Indicate the depth of your interest and explain your reasons.
      b. Communicate that you know many people who are very interested in following this particular trial and explain why.
      c. Emphasize your concern that a vital and unusual story is unfolding which has a whole community on tenterhooks and yet you fear that there will be no source of information. Also communicate that precisely because there is a blackout on information within the community, folks inside will turn to uncensored outside sources and will be avid followers for the duration of the trial.

      4. Consider letters to the editor by you and as many other people as you can round up.

  2. Either Brooklyn or Lakewood. As I recall, they moved to Lakewood when he was 12 but he may have still been 11 when they moved.

    • There are still 15 preemptory challenges left for each side. So in theory, every last one of the current jurros could be eliminated. But the pool is roughly 50/50 male female, mostly middle aged or older, overwhelmingly white. Prosecutor seems to be favoring more educated and older jurors. Defense seems to be favoring less educated jurors. They are going for 12 jurors and 4 alternates. Of the 16 chosen as of the end of yesterday, it was, definitely 10 men and 6 woman. iirc, 9 female, 7 male.

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