Testimony Begins in Yosef Kolko Trial This Afternoon (5/8/13)

Testimony is set to begin in the child sex abuse trial of Rabbi Yosef Kolko this afternoon. Jury selection and opening statements were finished this morning. I have received only sketchy accounts of the opening statements. Apparently, and to no surprise, the defense argued that the alleged victim is a liar. Duh! He isn’t even as inventive as Nechemya Weberman who had a cockamamie revenge defense.

The most recent news account of the trial is by Kathleen Hopkins of the Asbury Park Press.


If You Want to Attend

The trial is being held in the Civil Division of the Superior Court, Courtroom 16/ 120 Hooper Ave/ Toms River, NJ 08753/ (732) 929-4780 (case # 10-06-1181i). Judge Francis Hodgson is presiding.

If You Want to Follow Trial Developments

I will be blogging regularly about significant developments in the trial. If you want to be sure to receive an email whenever I post, subscribe to an email notice of each posting by going to the upper right-hand corner of this page and enter your email address. I will not share your email address with anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any point.

I will be Tweeting as @frumfollies with the hashtag #YosefKolkoTrial. I woulad suggest following Kathleen Hopkins of the Asbury Park Press on Twitter (@KHopkinsapp).

I will be posting on my Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/yerachmiel.lopin)

If You Want Background on This Case

Hella Winston has written an in-depth account  of how Lakewood’s rabbinical leaders dealt with this case and how the dominant leadership faction tried to cover it up

Survivors for Justice has a page on the Yosef Kolko case (as distinct from the case of his uncle, Yehuda (Joel) Kolko). The page has links to key documents generated by Kolko’s supporters (including Yisroel Belsky) and to some other news accounts.

Other bloggers addressing this case include Harry Maryles  on his blog, Emes Ve-Emunah (The Moral Authority of Lakewood), and Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn on his blog, Daas Torah (Why the Lakewood Establishment is Scared).

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