Why the Lakewood Establishment is Scared of the Kolko Trial

Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn writes about Why the Lakewood Establishment is Scared on his Daas Torah blog.  

Regarding the trial [of Rabbi Yosef Kolko] – there are two factors that are being directly challenged.

  1.  The severe intimidation by the Lakewood [Beth Medrash Govoha/BMG] establishment. …  It is not just the askanim (movers and shakers), but the rabbis, who threaten all…
  2. The victim’s father has … unambiguous halachic (Jewish law) support for his position…

At the end of the Kolko trial it will be clear that halacha  (Jewish law) has been subverted for the sake of power over the community… Kolko will be found guilty……

The victim family is highly respected and [Kolko] has already confessed to the social worker [Gavriel Fagin] who will … testify. There are also respected rabbis who will testify in support of the victim’s father – against the Lakewood establishment. There are also clear halachic rulings in this case by gedolim that the Lakewood establishment does not want publicized – but which will be publicized…

Lakewood’s image of being the Jews who are truest to Torah will be tarnished. Their moral authority will be severely questioned and they are scared. (emphases added by YL)



21 thoughts on “Why the Lakewood Establishment is Scared of the Kolko Trial

  1. Yerachmiel,

    1. Is this Kolko related to Yehuda Kolko?

    2. Who in his right mind could possibly think that Lakewoodism represents the truest form of Judaism? That so many do believe it even today after all this shakes my faith in the redemptive power of Torah. It seems that if you’re already good, you’ll be good and if you’re no good, it will just make you worse.

  2. As someone who has known this case for a long time, according to my info there was no force here its just statutory rape, the prosecutor should amend the charges if he wants a conviction. it will come out in trial and Mr frie you are a coward and hypocrite if you don’t let this comment through

    • 1. You are either Yosef Kolko or you got your version of events from him (directly or indirectly) since only the victim and YK were there when these events happened.

      2. You write, ” there was no force here it’s just statutory rape.” I have no trouble with acquitting an 18 year old guy who has sex with a 17 year old girl when it was with full mutual consent. However, we are talking about an 11-year-old boy and a man in his 30s. Are you really going to say the boy consented? An awful lot of sex offenders think like that. But sensible outsiders understand this is the typical rationalization of a pedophile. By law, a minor cannot consent to sex, but the courts are lenient when the age difference is small enough and there were no indications of coercion. Most states reject the possibility of it only being statutory with kids who are 12 and under.

      The term “statutory rape” generally refers to sex between an adult and a sexually mature minor past the age of puberty. Sexual relations with a prepubescent child, generically called “child sexual abuse” or “molestation”, is typically treated as a more serious crime.

      By making it illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor, statutory rape laws aim to give the minor some protection against adults in a position of power over the youth.

      In NJ, Aggravated sexual assault is sexual penetration with a victim under age 13 and it carries a penalty of 10-20 years (OLR Research Report).

      There are four charges of penetration against Yosef Kolko and 3 other charges.

      Given these legal facts, even if Yosef Kolko could prove to the satisfaction of the jury that there was complete consent, he could and probably would be found guilty. There is no need for the prosecutor to drop or weaken the charges.

      I suppose Yosef Hatzadik Kolko is saying these things. Es vet em gornisht toigen. For a long time the family of the victim only wanted to protect others and was willing to settle for him plea bargaining and being on the sex registry and out of chinuch. Such slander on this very generous family will only anger them and convince them that he is beyond tshuvah and thus, so much more dangerous. That is stupid on the part of Yosef Kolko. His last remaining hope is getting the family to support a lenient sentence.

      Your comments suggest ignorance about the process by which pedophiles “groom” their victims. Please take the time to read this article.

      Believe me, the prosecutor doesn’t need advice from you. Prosecutors hate losing and are careful to stick to charges they are confident they can turn into a conviction. The Ocean County prosecutors are competent. You on the other hand have talked in a way that shows you are a legal am haaretz. If I were a betting man, I would bet on conviction even with only 20:1 odds.

