Quote of the Day (QOTD) about Kosher Fraud

The president of the Kosher Butchers Retail Association asserted publicly in 1910 that 65 percent of the butchers who advertised kosher meat actually sold treyf (Lytton, Timothy D. “Kosher: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food.” Harvard, 2013, page 27 as cited in TorahMusings)

11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day (QOTD) about Kosher Fraud

  1. EVERYTHING IN THE ORTHO WORLD IS FRAUDULENT, COMPARATIVELY SPEAKING TO THE NON-ORTHO WORLD, OUTSIDE OF THE POLS AND WALL STREET AND MY SECOND FAVORITE VOODOO DOLL (JON CORZINE) RUNNING NECK AND NECK WITH mf, AKA Manis. IT is extraordinarily difficult to compare, just that in “our’ smaller world, it stands out so much more and we expect a higher level of integrity, but why? look at Avraham and Yitchak who three times we are told passed their wives off as sisters, sentencing them to harlotry, and of course, Mordechai and Esther, but the Oscar goes to Yaakov avinu (Yankif aka) who was scared when Shimon and Levi avenged the rape of Dinah.
    This is our heritage, Our great and venerable (sic) forefathers. This is our yechus. . makes me want to puke,,,,,

  2. Stewart: thank you. However, if you want to feel erudite, you should, at least, learn the difference between “you’re” and “your”.
    All the best.

    • Gaon, thank you for pointing out my error in grammar. The sentence should have read, “You’re definitely no Gaon, and your name is certainly Lashon Sagi Nahar.”
      It’s unclear why you are so angry at ‘your’ heritage, but making random disparaging remarks about ‘your’ ancestors doesn’t speak well of ‘your’ erudition.
      Many butchers of the early 20th century in the US were far from Orthodoxy, and some may not have even been Jewish, so your rant did not even address the subject.

      • I did not write the book, Hashem did, Take it up with him.. and certainly the comments were far from random, they were all on the same subject, male treatment of females sacrificing their wives purity to save their own skin. That is not opnion, and it has nothing to do with erudition, in either direction.. Maybe you in your genius can put a posiive spin on the “random” similar stories, Opinions, as you should know, are not connected to erudition, Pity your poor wife, unless…….
        i think this subject has been exhausted,
        Just for the record, you made a personal attack on me on this comment site, not I on you, but you did not supply any evidence that the biblical stories “random” as you call them are inaccurate., I have responded to you, I think you should stom et hapeh before you might find others attacking you as well. I am willing to end this, are you????? Or is your anger so overwhelming that you will keep this going. Talk about anger, you should get some meds. and try to get some control over your impulses,
        I just related several similar stories from the Bible. Let’s see if you can control yourself now, or make a further fool of yourself,.
        I imagine that if you are not able to do that, that the moderator will at some point end this exchange, but we shall see,

        • True, Hashem gave us the Torah, but possibly you aren’t aware that along with it he gave the explanations of it, which we call Torah SheBaal Peh (Oral Torah). I would suggest that you expand your childish familiarity with the Torah (or Bible as you refer to it), and research some of the countless volumes that have these originally oral explanations written. Many have been translated into English.
          Still not sure what male treatment of females has to do with criminals in the Kosher meat industry in the 1900s. Or maybe you have a very demeaning view of women to compare them.
          The moderator can decide if it would be better to remove this exchange, or leave it for its entertainment value.
          By the way, the era of the Gaonim ended about 1000 years ago.

          • stewart, you are your first post here was a one liner personal attack on me, without any content. none. valueless post except for the venom. let’s see what Y thinks of you, how many sites have thrown you off?

  3. http://jewishpostandnews.ca/local/1133-university-of-winnipeg-student-s-history-paper-delves-into-community-s-kashrut-controversies

    Another example of kosher fraud that Finkel chronicles that took place in Winnipeg was revealed by the Winnipeg Free Press in 1978. Employees of the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation were forging the initials of the certifying rabbi on millions of pounds of supposedly kosher fish. A long-time employee of the Crown agency stated that the practice was carried out without the rabbi’s knowledge but with the consent of the company’s management. Not only was the rabbi’s signature forged, but a stamp used by the rabbi to certify the kosher processing conditions required on some boxes of fish was also made and used when the rabbi wasn’t present. The rabbi had no idea that a second stamp was in existence. The source stated that the practice of forging the signature and using the stamp had been in practice for several
    The corporation – which under the supervision of the OU-based in New York – did admit to the wrongdoing and straightened things out with the OU.

    NOTE- I would like to ask you, like all commenters, to pick a pseudonym which you use consistently instead of “Anonymous” and consistently use the same one in all future comments. Also include a working email. Thanks.

  4. L’Stewart Hanechbad,
    Aynayni yodaat ma makor rigshai nichitut shelcha. Efshar lishtoach teoriot shonot k’doogma: micromoach, aw microzayin. Nosaf al kach, yesh efsharoot she zeh mashehu yoter ritsini kmo shlav 3 shel herpes bamoach me MBP. Ze davka hayta yoter masbirah hahigayon hadafuk shelcha. ha choser yacholet lachshov lachshov im higayon normali bimkom im ha zayin hamicroscopit she l’daavoncha, noladita kacha.
    Na titnu l’kulam po matana me lev tov. tistalek me po, aw, k’efsharoot shnia, t’sapek lanu me ha torah she b’al peh, tsitutim, hesberim, rationilizatsiot. me hamakorot shelcha, me ha torah she b’al peh she yasbir lama ha AVOT shelanu hayu muchanim l’hafoch et ha’emahot shelanu l’zonot, hem hayoo b’lashon pashut. sarsurim. l’hatsil et hechayim shelahem al cheshbon hanashim. it’s called forced adultery, chapes b’milon ha anglit -ivrit shelcha. ma zeh adultery v’ ma ha onesh.
    achar kach, t’sapek lanu im maskanot she lamadita ba’yeshiva hanechbedet….. . todah raba b’ad hahitchashvut shelcha, v’hanechanut l’lamed l’kulam dvarim chadashim.

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