QOTD about Rabbi Yosef Kolko and Social Worker Gavriel Fagin

According to Kathleen Hopkins of Asbury Park Press:

At an office visit in April 2009, Fagin was discussing the results of the tests with Kolko when “he began to open up about the allegations,” Fagin said. “There were a lot of specifics.” 

After his sessions with Fagin, Kolko entered counseling but discontinued treatment… The discontinuation of treatment is what prompted the victim’s father, in July 2009, to go to the Prosecutor’s Office with the allegations.

Kolko’s attorney… tried to get Kolko’s discussions with Fagin excluded from the coming trial…because of the social worker-client relationship. But [judge] Hodgson ruled that Kolko waived any privilege by signing a form allowing information from his sessions with Fagin to be disclosed to the Beis Din. (emphases added by YL).


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