      It is not cowardice but fairness that makes me reluctant to let people like you post slanderous comments. If you want to exploit internet space to slander the victim, create your own blog. Right now, all of Lakewood is heavily censored but the chazeirim slandering the victim family have had free rein to circulate pashkevelim and kol korehs. So I dont feel obliged to give the hanhalah’s propaganda free space on the very blogs they are trying to censor. BTW, do you have a heter for being on the internet. Is doing propaganda for Kolko your parnossah.

      However, I am glad to have your comment up here to demonstrate the immoral stupidity that passes for svorah inside the Lakewood loshon horah and motzi shem rah circuit.

  3. Yerachmiel — “free reign” should be “free rein.” The nimshal is not a king, but a coachman who lets the reins go slack, letting the horses run free and possibly wrecking the carriage. It’s a very common mistake. Yasher koach and todah rabbah for your work!

  4. There is one part of the story that makes no sense. Why would he risk going to jail for so many years when all he had to do was promise not to be with kids. Did he deny the story to Beis din? And why didn’t Beis din get involved? Why is this a Lakewood versus this family? I feel there are to many details I am missing.

    • He did not deny the charges. The story of the Beit din’s involvement will probably come out in testimony when the trial resumes on Monday 5/13/13.

      I am not inside his head, but I am guessing that there were several factors in his risking going to jail. How was he to know that he would be the first frum Jew in Lakewood ever be reported to the police for molesting. He also may have been egged on by those determined not to allow anyone to ever go to the police and he got the backing of Rabbi Belsky. I suspect he quit therapy because he was being challenged to finally confront his inclinations and conduct after a life spent in subterfuge, manipulation and denial.

  5. The poor do not have a voice. Some rabbis are very abusive and we will not bring Moshiach this way. Good luck to you. I am a victim myself but I cant do anything about it because I am so poor and hurt that I do not have the Ability to do it. Mentally I am damaged from religious rabbis who are creeps liars xxx who care more about themselves and money then other people. They are gutter rats. Its disgusting how a rabbi pretends to be religious and then makes up false allegations against me. And points his finger at me. And then Expects me not to do anything about it. He is Picking on me. He should go xxx xxx. He should burn in h-ll. Amen! He is a human vermin. Even a man in his thirties deserves to be treated with respect but some people are chara ben chara. A pig is a pig. It doesnt change. I hope it was worth it. Does the kabala or the zohar have any power to help a person or to make miracles??

    Edited by YL to remove profanities per commenting policy.

  6. Comment deleted for violating commenting policy:
    1. vulgar language
    2. off-topic
    3. using different pseudonyms (sockpuppeting)

  7. I do not know what to say some people are so evil its amazing. They should burn in eternal hell for that. They the human garbage should be put down the same way he did to whoever. Okay. I feel sorry for the evil sadistic monster because he shall be punished harshly as he did to others. An eye for an eye a Leg for a leg. Human feelings is nothing to play with. May justice be served. Amen. May peace be served amen.

    • Yeah life is not fair, but neither is the afterlife. Where did I read that??
      You seem to be very conflicted re eye for an eye, and burning in Gehennom vs. feeling sorry for the evil sadistic monster. Sucks that Judaism gives just about everyone a chance to do teshuvah. exceptions? adultery, incest, idolatry and murder?. I think. that is all. , so sodomizing 9 year olds can be expiated. Pretty darn f d up.

  8. I do not feel bad for the evil sadistic monster and other bad guys and criminals. Because they shall be served justice. They shall die in hell. No joke. Any minute now. Their evil waste of life self will will put to an end. They are like garbage that you throw out on the street. They have no purpose to live. They are a hopeless waste of space. Maybe god will help me and make me feel good and wipe away all my tears. Amen.

  9. to be sure, the vast majority of sexual abuse is with boys, to whom the rabbis (Y”S:) have easy contact It is not nice to abuse or rape a female either. most of these blogs talk about the poor miskenim, but the victim of satmar weberman knows better, and people who Manis Freedman knows, know how the pedophiles get to the ffemales, i wish he would puke it out ad tell us. where they are abused I don’t know, does anyone??

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